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NFL: American Football in Numbers [Infographic]

The 2012/2013 american football season is just a few weeks old and to celebrate the design team here at The Logo Company has created this infographic. Titled “American Football in Numbers”, it features some key stats from the NFL’s history, including “Most points per season”, “Longest winning streak” and “Coldest NFL games on record”.

And because we love logos, we’ve shown how the logos for the NFL, AFC and NFC have evolved over the years too.

American Football in Numbers Infographic


5 comments so far to - NFL: American Football in Numbers [Infographic] -

  1. says

    Great infographic David.

    One quick question – how are the top 5 TV markets derived, and what is behind these numbers?

    Were these numbers from just home-team games, or all games in general?


  2. The Chancellor of Football says

    As for the greatest comeback in NFL history, wouldn’t that be the 32 point comeback in the 1992 AFC Wild Card between Buffalo and Houston??

    • Aaron Syrmopoulos says

      Thank you!!! I thought I was the only person bothered by their mistake. The Bills came back from 32 down to win in OT.


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