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Check out our testimonials for more information about us. If you’re still unsure of our commitment, you can just ask our past customers. Their kind words are why we’re still in the business of logo design after 20 years. We are proud of our work and thrive to have an excellent customer service.

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I am extremely pleased with the quality and service I received from The Logo Company. They were very good at anticipating what I wanted, provided several designs for me to peruse, and were willing to modify designs as requested. They went above and beyond. I highly recommend this company if you are looking for great service and a great logo.


I have used The Logo Company about 5 times now on different logos for my businesses and they have done a fantastic job every time.  They give you several different designs from several different designers to choose from and unlimited revisions to get exactly what you want.  I would highly recommend as I will continue to come back and use them again.


Why Are Testimonials Crucial To A Company

Well, obviously it’s proof that you are who you say you are and that you can be trusted. The Logo Company is extremely proud of our good reputation and always try our very best to succeed in visualising your perfect logo design. Once you have finalized your logo, then we might ask you for a testimonial and we would be very grateful if you can send us one. One more thing, if you have a chance to send us photos of your logo displayed on marketing materials (anything) like banners, brochures or as door hangers, then please email me at 

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Have used the logo company for a long time. I have tried others but always come back to the logo company when quality work and value are paramount. about to request logo updates and new logos as well.

The process is so easy, even when I didn’t have a vision for what I wanted at first, they were able to create not 1 but 2 amazing logos for my companies!  The ease of use, swiftness, and professional final product were absolutely fantastic!  Highly recommend!