Engineering Credibility Through Design


We’ll custom design a logo that WOW’s you in just 3 days making your business look credible and more established so you can dominate your competitors and impress your customers.

OPTIONS AVAILABLE (click on the icon for detail)
  • 5 Logo Designers
    5 Logo Designers
  • 5 Concepts
    5 Concepts
  • Unlimited Redraws
    Unlimited Redraws
  • Unlimited Revisions
    Unlimited Revisions
  • Money Back Guarantee
    Money Back Guarantee
  • Business Card Design
    Business Card Design
  • Letterhead Design
    Letterhead Design
  • Envelope Design
    Envelope Design
  • 500 Business Cards
    500 Business Cards
Logo Only
$199 nothing else to pay
  • 5 Logo Designers
  • 5 Concepts
  • Unlimited Redraws
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Business Card Design
  • Letterhead Design
  • Envelope Design
  • 500 Business Cards
Logo + Matched Stationery
$249 nothing else to pay
  • 5 Logo Designers
  • 5 Concepts
  • Unlimited Redraws
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Business Card Design
  • Letterhead Design
  • Envelope Design
  • 500 Business Cards
Logo + Matched Stationery + 500 Business Cards
$339 nothing else to pay
  • 5 Logo Designers
  • 5 Concepts
  • Unlimited Redraws
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Business Card Design
  • Letterhead Design
  • Envelope Design
  • 500 Business Cards
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IF your logo looks unprofessional your business Lacks creDibility

to build your business on a solid foundation you need a logo design that makes it look credible and more established So your market can have confidence and trust in your offer

5 Designers - 5 Choices

Unlike other logo designers you get 5  designers working on your logo. This means you get plenty of choice even if you’ve no idea of exactly what you want at the start.

Unlimited Redraws

Loads of scope to experiment with your logo because we don’t limit anything. Our only goal is that you get a logo you’ll love. You can relax knowing it’s going to be perfect.

Really Fast - Let's GO

In just 3 days you’ll be staring at the new face of your business. Your logo will take on the personality of your business as it draws it’s first breaths and comes to life.

Copyright Transfer

What’s the point getting a logo if you don’t actually own the design? None! We transfer the ownership with a certificate of transfer so you have proof of ownership.

File Types

To use your logo in the real world you’re going to need a ton of different formats for web, signs, print and merchandise. Don’t worry we’ve got your back. You’ll get everything!

The Master File

The master file is the one designers and printers use to apply your logo to stuff. It’s like the keys to the safe. With this file you can do anything and you’re getting it too.

File Storage

If you’ve ever suffered a hard drive failure and lost everything you will understand  how comforting it is to hear that we will look after your logo files forever. FOR FREE!

Unique Design

The whole point of a logo is to separate your business from all others in your market. Give people something to recognise you by. We never copy others work or reuse old designs so your logo is guaranteed to be a true original one of a kind.


After Sales Support

When you start using your logo you’re going to be working with printers and designers for your marketing stuff. They all speak in “gobaldy gook” techno babble and will have you in knots trying to figure out stuff they should know. We take that considerable pain away from you and speak direct to these professionals on your behalf so you don’t need to.

Money Back Guarantee

For a full 90 days after you buy our service we promise to give you your money back for whatever reason. No questions, no hoops. All the way up to you accepting a final logo from us. If we don’t deliver on our promises we don’t get paid.












There are hundreds of logo designers online seemingly all doing the same thing so you need to know why we’re different
Because we start your project with five designers and not just one, you get to see some varied design styles right at the outset. With other logo designers you often get assigned just one designer and if you don’t like their style of design you’re pretty much stuck right at the start.

With our service you’re not going to feel awkward rejecting the designers work because you’re going to see so much variety that there’ll be a style perfect for you right at the get go. We’ve got all the different design styles covered so you can relax.

Another great advantage of starting your project with five designers is you don’t really need to know what your looking for. This is extremely common among our customers so you’re not alone feeling that way. After all you’re not a designer and unless you have a specific design in mind how could you possibly know what you want. Don’t worry, you’re going to get so much variety there is bound to be something you like and if not we have you covered with our unlimited everything policy. Sit back, let us work our magic and things will be a lot clearer for you when you see the first set of designs.

With our unlimited everything policy (that’s unlimited revision rounds and unlimited redraws) you have the freedom to experiment with different ideas with your designer. It doesn’t matter how many changes you make or how many designs we present to you because you will never be asked for extra money. If you don’t like any of the first set of designs, that’s perfectly OK and you’re not going to hurt our feelings by telling us. We’ll just have a chat and find out what’s not working and then the next set of designs will be bang on the money.

We’re not in business to nickel and dime you, we’re here to make sure you get the logo of your dreams and nothing less. That’s why our unlimited everything policy is so loved and enjoyed by our customers and you’re going to love the freedom of it too. You have complete peace of mind knowing that the logo design is going to be perfect.

We never put you under pressure to select a design you’re not happy with. In fact we go out of our way to make sure we only ever move forward when you’re absolutely delighted and ready for the next stage. You’re in complete control of your own happiness.

Owning the copyright to your logo has so many benefits. Firstly, the logo is yours and you own it outright which means you can do with it as you please. You’re not tied in to a designer you have to pay royalties to for your own logo. How painful would that be? You don’t need to worry about that with this service because when your logo is finished we’ll hand it over to you with a certificate of copyright ownership. This certificate transfers any rights we have to the design during the design stage completely over to you in full.

The copyright ownership can be used to register your logo as a trademark. Having a trademark gives you the strongest brand protection and is a valuable business asset that you can sell on if you have an exit strategy or you want to hand it down to a member of your family. You will feel immensely proud of the strong brand you have built up and passed on.

We never sacrifice quality for speed. We have fine tuned our processes over the last 20 years so we can deliver stunning design choices that are totally relevant to your business in just 3 days.

When starting or rebranding a business you have a lot on your plate. The sooner you can get stuff off your todo list the sooner you can start making more money.  You’re going to get to a finished logo that radiates credibility and trust fast and that is going to free you up to concentrate on delivering your product or service to your market.

Not only do we provide the initial design choices in just 3 days but we turn around your change requests and final file package in just 2 days. We’re business owners too and know how important it is to get your brand working for you the best it can in the shortest time possible. As the saying goes, time is money.

You can relax knowing that we have your back. You’re going to get a ton of different file formats and sizes to cope with any media you’re thinking of using your logo on. We even provide you with instructions on which file is best for which media so you are never in the dark or confused about what file to use where. You don’t need to learn new software or try to work out how to resize images because we have you covered.

If you come across a situation where you need a specific file format but you don’t seem to have that one in your final logo files pack then we can work with you to either provide the format you need or at least a format that will work. You’re never just left on your own to figure stuff out because we have you covered with our after service support policy.

proven process

Our design process has been refined and tested over many years to deliver logo designs that project credibility and trust while also making businesses look more established. This is the combination a new business needs to  dominate their competitors and win more business. It all starts with brainstorming ideas followed by sketches before moving the best designs to the design software for refining and presenting to the customer.


The details are what separates our service from all the rest. We believe in engineering credibility and trust through design
This is your main asset and you get it at the end of the design process with all the other file formats. The master file format is different though and you could say it’s like owning the keys to the safe because you can work with any printer or designer worldwide without incurring file conversion costs. The master file is fully editable as standard and includes everything in the file that any designer or printer might require.

The master file is also a vector format. That just means it can be resized without any loss of quality. It also means your logo will look crisp and sharp on a pen as well as on a massive billboard at the side of the highway.  Being fully editable means if you want to make some color changes or add a word like “Anniversary” you can do it for minimum cost with any designer worldwide. You’re not locked in to us. You have complete freedom and control of your logo to take advantage of every opportunity that arises.

Have you ever had a hard drive crash? If you haven’t, believe me it’s not a pleasant situation to find yourself in. If you’ve a comprehensive back-up plan then you don’t need to worry as long as it works when you need it.

With our service you can relax. We keep your logo files in our fully backed up archive system permanently so even if your computer crashes in 10 years time we’ll have the original logo files ready to send to you and for no extra cost. The relief our customers feel when their computer dies and they realise we still have their logo files is immense. We’re your insurance in case of a disaster.

The service we provide isn’t a logo builder software application or a bunch of designers holding a competition to see who can design the best logo and then get paid. This is a custom logo design service where we do everything for you without you having to know anything at all about design. Our designers are all highly motivated salaried professionals and get paid what they are worth. That means we don’t cut corners and never use bits of old discarded designs or repurpose old rejected logos.

Everything we design is created from the ground up based entirely on your business starting with brainstorming and then concept sketches. It’s a proper design process taking only the best ideas to the computer for digitising.

We never use clipart nor copy others designs. You are guaranteed to get a logo that is relevant to your business and a real one of a kind that you can then successfully trademark and build a solid brand around.

The big problem with do it yourself software and even competition websites is that they are usually regurgitating the same images with different business names and colors so they look a bit different but ultimately are far too similar to other designs. This is problematic when you come to trademark the design as it will often be impossible because of it’s similarity to already trademarked designs. This is not so with our service because we guarantee that every single design is completely unique.

We get so many customers coming back to us after we’ve finished their logo completely frustrated with a professional print shop. The story often goes like this: The customer wants to print some business cards and the printer asks for a specific file format. The customer not being a designer or printer is not really sure what file format the printer needs and so they just send them a bunch of different files. The printer does not see a format he can work with and tells the customer to come back with something else.

Can you imagine how maddening that scenario is? You end up piggy in the middle between the designer and the printer not knowing who is right and who is wrong. Well, that’s a nightmare played out daily between customers, printers and designers the world over. We save you from that madness.

Just give us the name and number of your printer and we’ll work directly with them on your behalf so there are no costly misunderstandings or mistakes. We’ll make sure the printer has absolutely everything they need while you get on with running your business. Now that’s what we call peace of mind.

We understand it’s nerve racking spending money on something you have no idea at the outset what it is going to look like. You’re probably wary of working with an online designer and have heard horror stories of people wasting their money and getting nothing in return. Those scenarios are not possible with this service. Our guarantee is extremely simple.

If you don’t get the logo of your dreams you get all your money back. Every cent of it. We don’t charge you a processing fee or get you to sign up to restrictive contracts. We don’t make you jump through hoops or ask you any awkward questions. It’s as simple as that. You want your money back, just ask. This guarantee is valid all the way up to us delivering your final file formats or a full 90 days from the start of the project.

There are only ever 2 outcomes when you use our service for your logo design.

Outcome number 1 – You will get the logo of your dreams. It will radiate credibility and trust and make your business look established so you can concentrate on building a truly solid brand.


Outcome number 2 – You will get all your money back. No questions asked!

So as you can see you have absolutely nothing to lose and no reason to delay taking advantage of the benefits a strong professional logo design will deliver to your business. We have you covered for 100% of your money because all the risk is on us.

Our Latest Work

This fun logo and matched stationery set design created for Solid Rock Innovations is typical of the quality of design from our graphic artists. The logo & Stationery radiates credibility and makes the business look Really well established.
From Our Clients
It’s fast and fun but more importantly our customers get a logo design that projects their strengths, radiates credibility and trust and makes them look more established.

“I am so much more than pleased with my logo, the word pleased doesn’t do it justice. I love my logo. And when you do business with The Logo Company, I know you will love your logo as well”

Erika Brooke Harding

“The instructions make it very easy to get your design ideas across and the response time has been phenomenal. I have tasked several logo design companies in the past and none have given me the level of results and customer service that the Logo Company has.”

Mike Galt

Owner, Safari Fuels

“I received their logo ideas very quickly and the couple of rounds of a few tweaks of the logo I ultimately chose were just as quick and spot on. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants a great logo done by true professionals. It was a pleasure to work with them.”

Lisa Harris LaMastra

Owner, Soul LaManagement

“If you’re looking for a company to do design work, don’t bother looking anywhere else, it will just be a disappointment! We will definitely consider for designing our website and any other design work we have in the future.”

Eric Hall

Spahr Brewing Company

These are just a tiny fraction of reviews we receive daily from our customers. In fact, The Logo Company is the most reviewed logo design company online so you can read these reviews and over a thousand more at  TrustPilot is a leading business review site that has the word TRUST at it’s core. We’re reviewed extensively on Google My Business too so do check out our reviews there.

Money Back Guarantee

This 100% money back guarantee is the best in the industry. If for any reason you want a refund, just ask and we will process it the very same day. We won’t ask you any awkward questions or make you jump through any hoops. We will pay back every cent and dime you paid us without any processing fees. This money back guarantee is valid until you select a finished design or for a full 90 days from ordering if the design is not complete. You just can’t lose so get your logo started today.


We’ve had a lot of questions over the years but these ones crop up more often than others.
They’re in no particular order. Click on the questions below to reveal the answers.

I need more than a logo. Can you help?

Yes we can. One size certainly does not fit all and your unique business situation can require a completely tailor made solution. 

Book a phone time with one of our branding consultants and we can discuss an affordable solutiuon just for you.


I already have a logo but I need the various file formats. Can you help?

Yes we can. If you email your exiting logo in the format you have it in we can tell you how much it will cost and how long it will take to prepare the design with all the various formats including a vector file that can be resized without loss of quality.


Why do I need to pay upfront?
When we take on your logo project we assign you a team of 5 designers right away and give them 3 business days to create 5 initial concept designs. In order for us to commit these resources we need to make sure we’re dealing with a genuine customer. The payment is your way of telling us that you’re as serious about this logo project as we are. This is exactly the same for all genuine design studios that work over the internet. Designers you work face to face with also require a retainer paid in advance. The big difference with working face to face with a designer and an online custom service like ours is that the costs will be considerably lower from us, we offer more designers working on your project and we communicate with you more often.

You have a 100% money back guarantee so your investment is safe.

What happens if I don't like the design?
We have you covered. You have unlimited redraws and unlimited revisions which means if the first set of designs don’t work for you we will have a conversion to find out what’s not working and then the designers will prepare some more. In our experience the 2nd set of designs are usually bang on the money.
I have no idea what I want!
This is surprisingly common among our customers. When you sign up to this service we get you to complete a short questionnaire about your business. Our designers are masters at taking a little bit of info about your business, doing a bit of research about what works and what doesn’t work in your industry and then presenting you with some very relevant designs. In our experience the designers are hitting a home run with the first set of designs they send. You will feel much more comfortable once you see the first designs and the whole process becomes really clear to you. One thing we promise is that you will end up with a logo design you’re going to love.
Can I get a refund?
Absolutely you can. We’ve the best refund policy in the market and it’s really simple. If for any reason whatsoever you want your money back, just ask. We won’t make you answer any awkward questions or make you jump through any hoops. You’ll get back 100% of the money you paid us and not a cent less. There are no processing fees or contracts to sign. This money back guarantee policy is valid all the way up till you request the final file pack for the finished logo design or for a full 90 days from when the project started if the logo is unfinished. Your investment is completely protected.
Can I edit the logo myself?
The logo is designed in Adobe Illustrator the industry standard vector drawing program. If you have access to Adobe Illustrator you can edit the logo yourself. If you’re like most business owners your time will be spent better running your business than trying to learn how to use a vector drawing application which has a very steep learning curve. The master file that you’ll receive is fully editable and because it’s designed using the industry standard graphics software it can be edited by a any print shop or designer worldwide.
Who owns the copyright to the finished logo?
You do. At the end of the logo design process when we send you all the file formats you will need for web and print we also provide you with a certificate of copyright transfer. This certificate is your proof that you own the copyright to the design because we transfer any rights we had to the logo during the design stage completely over to you. We retain zero rights to your logo so you are free to use it as you wish and apply for trademark status.
What can I use the logo on?
You can use the logo on pretty much anything. A website, a brochure, cup, pen, poster, billboard etc etc. If you can imagine a place to use your logo then you can apply it there. What makes this possible is the master file format we send you when the logo is finished. It’s a vector format which means it can be resized without any loss of quality. It can be as big or as small as you want and still look amazingly sharp and crisp. It also comes with a transparent background which makes it easy to use on any colored backgrounds. If you need to change the logo colors or add some text this is also possible because the final design is fully editable. It doesn’t get better than this. Your logo can be used across all types of media with absolutely zero loss of quality.
How many designs do I get to choose from?
You’re going to love this aspect of the service. We send you 5 designs to start with. Each design will be completely unique and 100% relevant to your business. These first 5 will more often than not be the perfect start. Occasionally it’s possible you just won’t connect with any of them. No problem. We’re going to send you some more. Just tell us what you don’t like and the designers will knock it out of the park in the second set of logos. That’s our experience anyway but even if you want to experiment further that’s cool with us too. At no stage in this service do we pressure you to do something or accept something you’re not 100% delighted with. You can take as long as you like and experiment as much as you like and we’ll never rush you.
How long does all this take?
This is the perfect example of the “how long is a piece of string” question. What we can say is it typically takes a week to 10 days from start to finish. Here are the fixed timescales:

Initial designs are ready for you to view in just 3 working days. Subsequent redraws take 2 working days as well as any revision requests you make to the selected design. These timescales on our part are pretty much set in stone. Our process has been refined over 20 years so we’re extremely good at hitting timescales.

Here are the variables:

You can take as long as you need to get back to us with your choices. Take as long as you need to get feedback from your friends and family. We’re never going to rush you to get back to us. When you do come back with feedback or changes or to accept a final design then you can expect us to have that work completed and back to you in just 2 days. 

How much does it cost?
We have 3 different logo packages:

A logo design only package for $199. A logo with a matched stationery set design for $249 and a logo with a matched stationery set design including 500 business cards delivered to your door anywhere in the US or Canada for $339.

You may be offered one or two optional upgrades at checkout. Optional upgrades include a Microsoft Word version of the professional printable letterhead for $80. A social media file format pack for $100 and from time to time various print offers.

How do you send me the logo?
We have a project management system that you will be invited to view the designs and provided feedback through. Once the design is completed, you can download the design to your own computer. We keep the design safe in our archives should you lose your copy. We can also work direct with your printer of choice and send them any files they may need on your behalf.
Can I speak direct with the designer?
We assign five different designers to your project so it’s just not possible to speak with them directly. However, you get assigned a single project manager who works directly with you and the team of designers who is extremely experienced. Typically our project managers have 12 years or more experience and we have found this approach to communication to be far better. If you read any of our customer reviews over on you will see that fantastic communication is something customers rave about regularly. It should be too because we are fanatical about it. You too will experience just how great it is when you sign up for a logo.
Can we speak on the phone?
The short answer is yes. Our logo design service works like a very well oiled machine and generally you won’t need to speak to us over the phone. The project management system has a fantastic interface to send in real time messages and questions that we respond to really fast. Having said that there might be an occasion where you would just rather speak to your project manager and we understand that. Let us know you want to talk on the phone and we will call you back. If you have a preferred time of availability just let us know and we will call when it’s convenient to you.
Can I give you ideas or a sketch of what I want?
Absolutely you can. If you have a firm idea of what you want our designers can follow that. The beauty of our service though is that the designers will also throw in an idea or two of their own. Perhaps an idea you may not of previously considered. Sometimes these extra ideas we have are the preferred customer option in the end but we’re more than happy to bring something of your own to life for you.

Select Your Logo Package

After completing your purchase you will be forwarded to a short questionnaire

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