Money Back Guarantee

The Logo Company’s trusted and is committed to creating the dream logo design for your organization. If you don’t like the first logo designs we offer, our professionals start over to make sure you are satisfied. We are committed to making sure our customers love our logos, and we take a comprehensive approach to making perfect images that say something special about your organization.

If you don’t like the logo designs that we make for you, and you don’t want us to continue trying to find something that meets your needs, you can get your money back. We’ll return every penny because we believe that you shouldn’t pay for a logo that you don’t like. The Logo Company’s Trusted 100% money back guarantee comes directly from the Logo Company’s owner and proprietor, Linda.

I don’t believe that you, the client, should take any risks when ordering a dream logo design from The Logo Company. If you decide that you want your money back, it comes out of her pocket.



100% Money Back Returned, No Hidden Fees

We try to keep The Logo Company’s trusted 100% money back guarantee as simple as possible. Most importantly, you have a chance to get your money back until you accept a logo design and the final files are uploaded. We promise to return your money in full, without any charges or fees. If you’re not happy, then you shouldn’t pay.

The Logo Company’s trusted 100% money back guarantee doesn’t have a lot of fine print and caveats. We just require one thing: If you want your money back, please request it before accepting the final draft that we deliver. We can’t return your money after you’ve accepted your dream logo. As this would be like asking your favorite restaurant to give you a refund after you just enjoyed a full, delicious meal.

We also want to stress that clients have a full 90 days to give us feedback. If we haven’t heard from you within 90 days, we consider your project closed. Our team members will happily make adjustments to your logo until you feel that it fits your needs perfectly, but we will not give any refunds if we haven’t heard from you for three months or three months has passed from the start of your project. We are happy to keep making logo changes for you after this time has passed, though, because we want you to walk away with the dream logo design.

That’s our small print. We try to keep it as large as possible so you know exactly how long you have to get your money back. Very simple. 

You Have Nothing to Lose

What does our money back guarantee mean? It means that you don’t have anything to lose by choosing our design services. We take all of the risk. That’s how confident we are that we can create designs that will thrill you and our other clients.

The vast majority of our clients love the designs they receive and they’re likely to come back to The Logo Company when they need designs in the future. They like that they’re involved in the process and that they get to choose from several options. Clients also like knowing that we work hard for them from the project’s beginning until its end.

Our Word is Our Bond

Here’s the bottom line: The Logo Company will deliver what we guarantee it will. It’s no coincidence that in 2005 (yes, almost 18 years ago), Wired voted our design service the number one in online logo design companies and in 2009 (yes, a whole 4 years later) the Wall Street Journal (yes, the real one) tested our service again and said it was “worth the price.” Now in 2017 nothing has changed. We are still offering the best bang for buck and backing it up with the best guarantee in the business.

As you can see from TrustPilot, we have a slew of customers who are delighted by the final results and wouldn’t ever think of trading their design back for the money they paid.

When it comes down to it, anyone can offer you a “100% money back guarantee.” Many logo designers around the Net ostensibly do offer this (with loads of caveats). But by the time you have paid their processing fees, there’s not much money left over to actually get back. In our opinion, that’s not a real money back guarantee at all. It’s just a bait and switch; however, when you buy our logo design service, we take all the risk, not you! If our logo design skills do not deliver, The Logo Company will be the one who pays.

What are you waiting for? Now that you know there’s nothing to lose, have your future logo designed by our custom logo design team today.

Logo Packages

Nothing else to pay

Logo Only

    • 5 Logo Designers
    • 5 Concepts
    • Unlimited Redraws
    • Unlimited Revisions
    • Money-Back Guarantee
    • Copyright Transfer
Nothing else to pay

Logo + Matched Stationery

    • Logo Only Package
    • + Business Card Design
    • + Letterhead Design
    • + Envelope Design
Nothing else to pay

Logo + Matched Stationery + 500 Business Cards

  • Logo + Matched Stationery Package
  • + 500 Business Cards

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