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Which Style of Logo is Right for You?

Different logo styles explained

Logos give a clear impression of your company and help establish your brand by communicating consistent messages to potential customers. Before customers ever walk through your doors or visit your website, they’ve likely formed opinions about your company based solely on your logo. As such, your company’s logo is a symbol that visually represents its mission, capabilities, and core values. It’s also a way to stir emotions in your customers and motivate them to make certain behavioral choices like purchasing… Read more

Simon McArdle

Logo Design Evolution

Colorful graphic displaying how major brands logo designs have evolved over the years.

Iconic Logos Through The Years: Logos have been present in some form or fashion for centuries. The idea of a symbol that identifies a product, service, or company is nearly as old as time. Naturally, the logo has seen some significant changes throughout human history, and particularly so over the last few decades. Observing the Organic Evolution of Brands Examining where the logo has been may provide some clues for its future. It can certainly spark a new generation of… Read more

Simon McArdle

Logo competitions can ruin your business


On the surface, logo competitions and tournaments look like amazing value for money. Scratch the surface though and you will see how your business is at risk using a logo from a competition site. Here is the full transcript of this video: I’m simon McArdle – owner of The Logo Company I’m going to explain why logo design competitions look amazing value but are really bad for your business. That’s a powerful statement and coming from someone who is in… Read more

Simon McArdle

The 5 Logo Styles – What’s Yours?

5 Styles Of Logo Design

Logos are one of the most important elements of a compelling corporate image. Your logo will appear on nearly all your marketing items, from your web page to your employee uniforms. When you’re designing a logo, there are five basic options for you to choose from. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses that will appeal to different industries. Some companies and organizations may even benefit from a package with multiple logos, so there’s a clean image on hand… Read more

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The Small Business Guide to Copyright and Trademarks

A guide to copyright and trademarks for small businesses.

As your small business grows, you’ll probably need to start educating yourself on intellectual property protection for your brand. After all, you don’t want other companies stealing what you do and how you identify yourself. Before you start filling out a bunch of paperwork, though, check out this guide (and the corresponding infographic below) to learn more about copyrights and trademarks. Patent vs. Copyright vs. Trademark Before you dive into the world of copyright, you need to make sure this… Read more