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About Logo Design

Every business needs a good logo. Logos are the signature of a professional company, and help your business stand apart from your competitors. Customers depend on logos to identify you, and often make purchasing decisions based on the look of a company, which directly relates to the logo you choose. A professionally designed logo is the cornerstone of a successful company’s marketing strategies.

Why Logos Are Important

Logos do several things for the business. First, a well-designed logo makes it clear that your business means business. Fly by night guys don’t make the investment in a professional logo design. Second, a logo is the only way to make all of your business literature consistent. When customers and vendors see the same logo on all of your communications, including your website, stationary and envelopes, business cards, flyers, and fleet vehicles, they can recognize you instantly.

Finally, logos are an easy way to make your communications attractive, even if you have no design savvy. Amateurs often slather cutesy clip art and graphics all over their flyers, websites, or other promotional copy. But with a professionally designed logo, you need no design expertise at all. The logo, along with a well-written piece, is all you need for professional looking print or digital messages.

Why Professional Logo Design is Important

Professional logo designers take several things into consideration, and use key points about your business to develop a unique and attractive logo that communicates what your business is about. For example, if you’re in the tech industry and want to communicate the speedy nature of your work, the designer might create an angular logo that looks fast. Conversely, if you’re a service provider, such as a cleaning service or wedding planner, the designer might create something roundish to foster trust and friendliness.

Several elements go into a good logo design, including color, fonts, and images. All of these elements must work together within the logo design to create a visual message beyond what is written. It takes a professional designer to do this. Professional logos are unique, meaningful to the particular business you’re in, and create a consistent look across your digital and print ads and other communications.

How to Use Your Logo

Once you get your professionally designed logo by The Logo Company, you will want to use it on all the pages of your website, as well as on all of your print communications, including ads, banners, flyers, stationary, envelopes, business cards, etc. The graphic of the logo stands alone, so there will be no need to try to create a busy ad overloaded with different fonts, other images, or clip art.

The Logo Company delivers the logo in every possible format, so you can use it on your social media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, as well as for your printed materials. These logos can even be emailed to your auto body shop, so the design can be painted onto the side of your fleet vehicles.
Then, when your service trucks arrive, customers will recognize the logo on the vehicle from your advertisement or website. This fosters a sense of trust between your business and the customer. Next year, she may not remember the exact name of your business, but when she sees your professional logo on your ads or website, she’ll instantly remember you as the business she deals with.

How the Logo Company Works

Now that you know how important, valuable, and easy using a professionally designed logo by The Logo Company is, you can get started. A design team of five experienced professional designers will take on the work. The team will evaluate your industry, your business, and your preferences, and over the course of three days, the team will develop five design concepts for you to review.

From these five designs, you can pick the one you like the most and let the team know of any changes you’d like to make. You might even take some of the elements from one logo concept and blend them with elements from another of their concepts. The team will make all the changes you wish until the logo is exactly what you want.

Once you’ve gotten your ideal logo, The Logo Company will deliver it to you in all of the formats you need to send to your web developer, printer, advertising venues, and other vendors or support staff. You’ll have everything you need for your website, fleet vehicles, print communications, social media pages, advertisements, and other medium. We’ll always keep a backup copy of your logo design here, so if anything ever happens to your data or computers, you’ll still be able to get a copy of your logo.

One of the best parts of using The Logo Company’s services is the easy pricing. One flat fee covers all of the design work, as well as any changes you’d like to make. We can also combine some of our other services into a single price, so you get all you need for a low, flat rate.

Supplemental Services and Products to Maximize Your Logo’s Value

To go along with your new logo, The Logo Company can also print and send you stationary sets as well as business cards. For an excellent deal, combine our logo design services with your stationary and business card order, and you’ll get everything you need for one, low price. This package saves you time as well as money, because you don’t have to wait for another printer to get our logo and work up your stationary and business card designs.

With these services, you will be ready to hit the marketing trail in no time. In just a few days, you’ll have a professionally designed logo that you personally approved, ready for grabbing the attention of your new customers. The low prices are affordable even for the smallest of businesses, but the professional look of these logos assure that your small business will start growing fast.