The 3 Styles of Logo Design

 1. Illustration

Plus Points:

Illustrative logo designs are high impact with WOW factor and as such are very popular. Logo designs that are created using illustration skills are drawn out with pen and ink at the concept stage before digitizing. This means they are completely unique. Illustrative logo designs are also the best value for money because they require expert graphic design skills. Only real designers can work to this level of quality and skill.

Negative Points:

Illustrative logo designs contain complex designs with many colors, traditional print shops can be expensive. Having said that, digital printing is fairly low cost and is the way the print industry is moving. This means that if you shop around for the right printer you will not pay a premium for printed materials. The Logo Company will be happy to work direct with your printer of choice free of charge. We can also recommend a print solution to you or you can use our own high quality business printing solution. Another negative is that at very small sizes your logo design may be difficult to read.


2. Icon With Text

Plus Points:

The iconic/emblem type logo design is very popular with new businesses and high tech’s. The style is clean and very professional. The emblem/icon usually represents in some way what the business is about. The icon can also be an abstract that has a deeper meaning. Modern fonts, few colors and traditional layout work very well with this logo type. The text can appear to the right of the icon as shown here or can appear below or even to the left. Easy to print and to brand the business. Works well even at smaller sizes.

Negative Points:

Can go out of fashion very easily (Think ball and swoosh of the late 1990s early 2000s). Can be cryptic.



3. Text Only

Plus Points:

This is the design style preferred by Fortune 500 companies. It feels clean and strong and the design can last a lifetime. Easy to remember. Not based on fads and fashions. Designed well a text based logo design usually consists of more than just a standard everyday text font. The font would usually be rare and something would be done by the designer to make the logo intelligent and memorable. Often subtle. Very easy to brand and low cost to print.

Negative Points:

Lacks WOW factor and as such smaller businesses usually benefit less using this type of design.





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