Logo Fonts

Fonts are very important components of logo design. Depending on what your company offers and who your main demographic and customer base is, you should choose your fonts accordingly. What is it that you are trying to convey for your brand or business model? No matter what it is, The Logo Company can help you figure it out and walk you through your choices, every step of the way.

Define Your Brand Identity

What does your business offer? What does your business or brand represent and who is your company’s main demographic? How do you make people remember your brand? Whether you’re a tech-centered business looking for something crisp and clean or you’re a company that caters to children, The Logo Company will help you choose the perfect font in just three business days. After you have chosen the concept for your logo, changes can still be made upon request.

Choosing the Perfect Font

Think about global brands when considering what typography you’re looking to incorporate into your business logo. Font is essential when designing a logo. Think about it, you can pick out a specific font and know exactly what the brand is. Disney is an excellent example of this. People from all over the world can identify the brand just by the unique swirls of the letters. When choosing a font, The Logo Company will go for something unique and representative of what your business is to make it stand out against your competition.

Once the logo has been completed, you will receive it in every possible format. The Logo Company offers hundreds of unique fonts that you just won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re looking for something a little more standard like the common Times New Roman, Teen, or Coolvetica, you’re sure to find just the font that best represents your company.

Adobe Font Finder Tool - Use this to select the typography for your logo design.

Visit http://www.adobe.com/type/fontfinder/ to see some premium fonts that are often used by The Logo Company.

Consider the Font’s Color Options

Without getting too much into the psychology of colors and reflections on your brand’s logo, choosing just the right color for your typography and fonts is another crucial aspect of the design process. Much like font choices, colors say a lot about what your business offers and who you’re trying to reach.

For example, a more tech-centered company with a crisp, clean font may want to choose cool colors like blue and silver. A more kid-friendly company may want to focus on bright colors that attract a younger demographic. If your brand is all about positivity and optimism, choose a color that best conveys those feelings. The Logo Company will choose colors for your font that reflect your products, industry, and tone that you want delivered to your audience.


Another highly important aspect of logo design that The Logo Company specializes in is typography. Remember, while they’re similar, type and font are like apples and oranges. Font and typography are not interchangeable. Font is like a piece of information that explains how the typeface should look.

A typeface on the other hand, has more to do with the shape of the letters, numbers, and symbols that make up the overall look. It’s important to consider both aspects of your design to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want. Allow The Logo Company’s experts to help you with your ideas. With practically limitless options in fonts, there’s no reason to go into designing your logo on your own.

Don’t go into designing your brand’s logo on your own. The Logo Company can help you choose and create the logo of your dreams. No matter your brand, you’ll be sure to find a unique way to reach your customer base by utilizing The Logo Company’s skilled and experienced designers.