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Find below some examples of group logo design we have created for our customers. Your logo design will be completely unique to your business. These real examples are just to give you an idea of the quality you can expect when ordering from us. You can change to view examples from a different industry by using the drop down menu.

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Community & Group Logo Design Explained

First of all, your group logo design should say something unique about the organization. Whether you have a small baseball team, a youth group, or a professional group that targets corporate managers. A good group logo design could help make your organization more popular and identifiable. This is one we made Maple Grove Networkers


Logo Designs for Social Groups

For starters, social groups can vary by size and objective. A local church’s youth group might want a simple, fun group logo design that grabs attention and helps convince youngsters to participate. More importantly, larger groups, like Boy Scouts of America and Daughters of the American Revolution, can attract thousands of members. They often need logos for professionals that people outside of the organizations will recognize, helping them attract attention for fund raising drives and social causes.


Girl Scouts – a very memorable group logo design 

Let’s take Girl Scouts that has one of the most recognizable logos of any large American social group. The group logo design features fields of green that forms the heads of two females. Below and to the left, the design simply says “Girl Scouts” in a contemporary typeface.

Logo design for groups like the Girl Scouts needs to target audiences. Since they want to attract members and sell cookies. Furthermore, they want a group logo design that people will recognize immediately. The designers who made this logo took a non-traditional approach that makes it stand out from those used by other groups. It is deceptively simple because it relies on the human brain’s ability to perceive negative space as images.

The logo’s green color plays an interesting role in how people see the Girl Scouts. Color psychology says that people interpret green as a balanced, natural color that communicates harmony, universal love, and peace. By using green as the only color, the logo communicates key aspects of the Girl Scouts mission of helping girls build courage, confidence, and character, so they can help make the world a better place. Green is earthy and optimistic, and it reminds people of growth and progress.

If you want your youth group logos or company logos to express something similar, green might suit your needs.


Logos for Professionals and Groups

Professional groups and associations offer services to people who work in specific fields. No matter what kind of job you have, there is a professional group that might help you reach goals. Knowing that many groups offer professional development, mentoring, and networking opportunities. Likewise, they might also provide scholarships that promote improvement within the industry.

Just because professional groups offer a lot of excellent services to members does not mean they do not need to market themselves with a group logo design. Without members, these groups would lose the funding they need to thrive and make positive changes within industries.

Logos for Professionals deserve professional logos.

So, many successful organizations want to stay away from design trends. However, by focusing on long-lasting, traditional styles, they can appeal to a wider audience. For instance, lowering their branding costs by using the same group logo design for years instead of paying designers to make new ones to keep up with fluctuating trends. Take a look at Veterans Group

Understanding, The National Association of Black Journalists is a good example of a professional group that uses a traditional logo so it can appeal to more people. More importunately, the group logo design abbreviates the name to NABJ, which it shows in a slightly italicized script. Also, the logo relies on black letters and images. Mostly  a smart idea since most people associate the color black with sophistication, security, and safety. Combining the italic letters with a heavy, substantial colors creates a balance between fun and seriousness.

Furthermore, NABJ’s group logo design also includes two graphics that identify the organization’s purpose. Firstly, the left side of the logo shows the tip of a fountain pen. Secondly, the right side shows a microphone. These are two of the profession’s most important tools. Including them differentiates the organization from others that might also use the NABJ abbreviation. Another group is Running a homeowners association

Group Logo Design for any Company

Companies that operate subsidiaries may want to brand themselves as industry leaders that consumers can trust for a variety of services. Reaching a wider audience means designers need to think about how more markets will interpret the company logos. The more universally appealing the group logo design is, the more effectively a logo design can attract consumers and partners. This is more about a certain type of group interested in a logo,  Military support group

The United Health Group logo offers a good example of how one perfect logo can reach a wide audience. The healthcare group logo design uses a simple design. By avoiding clutter, the company brands itself as a sophisticated leader in the healthcare industry. It does not need anything flashy because it has class and experience.

For instance, the blue color used in the letters and image helps brand the company as a leader. More so, people associate blue with intelligence, logic, and trust. The letters also have a unique style that borrows from serif typefaces. Also giving it a traditional appearance, while avoiding any stuffiness.

Logos For Professionals From The Logo Company

The Logo Company takes careful steps to make sure you get a group logo design that matches your unique personality and needs. Our expert designers work together to develop the best ideas, so you can make the most of your social or professional group. 

Our staff of professional designers can make logos for all of your group’s needs. We assemble a team of five designers and have each member make at least five concept sketches. After reviewing the sketches, our designers turn them into fully developed ideas that you can use for your Google groups logo design, Facebook groups logo, and any other form of marketing material. A logo design for groups needs enough flexibility that it can work in a variety of contexts. You will need to order marketing materials

Our designers draw inspiration from a questionnaire that you fill out. This lets them focus on concepts that should appeal to your group, its members, and potential partners. We always want to make sure that you are pleased with the end result, so we involve you in the design process. It just takes a few minutes of your time to help our designers make a compelling group logo design that matches your personality.

After selecting a finalized logo, The Logo Company delivers it in today’s popular formats, including TIFF, EPS, JPEG, PSD, and AI formats. We even keep a copy of your logo so you can access it any time you want over the next year. Time to order a logo