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3D Logo Design Explained

Three-dimensional, 3D logo design provides a unique opportunity that will have your company’s message jumping off the page. This innovative area of design is ripe with possibilities, but it is easy to get carried away. Smart design principles will help you create a design with classic appeal that will stand the test of time.


3-D logos are unique in that they are primarily designed for high-resolution media displays. This type of logo will look stunning on your web site and in television commercials. It will pop on TV displays in the office, drawing your potential customers in and giving your company the undeniable air of innovation.

While you will probably design your logo with these stunning mediums in mind, you should take a moment to consider other places the image will appear as well, such as video games. Without lettering, many shapes, like the Nissan badge or Citroen arrows, stand out with 3D appeal more than you may have realized.

Sleek and simple shapes like these are ideal for a three dimensional design because they look sharp on paper, hats, tee shirts, and other types of media including the computer or TV.


This unique design style provides you with many creative options. You can create an entire landscape in a single picture. The temptation to build a fantasy world in fantastic colors and subtle shadowing is almost irresistible. You can actually go this route with great success if you keep your focus squarely on the message that you want to send your audience.

Avoid fantasy imagery with stunning dragons if you are not designing for the latest role-playing game. Do not miss the potential for an amazing 3D design in an otherwise ordinary industry, like food. Think about the possibilities for a Paris café setting that leaps off the page, or a slice of cake so painstakingly designed that you can taste the icing. The most important consideration with any logo is what you want the customer to think and feel when he sees the image.

If you opt for a bit of embellishment in your logo, keep it around the edges. Make sure the center of the image still focuses on a single shape that the viewer can identify at a glance. The best logo makes an impression in a matter of seconds. Your faithful fans will spot it zooming by in the opposite direction on the highway and suddenly experience a craving for your product. With the right imagery, your logo can be that good.


If your logo features elaborate images, you can offset them with simple typography. A traditional serif or modern sans serif font with few frills will get your message across with minimal fuss. If you are opting for a single shape in your design, you may want to have more fun with the typography. In fact, with the right lettering your typography may just become the highlight of your logo.

As a general rule of thumb, you should choose typography that is easy to read so your customers never have to guess at what it says. There are, however, rare exceptions to the rule.

Consider the Disney logo. Whether it is laid out in flat script or puffed up in 3D lettering, this design features some of the most unreadable letters ever seen in a company’s signature logo. Yet, the Disney logo is also one of the best recognized in the world. You may have grown up seeing a backwards “G” in the “D” and a “p” in the “y”, but you still knew those letters had something to do with Mickey Mouse.

If you have a design that is ready to really break the mould, do not hesitate to take a chance with your lettering. The fewer letters you have, the easier you will find it to experiment with interesting typography. Spelling “UP” in stylized lettering gives you lots of room to play. If your logo reads, “Printing with a Purpose,” however, you will want a clean and heavy font that leaves the artistic details in the background.


Three-dimensional designs are one of the few areas where you can safely go all out with a full color palette if you want. You cannot build an immersive seascape in just one shade of blue so do not limit yourself. However, while the backdrop to your fantastical design may include a full complement of hues, the uppermost layer of your logo should stick to just two or three colors.

A simple yellow and black, or red and silver will really pop, even over an elaborate background. When you stick with a clean lined logo image on the top of your design, you also set yourself up for long-term success with future versions of the logo. Design an image that lets you pull that top logo right off the rest of the picture. This way you can incorporate the simplified design on letterheads, business cards, name tags, and other items that do not lend themselves as well to print.

Do not forget to double-check the color psychology of your choices before you commit to a design. Pink is warm and nurturing, but it is also associated with a sense of physical weakness that will not work well for a gym logo. Orange is fun and frivolous, but it carries a sense of childlike whimsy that could hamper a serious business logo that is meant to highlight a company’s sense of stability.

With an eye to both the stunning potential of 3D design and the limits of this type of imagery, we will create a logo that is both visually impressive and cleanly identifiable. The creative team at The Logo Company will craft a unique logo that sends the perfect message for your business.

3 days from now you will be looking at 5 amazing design choices. We work together in collaboration with you to fine tune one of the designs so you get a true one of a kind. This process is affordable, fast and above all fun. We’re ready so what are you waiting for?