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Below are some examples of logo designs we have created from scratch for our clients in the marketing sector. Please remember, your logo will be completely unique to your business. These real examples are just to give you an idea of the quality you can expect. You can change to view examples from a different industry by using the drop down menu.

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Advertising & Marketing Logo Design Explained

Most importantly, in marketing logo design you also have the need from Agencies. For instance agencies and firms  that help clients brand themselves. Perhaps to reach new customers. More so to create unified company identities need to show off their best work by marketing themselves. In other words, an agency with a bad marketing logo design will have a hard time convincing clients to trust them.

Furthermore, if you have a well designed logo that stands out, it is likely that more prospective clients will come to you for their marketing needs. More so, find out how to create a logo that proves what your agency can do.


Choose From Three Types of Logos for Advertising

More importantly, logo designers often start the creative process by deciding which basic type of marketing logo design they will make for their clients. The three common types of logos are:

  • 1) Typography-based logos – creative typography formats to spell out a marketing agency’s name in a unique way
  • 2) Illustrative graphic logos – image-based logos that visually show what kind of work your agency does
  • 3) Abstract graphic logos – link your company with an image that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with marketing, but may symbolize your company name, values, or history

However, designers often use a combination of these basic types. Furthermore, many logos for advertising contain graphics and typography to identify the company name and/or slogan while also using illustrative or abstract images to symbolize the brand message.


Select an Attractive Color Palette 

So you’ll want to consider how the color in your logo affects the way people view your marketing agency. According to color psychology:

1) Red symbolizes passion and emotional intensity.

2) Blue makes people feel calm and reminds them of loyalty.

3) Yellow is an upbeat color that communicates optimism.

Color psychology differs from culture to culture. Keep that in mind if your marketing agency deals with international clients.

For instance, a color wheel tool like Adobe Kuler can help you develop creative palettes that get attention and express something about your marketing agency’s personality. Furthermore, Kuler works well because you can save and share color swatches. Above al, when you find a combination of colors that you like, you could send them to your designer. It will show him or her what type of vibe you want and make it easier to combine colors into an attractive design that your customers will remember. Ultimately though, your designer will know best.

Furthermore, remember that the colors you choose will communicate something about your agency. For instance, if you want to attract conservative clients in traditional industries, stick with primary colors that convey a sense of timelessness and trust. However, if you’re a fun agency that likes to take risks, use a more vibrant color palette that breaks some of the rules.

Make sure that your logo colors look good in a variety of media. You need colors that you can use in multi-strategy marketing that includes email marketing, social media marketing, and print marketing. However, if your logo colors look much different online and in print, then you should rethink your color choices.


Choose Typography for Your Marketing Logo Design

More so, if you plan on including text in your logos for advertising, you get to choose between countless typographic choices. Having so many options, though, can feel like a nightmare too if you don’t already have an end result in mind.

First, you will need to decide on a font family or typeface. You can narrow down your options by first picking a typeface style that will best represent your brand.

  • 1) Serif – typography where the letters have feet
  • 2) Sans serif – letters without feet
  • 3) Slab serif – typography with big, heavy feet
  • 4) Script – cursive typography

For instance, some of these typefaces will fit your logo better than others. For example, sans serif typography has a contemporary feel that many start-ups and younger companies find appealing. Slab serif typography has a more traditional feel that would best suit an established marketing agency that has been in business for decades.

For instance, the more you know about typefaces and typography, the easier it is to communicate with graphic designers. You can start by looking at the thousands of free Google Fonts. Pick a few that you think would look good in your agency’s logo. Even if the designer doesn’t use any of your choices, your direction will make it easier for her or him to understand which typeface styles you prefer.


Set Your Business Apart From Others with a stunning marketing logo

More importantly, if every logo designer followed the same rules, then most marketing logos would look similar. So when you look at all of the logos used by your competitors, you’ll see a lot of diversity. That is because good designers know that they have to create logos that stand apart from the others.

Above all, you can help your designer make a logo that stands out by doing some research. Look at the top agencies’ logos. Ask yourself:

1) What do you like and dislike about their logos?

2) What do these logos say about the marketing agencies?

3) Which colors look appropriate and inappropriate to you?

4) How would you change the logos to represent your company’s personality?

Above all, answering these questions will help you and your designer identify design elements that could help your logo stand out from others in your industry.

By reviewing current logos for advertising, you will learn more about using your likes and dislikes to create a logo that says something unique about your own agency. Keep in mind that knowing what you dislike about a logo design is often more important than knowing what you like.

Furthermore, if you know that you do not like how one of your competitors uses an abstract logo that doesn’t offer any information about the business, then you will know that you want to stick to illustrative and text-based designs. If you think that brightly colored logos look tacky, then you and your designer can focus on traditional color palettes.

Work with The Logo Company and make a creative marketing logo.

Since you need to make your company’s logo look as good as possible, consider working with The Logo Company’s experienced designers. When you choose to work with us, we’ll create five logo design concepts for you. From there, we’ll revise your chosen concept until it’s exactly what you want. Learn all about The Process

Don’t risk alienating your potential customers by having a mediocre logo. Let The Logo Company help you create a logo for your marketing agency that will make a lasting impression with new and old clients.