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This is the creme de la creme of logo packages. You will not find a better offer on the internet anywhere. This is akin to having a business in a box. You get everything you need to take your business to the next level. We don’t skimp on anything, this really is the nuts.

Full Corporate

Full Custom Design & Print Service
  •  A team of five designers will each prepare at least one completely unique idea based on your business. The designers will be hand picked from our team of over 100 designers for their experience of designing successful logos for other businesses in your industry.  This approach to logo design guarantees that you will have 5 completely unique initial design choices to select from. We don’t shackle you to one designer whose style might not be to your taste but instead allow you to use the creativity of a whole team of designers for maximum choice.
  • Unlimited redraws are included in your logo design package so you have peace of mind knowing that if the first batch of initial ideas are not working for you then we will send some more.
  • Unlimited revision rounds are so important  because it means we will keep on going until your design is absolutely perfect for your business. Unlike other logo design studios who charge extra for going over a certain amount of revisions we will never charge you a cent more.
  • Initial design ideas are ready for you to view in your own virtual design studio in just 3 business days. Logo design is a massively creative process so during these 3 days we will be working as a team bouncing ideas around, understanding your business and sketching out many ideas, before we upload the initial 5 designs to your virtual design studio.
  • Your own project manager will work with you from the very start to make sure everything goes to plan and you are kept in the loop at every single stage of the design process. Your project manager is there to make sure the quality of the design remains consistently high throughout. Communication of design stages and timescales is an important role of your project manager so you will be getting regular updates to ensure your expectations are met completely.
  • Master vector file delivery is the icing on the cake with our logo design service . You will own outright the completed logo design and never have to pay a designer royalties for it. It means you can use the logo for literally any purpose and make changes to the design should you wish to without being locked in to any specific designer. You have the flexibility and  freedom in owning outright this valuable business asset. The master vector file is fully editable in Adobe Illustrator too which means it is suitable for all print shops and design studios.
  • Full copyright ownership is transfered to you at the completion of your logo design project. You will be able to seek trademark status for your logo with the confidence that the design in its entirety belongs only to you. You will also be confident knowing that we never use clipart or other royalty free images when designing your logo. Every logo we design is created from the ground up starting with sketched ideas. If you have an exit strategy and you plan to sell your business in the future, the copyright of your logo can add value to the sale.
  • Plus stationery design layout. This comprises of 3 individual custom design pieces. A number 10 sized envelope design that can be professionaly printed. A letterhead design that can be professionaly printed. A business card layout (we will set up the business card for 10 different employees). Each item is fully custom designed to really show off your new branding. These are not cookie cutter templates but specificaly designed for your business. You get to choose from 3 different designs and of course you have unlimited revisions to perfect the matched stationery set.
  • Plus 500 business cards delivered. One set of 500 cards will be printed for the contact of your choice. These are not just any business cards. They are printed on premium heavy card stock. When you hold one of these cards in your hand you feel the quality and the weight. These business cards ouze quality and when you hand them out you can be proud of the positive message that the card delivers about your firm. Business cards were invented to make a lasting impression so you should make sure that the impression you leave is a positive one. That is exatly what these cards deliver.
  • Plus 500 letterhead printed and delivered. The letterhead is printed on premium hammermill paper stock to reflect your quality branding. These letterhead feel very professional and give the desirable impression of high quality. This is a trait that most businesses will reap benefits from.
  • Plus 500 Envelopes Size 10. These envelopes match your quality letterhead in every way. Combined with your business cards and letterhead, these envelopes (printed with your new branding) will set you apart from your competitors. Your customers and suppliers alike will know instantly upon receipt of your invoice or letter that they are dealing with a serious and professional company.
  • MS Word letterhead doc. This is a word doc template for use on a MAC or PC, set up to look just like your printed version of the letterhead. When you email a quote to a prospect or discuss terms with a supplier they are going to understand instantly that they are dealing with a serious business. It’s the small touches like this that make the big differences.
  • Plus Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Profile page setup. The problem with these social media outlets when it comes to presenting your brand image is that they all have completelty different set up requirements. Social media is a strong weapon in your marketing arsenal so it’s really important that your brand is presented on these channels in a professional manner. We will take that pain away from you and set up these pages for you so that your brand image is consistent throughout your other marketing pieces.
  • Plus 1 page brochure style web design based on the WordPress content management system.  Wordpress is the gold standard in easy to use content publishing systems. Your new site design is going to show off your brand and business in the best possible light. Our web design team are masters at making any business look amazing online. You will be able to showcase your products or service in a way that highlights all their best points. You will also be able to collect leads through an easy to use contact form built right into the page where leads gathered will be sent direct to your email inbox. Having a stunning and visually appealing website will help you to win more business. Additional pages will be quoted at a favorable price. You can see the quality of our web design service by clicking here. Recent Web Design Projects
  • Full trademark application. We will submit your new logo to Legalzoom using their Complete Coverage all inclusive package. This will be a massive saving for you in time and money because all you will be left to pay is the Federal Filing Fee (paid through Legalzoom approx $275 but varies) and Legalzoom will do the rest. Owning the copyright to your logo design is great but getting the logo approved as a trademark offers you the strongest protection in law. We are not lawyers so do check out exactly what Legalzoom will do for you over on their site. The real beauty of securing the trademark is that should someone copy your design you can seek damages through the courts knowing that your case is stronger than if you were to just own the copyright alone. It will also strengthen your logo as a saleable business asset if you decide to sell your business in the future.
  • Branding guidelenes document. Understanding exactly how to use your new logo in your marketing materials will save you time and money by avoiding common errors that can devalue your marketing message. We will tell you the colors you should use as well as complimentary colors. The fonts you should use and where you should use them. It’s a quick start guide if you like that will help you keep your brand strong. You can see a typical branding guidelines document here. Branding guidelines document example (this link opens in a new window or tab)
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