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One of the hardest parts of a logo design to visualise as a designer, before putting pen to paper, is how the typography of the design is going to look. Professional designers have a slew of design tools to work with to make this critical design choice easier like Adobe Foundry (Typekit) or just trial and error in Illustrator or Photoshop. For the non designer (ie, you the customer) these tools are not obvious but they are available to you to play around with. The beauty is that you can type in your business name and see how it is going to look in a particular font without having to own expensive design software or even the fonts themselves.

Of course the logo typography will often have some other design aspect incorporated by the designer to make it a unique part of the design but that is not always the case.

Here are a couple of tools we might recommend to customers who want to have more input in the font choice for their new logo design. 

Adobe Typekit

This type tool is super easy to use and allows you to view your text in many different fonts. It really helps to visualise how your business name might look in different styles. Adobe fonts are premium fonts which means you need to pay to own them. The good thing for you as a customer of The Logo Company is that we own many of the Adobe fonts and can use them or a font similar should you find something at Adobe you want to try.

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Google Fonts

Another really cool tool for visualing how text will look in a certain font is the Google Fonts tool. It’s super easy to use and actually a lot of fun. You can type in your text and visualise how it is going to look as well as make some fine ajustments like size and style.

Your project manager is on hand to guide you with regards to typography but if you want to have more input and just have some fun then check out these 2 cool font tools.  If you have any questions about fonts and typography for your logo design just complete the contact form at the top of the page and a team member will get back to you right away.

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