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See below some examples in the category of business logo design that we have created from scratch of course. Most importantly, be aware that our creative logos will be completely unique to your business. These real business logo design examples are just to show you the quality of what you can expect. Use the drop down menu.

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Business Logo Design Explained

It’s easy to notice company’s business logo design all day, everyday whether you realize it or not. When you see the Apple logo, you associate it with electronics however if you see a big brown truck with hints of yellow, you know that the package you’ve been expecting is waiting safely for you on your porch. A business logo design is the face of your profession. Furthermore, it is what the public will see when they think of you. Creative logos are essential to establishing a trusting and loyal clientèle. You do want people to keep coming back to you, right?  

What Purpose Do Creative Logos Serve?

More important, the logo is an image that is your unique identity. It helps people recognize who you are and the service you offer. With the right design, you can show what is most important to you and what the goals of your business are. A logo is also a shorthand way of referring to a company when advertising or marketing. Above all, creative logos are the anchor you throw to the public that allow them to grab and hold while you help them with your services. Look at this Porsche car illustration art

How to Create a Business Logo Design

The first step to create a business logo design is to research businesses with similar goals to yours. Find out what their logos are. However, you want your logo to be your own, if it looks like other companies’ then potential customers won’t recognize you and may be confused.

Once you have carried out your research, you can create a logo that is yours and yours alone. Think about things you would like to represent in your logo. What do you take pride in? The services you offer? What is your name and how can you incorporate it? Do you have qualities you want people to associate you with? Sketching your creative logo ideas out is a great way to get a visual of how it might look when it’s finished. Perhaps look at Typographic logos for more ideas. 


Creative logos are detailed images

You can imagine creative logos as detailed illustrations or simple shapes, but the key is in how easy the design is to remember. Don’t think that intricate and detailed logos are the best way to get noticed, because it might be difficult for the viewer to recall this type of design. Think again about the simplicity of the Apple logo. It is just that, an apple. It is also one of the best known logos in the industry.

Design a business logo design that is easy for people to see and remember. When you have an idea of what you want, take it to a professional design team, like us here at The Logo Company, who can then bring it to life for you. Good designers can also work with your ideas without the need to see sketches so make sure you understand the qualities you want to reflect in the logo  and then leave it up to the experts.

Get Your Business Logo Design Noticed with Colors of Your Choice

Choosing the right colors for your business logo design will determine your success. There are numerous psychological studies regarding the effects of colors on our emotions and the way they make you feel. Black is associated with power and authority, while white represents purity and innocence. Red is intense, and in small doses it gives off the feeling of love. Blue is peaceful and looks professional, especially when paired with green, which is known for relaxation. Yellow is cheery, but harsh when overused, while purple gives a sense of luxury. Brown is reliable, like Earth and nature.

Picture for a moment the McDonald’s arches, they use red and yellow in their logo. The UPS business is known for their brown and yellow. Pick two or three colors that you feel best represents your business. Too many colors can give the impression of silliness, and make it hard for people to remember. The fewer the colors used, the easier it is to come across as professional.

Choose Fonts Carefully

Above all, create a business logo design using a font that clearly states the name of your business. Choosing simple serif fonts like Times New Roman will allow potential clients to read your business name with ease. Times New Roman works best for established companies with traditional values for instance. Furthermore, a sans serif font on the other hand, works best for businesses looking to project a modern appearance with a progressive looking outlook. Psychology of fonts


Images and Designs for creative logos

I believe that finding the right image to represent your business is an important stage in the creation of your logo. Using a professional design team like The Logo Company makes getting your brand under-way a simple process. 5 designers work on your project for maximum creativity. More importantly, this allows the design team to explore the best visual options for your brand based on the qualities you want to project. I know the designers will present suitable imagery that will work fantastically alongside your name. This will make your business logo design totally unique. 

Keep Versatility in Mind

Your business logo design needs to be able to look good on any media you choose to advertise on. If you have a lot of details or intricate art, it won’t show up well on smaller things like business cards, brochures, and emails. However, it also needs to look good on bigger advertisements such as billboards, buildings, and signs.

Furthermore, Newspaper ads are tricky because they are printed in black and white, but this media is also one of the best ways to get your internet logo out to the public. Make sure your business logo design can easily transfer between different mediums like this and still look professional and identifiable. The more people who see it, the more business it brings.

Focus your Message

Focus on what you want to communicate about your company. Are you a serious business like a law firm? Or are you more lighthearted like a children’s party organizer? What makes you different from the others in your industry? Think about who your target audience is. Cater to your target market and your message will come across clear.


Why is Your Logo Design Important?

When it comes to business in the modern marketplace, your product or service is almost less important than the branding of your product or service. Customers will remember a good job that was done and want more. They’ll see value in what you have to offer and want to buy it. If they can’t remember who you are or how to find what you have to offer, however, those customers who would purchase what you have will now go to a competitor because they have better branding thanks to the emphasis they placed on their business logo design.

Though there is no set of rules when it comes to creating an effective logo, there are some standards that you should try to hit when in the creative phase of your logo design.

Your image is Your visual ambassador

A good business logo design will:

  1. communicate to customers what you do;
  2. communicate to customers how you plan to fulfill their expectations;
  3. be visually appealing;
  4. be memorable.

Your logo design is the visual ambassador of your business. If people dislike your brand mark, then their less likely to do business with you. If they like it, then you’ve eliminated one of the first excuses a customer may have to not spend their money. That makes your business logo design a critical part of your business.

In conclusion, The Logo Company team has the experience, knowledge, and dedication to make sure your logo is perfect for your business. Im confident that we will work with you every step of the way to make sure your design captures everything you want to have communicated about your company. No matter what industry your business is in, we will draw creative logos for you of the highest quality. So, contact us today to see how the team at The Logo Company can make your brand memorable for all the right reasons.