Custom Logo Designs

A logo is the face of your brand

Good logo design creates brand recognition for your business, and etches your company into customers’ minds. As a logo design agency, our versatile team is accustomed to creating custom logo designs for all types of businesses, at an affordable price.

When other logo agencies set out on their creative process, their professional logo design often comes at a high price. But The Logo Company has spent more than 20 years streamlining its own professional logo process to ensure our customers get a logo in a fraction of the time, at a significantly lower cost, while achieving results that are every bit as effective in the corporate world.

Our logos are guaranteed to serve your business well for years to come. And who knows? Yours could become the next classic, timeless logo!

Our Logo Design Approach

5 Logo Designers

Rather than be limited by the skills of a single logo designer, you benefit from the expertise and creativity of five logo designers right from the start of your project. This gives you the best possible chance of hitting on a design style that you’ll love, and more importantly, one that works as it should to build brand recognition.

5 Concepts

When your project starts, you’ll receive at least five unique logo designs based entirely on your business. These are not templates or cookie-cutter clipart. They are custom, professional logo designs created by qualified and experienced senior designers who are well-versed at encapsulating a business’ qualities and mission in a logo.

Unlimited Redraws

If we don’t quite capture what you were imagining in the first round, that’s not a problem! Rome wasn’t built in a day and we understand that, so with this in mind, we make sure you’re completely covered by our popular “Unlimited Redraws” policy — something you don’t get with other logo design agencies. You’re going to get a company logo you love, no matter how much work we need to do to get you there.

Unlimited Revisions

We aim to get as close as possible to your dream logo on our first round of design. From there, we refine until you are completely satisfied. Our logo process includes unlimited fine tuning and changes as requested by you. Our goal is to deliver you a logo that you love, no matter how picky you are. You will never be asked for an extra dime to finish the logo!

Logo File Pack

Upon your approval of your new business logo, you will receive a full package of high-resolution files for all your web and print needs, plus a certificate of copyright ownership. The package contains all the files and copyrights you’ll ever need for your selected logo design. If you end up liking more than one logo, or multiple layouts or versions of logos — known as a logo lockup — you can purchase those extra designs at a fraction of the cost.

Money-Back Guarantee

You really can’t lose with our unique, customer-focused logo design service. If in the highly unusual event we don’t eventually land on a logo design you absolutely love, we’ll keep designing until you do, or we’ll return all your money, no questions asked. This pledge is our guarantee and is valid all the way up until you finalize a design, or for a full 90 days if a logo is not approved.

The Logo Design Gallery

Take a look at some of The Logo Company logo designs we’ve created for clients just like you.

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