Logo Design Help & FAQ

Design Questions

What is the purpose of this website?

The Logo Company is an online graphic design studio that specializes in custom logo design. Custom logo design is where the designer works from a customer design brief and designs a logo from the ground up without using templates or clipart. The designer uses sketches and then imports and perfects the design in Adobe Illustrator the industry leading vector drawing program used by designers.

You can order your own custom logo design from the logo packages Buy Now navigation tab above or you can get some inspiration from our logo design portfolio. If you are not sure about where to start, just fill out the contact form on the contact us page and we will get back to you very fast.

Can I provide a draft idea of my own?

Yes. When completing the design questionnaire which is part of the order process, you can upload your own image which the designers can use as a starting point. The designers will also provide some ideas of their own so you get to see what the professionals would do with your idea too.

Yes. We often get asked to repair old logo designs where the client has lost the original files and needs to have a vector format for marketing purposes. If you email us the file you have we can tell you how much it will cost to repair and how long it will take. You should email the file to logosale@thelogocompany.net and explain what you would like us to do. We can also add a modern spin to an old logo to freshen it up for todays market.

Can you give my logo a holiday theme?

Yes we can. We can modify your existing logo design for a specific holiday promotion or a series of different holiday themes for say a website. You might want a Christmas theme or a thanksgiving turkey added to your logo. Perhaps you want to promote a seasonal offer for summer or fall. Whatever your promotion consists of, The Logo Company can give your logo a suitable theme makeover.

Holiday themed logo design - Christmas

Here is a small sample of some Christmas themed logos we have done for previous clients. Other themes follow a similar style where the existing logo is made over to reflect the time of year or holiday period.

How do I explain what I want? I know what I want but have trouble explaining it.

We make it really easy for you to explain what you want by asking you a series of easy to answer questions in a questionnaire format. We explain every single detail to guide your answer and because the questionnaire is so well structured you will zip through the answers in just a few minutes. The design team will then have enough information to make a flying start. We ask simple questions like: What is your service or product? Who are your customers? (We guide you in every answer too, so for the question Who are your customers? we would suggest male or female or both. Their age group and perhaps some other feature that might be unique to your specific type of customer). The beauty is that you only need to answer what you know the answer to. If there is a question you are unsure about you can just leave it out. The designers are experts at taking as much or as little information that you provide to us and coming up with stunning designs that you can build a winning brand around. It really is very intuitive and very simple.

Have you designed logos for my industry? How do I know you have the skills to design the thing I want?

The answer is Yes. We have designed logos for over 200,000 clients and covered every conceivable industry. In our portfolio you can see examples of logos from over 70 different industry sectors. If you don’t see an exact match for your industry, you will see a portfolio section that is very close to it. The designers we use on your logo project will be picked because they have detailed industry experience in your sector.

Why should I choose your company rather than another or launch a logo contest?

If you compare our credentials with any other logo design company on the net, you will not find better anywhere. The Logo Company has the most 5 star customer reviews on an independent review site where each review is verified as a real customer.

The Logo Company has also been rated alongside other leading online logo companies by The Wall St Journal and Wired! magazine. The reviews by these trusted businesses were several years apart but one thing remains constant and that is The Logo Company rated #1 by both. Other logo companies profess to have been rated highly by these publications but there can only be one #1 and that is The Logo Company.

Top brands come to us for logo design work for internal departments in their organisations and products or services. Brands like Duracell Inc. who came to us for an internal quality department logo for a project called Top10. Exxon Mobil came to use for an oil exploration project in Russia. The US Army came to us for several special teams working in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as a new identity for their cyber counter intelligence unit. We are the trusted “go to” design company for many leading brands when their own internal marketing functions or agencies are overloaded.

Logo contests are to be avoided at all costs. Take an average competition where the customer is presented with hundreds of designs from hundreds of designers. Only one designer ever gets paid for the work. This free work is only possible because the designers entering the contests take many short cuts. Short cuts like using stock clipart that has been slightly tweaked. Shortcuts like copying other peoples logos from google images and just replacing the name. Shortcuts like recycling old rejected logos that have already lost other contests.

Worse than ending up with a bad or stolen design is not having a designer that is accountable for that fraud. The designers who are caught out stealing others work are back online under a new name in minutes.

Contests look like value for money but when you scratch at the surface the risks to your reputation far outweigh any perceived benefits. Participate in a logo contest at your own risk!

How many logo concepts do I get?

Your logo design package comes with a minimum of 5 concepts (we try to over deliver where possible and 5 is the bare minimum). This includes UNLIMITED free revision rounds for your chosen concept.  Unlike other sites, you also get unlimited free redraws just in case the first set of designs miss the mark. We do not want you to be “merely satisfied” with our work, we want you to be ecstatic.

Do you have a video that explains the design process?

Yes we do. This video will give you a snapshot view of what is involved in the design of your new logo. You will get a feel for how the process will progress through to completion of the finished logo design.

Can I edit the final files?

Your logo pack includes the fully editable vector master file format eps (encapsulated post script) that all the other file formats are created from. This format is for use with Adobe Illustrator version 10 or better. This is the industry standard vector drawing tool software most in use by professional printers and professional designers.

The only editing restriction is that the font is flattened because of font licensing issues. Fonts are like software and often come with a commercial license. We will inform you of any fonts used in the design and you are free to buy them from any good online font store or download them for free if available.

Delivery Questions

Are there time limits to complete the project?

We never rush you to make a decision. If you want to take days, weeks, months or years in the logo design process, we will not hurry you along. We will work at your pace for as long as it takes. Our job is to provide you with a great logo design that you will be proud of. It is not to put you under undue time pressures. We work with you all the way.

What file formats do you supply?

We supply the following file formats with the completed logo design. The EPS format is the fully editable master file that can be edited in Adobe Illustrator version 10 or better. The PSD format is an export from the EPS file and is not fully editable. Photoshop is not suitable for logo design because the file format does not re-size without loss of quality. The EPS file does re-size without loss of quality as it is a vector file format.

See a list of the file types supplied as standard on the logo design file formats page.

Can you supply a vector format?

Yes. We supply your custom logo design in EPS (Encapsulated Post Script) as standard for no extra cost. This is a fully editable vector based file format used by print shops and it allows the design to be resized with no loss of quality. The eps file is for use with Adobe Illustrator version 10 which is the industry standard vector drawing tool used by print shops and graphic designers alike.

Who owns the copyright to the logo design?

You do. We even supply a greyscale version of your logo so that you can register it at a trademark organization. Applying online for the actual trademark status is really simple at the USPTO.gov website. You are however completely responsible for any copyright issues that may arise as a result of using our logo design services. It is your responsibility to investigate any possibilities of copyright infringement. There are companies set up to help you do this. The Logo Company can not be held responsible for any issues that may arise after delivery is made. You can find a suitable attorney at AIPLA (American Intellectual Property Law Association).

In the unlikely event that a design we produce is close to someones trademark, we will redesign the logo at our cost. No similarity to any other design is ever intentional and we never copy other designers work. All designs we produce are designed from the ground up and are suitable for trademark application. The Logo Company never uses templates or clipart or parts of previously discarded designs. All work is 100% unique and one of a kind.

What is your delivery time?

We strive to deliver all initial logo choices within 3 working days and revisions not longer than 2 business days. (In very busy periods these times may stray so please just drop us a line if you think we are taking too long).  Your final files are ready just 2 working days after you approve the design.

Your logo design project unfolds for you in our exclusive project management system.  You get to see the development of the logo from start to finish and you can provide your own input as the design progresses to completion.  The completed logo design is available to download in a ZIP file from your project area. If you do not have a Zip program on your PC we can provide the files unzipped.  You can download the free trial version of winzip from http://www.winzip.com.  All modern computers open zip files without special software.

Your logo can be used for anything you can imagine. The logo can be used for a website, off-line printing, embedding in documents, printing on T shirts, signs, banners, stationery, even printing on your lunch box, in fact the only real limitation is your imagination. Have a look at our stationery options to get some money generating marketing ideas for your business.

Do I get an MS Word letterhead doc template with the stationery design package?

This is not provided as part of the stationery design package. The stationery design package is for use with a professional printer. You receive files that can be printed out on your own borderless home office printer (some printers do not have this function so check with the manufacturer) as well as at your local print shop.

The good news is that we can provide a MS Word doc of your letterhead but there is an additional fee which is currently $80. The word doc will be the same as your print version of the letterhead, except you will be able to use it to type right on to in MS Word.

Can my logo have a see through (transparent) background?

Included in your final logo pack are 3 files with transparent backgrounds. However, 2 of these files require specialist software to use them properly: EPS – Adobe Illustrator, PSD – Adobe Photoshop.  The transparent PNG file will open in any web browser and requires no special software to use.

Costs Questions

How much does a custom logo cost?

You can select the most appropriate logo package for your needs from here: Logo Pricing.

Can I buy one of the designs in your portfolio?

No. Those portfolio designs are not for sale. These are real logos that belong to previous clients. We custom designed these logos specifically for these clients and they now own the copyright to the image. We would never resell a clients logo. Just like we would never resell your logo when we have completed it for you. The purpose of our portfolio is to show you how skillful we are at logo design. These are all examples of our skills and experience designing logos for different industries.

How can you provide this service for such a low price?

Our logo design service makes barely any profit. This in marketing  is called a loss leader product. We do this so that you will be confident to try us out and sample the quality and service we provide. We would love to have you as a client for life and have you buy all your graphic design services and professional printing from us. This way we both benefit from the deal long term. If you can´t believe our service is so great for such a low price then read what others think of us over at the independent review website TrustPilot.

Satisfaction Questions

Is there a “non disclosure” agreement?

The Logo Company does not require the signing of a non disclosure agreement but we are more than happy to sign and return yours if you have one. Two of the pillars of our service are our discretion and confidentiality, so you can be safe in the knowledge that we will never share your information with anyone else.

How do I know this is not a scam?

You are right to be cautious. The internet is littered with fraud logo companies looking to scam you. The good news is that The Logo Company is one of the few good guys. There is not another logo company on the net that has over 500 independent 5 star reviews by previous clients. You can read all of those here: TrustPilot.com

In addition to being the most highly reviewed logo company on the net, we have also been rated by Wired! magazine and by The Wall St Journal. You can follow those ratings here: Wired! and WSJ

Both Wired! and WSJ rated The Logo Company #1 for creativity, quality and service. There can only be one #1 and it is not us saying it but highly trusted third parties who have tried us and compared us alongside other logo designers.

You might notice other logo design businesses claiming to be rated the best but as you can see from our credentials we are the ones with the real ratings and reviews.

What if I’m not happy with what you design and then I’m out of the money I spent?

There is no risk to your investment. If for whatever reason you are not happy with our service, you can get all your money back. We will do whatever it takes to make you happy but if that is just not possible you don’t lose. This money back guarantee is the best in the design industry and there is only one small caveat and that is, it is time limited for 90 days. You can read all about this no compromise money back guarantee here.

What if I don’t like any of the logo designs you produce?

In the extremely unlikely event that you feel none of the logo designs produced match your needs or answer your original design specifications we’ll do our best to improve or modify the logo until it satisfies you completely. If you are still not entirely happy with the designs, we will refund your initial payment immediately and without any fuss. If that is the case, the logo designs and variants you received will of course no longer be your copyright property. Find out more about our industry leading money back guarantee.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes we do and it is probably the best money back guarantee you will see from a graphic design company anywhere. This is not one of those bait and switch guarantees where we charge you a processing fee for the pleasure. No, this guarantee is actually worth all your money back. No questions asked!

The only small print in this guarantee if you want to call it small print is that it is time limited to 90 days from the placement of your order. Once the 90 days (3 months) has passed, it is no longer possible to refund you. We will however work with you tirelessly to complete your project. Read all about our money back guarantee in detail here: 100% Money Back Guarantee

If I do not like the 5 Initial logo concepts, will you make me some more?

Yes we will. It is extremely unlikely that you will like nothing about any of your initial 5 concepts but if you hate them all, it´s no problem either! Your logo design package comes complete with unlimited revision rounds and unlimited redraws so you can rest assured that the design of your dreams is well within your grasp. We will work tirelessly to complete your logo design to your absolute delight. Second best is not an option for us and it should not be an option for you either.

See our Money Back Guarantee and our independent Client Testimonials should you be in any doubt at all about the world-class service we offer at The Logo Company.

Where is your phone number?

Check out the footer on every page of the site or the contact us page.

We are super busy designing great logos so if its not possible to connect with a designer instantly we are happy to call you back. If you want to speak to someone direct, that’s great. Just fill out the contact form on the contact us page and one of our team will call you back as soon as they can. We also man our live help when we can and always respond to inquiries within 1 working day. Try us out!

I have a question that is not answered here, where can I find the answer?

If your question is not answered here just go to the contact us page and fill out the simple form asking your question. One of the team will get back to you within 1 working day with an answer.