Design Brief

Don’t be alarmed by all these questions. The designers will be able to design you a stunning logo if you can only provide the name you want to use on the logo and the industry you are in. Unless you have a very clear view of what you need, leave most details up to the designers for maximum creativity.


After submitting the form the next step is to choose your package. Once that is done, sit back and your initial logo design ideas will be ready in just 3 business days.

  • Tell us about your company. We will select the best designers for your industry sector.
  • Are your customers other businesses, private individuals or both? Do you attract male, female or both? Are your customers adults, teens, kids or all? Is there an age group that is predominant?
  • Tell us who you are up against.
  • Tell us what you are using this logo for.
  • Tell us the name of the logo you love. If you tell us about a logo that you admire, it will give us an indication of your design taste.
  • Details About the Logo

  • If you do not want any text, just type "NONE" in the box
  • If you have a catchy slogan or strapline, we can make it part of your logo. Logos do look better without, so do consider this.
  • Please select all that apply. If you select, "Other," please tell us why below.
  • If other, please describe.
  • Color Information

  • Color costs money to print. The fewer colors you choose, the cheaper it will be to print your corporate collateral like your business stationary. If you choose an illustration logo design style above, you should really select unlimited colors.
  • Are there colors that we should not use in your logo design? Tell us what they are.
  • Tell us if you have company colors or a preference for certain colors or combinations.
  • Font Choice

    DAFONT FONT SELECTOR AND TOOLS Opens a new window in your browser. (Click on this link to take you to the DaFont website where you can use their tools to help you choose a font style. We stock many of the DaFont fonts so you can either use an exact one or something close. Don’t worry if you have no preference here because our experts will select some suitable fonts for your logo using their expertise.)
  • Do you have any specific font requests? Tell us the name or describe the type of font you would like us to use. Please use the “DaFont font selector” link above if required.
  • Do you have some preconceived ideas that you want us to follow? Do you have any Ideas of your own that you want to share that will help the designers hone in on the perfect design for you? Tell us your ideas.
  • This is a free for all text area where you can tell us anything else that you think we need to know to help the design team meet your expectations.
  • Upload any images or files with a maximum size of 15MB that you think may help the design team with your logo. A sketch, image file, word doc, that sort of thing.
    Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 1 GB.
    • Tell us where you plan to use your logo and we will make sure you get all the information you need to make the most of your new design.
    • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.