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Below are some examples of logo designs we have created from scratch for our clients in the pool & spa sector. Please remember, your logo will be completely unique to your business. These real examples are just to give you an idea of the quality you can expect. You can change to view examples from a different industry by using the drop down menu.

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Pool and Spa Logo Design Explained


First impressions are crucial to your company’s success, which is why a pool and spa logo design should be a key part of your brand identity. Your logo is visible at every customer touch point, whether it’s online, in print advertisements, on the side of your company vehicles, or on your employees’ uniforms. The right design is complex enough to convey a message, yet simple enough to easily remember.


Choosing a Logo That Represents Your Company


A logo should represent your company’s services and values. It should clearly communicate your offerings as well as why you’re different from competitors. For example, if you are the most affordable company in town, your logo should reflect money savings. If you are strictly a pool and spa repair company, it should indicate this too.


Effective logos can be described in just a couple of sentences or less. If one of your existing customers is trying to tell one of their friends about your brand, they should be able to describe your it easily. The logo also needs to be memorable, because it is a critical element of all your advertising and marketing efforts.


Your design should look equally good on a large sign in the parking lot and in a small printed ad in the newspaper. It also needs to look just as good in color online as it does in a black and white ad in a local circular.


Using Imagery in Your Design


Choosing the right shapes, symbols, and icons for your logo is a crucial part of the design process. You don’t want your design to be cliché, but you also need it to clearly symbolize industry you are in.


That being said, certain themes are popular in pool and spa logos because they work. Customers immediately will know what your company does if you stick to familiar imagery. Some typical themes and symbols include:


1) aquatic themes like waves or drops of water

2) tropical symbols like the sun or palm trees

3) pool maintenance tools like nets and drains


Another approach is incorporating images into your design that are associated with your brand name. This can make your logo unique to your company while also making your name stand out in someone’s mind. If your business is named Dolphin Pool Maintenance, then a dolphin is an obvious choice for your design. If you are called Hawaii Pool and Spa Installation, a lei or volcano would be an appropriate symbol to incorporate into your brand image.


Selecting the Right Color


Color is an essential part of logo design since different colors evoke different emotions.


It’s no surprise that blue is frequently used in logos for pool and spa businesses to represent the water. This color also conveys confidence and trust, which is the perfect sentiment for a business that holds trustworthiness as a high value. When using blue in your design, also consider which shade of blue communicates your brand’s message most effectively. For example, pale blues symbolize tranquility and peace, while deep blues feel more regal and powerful.


Your logo’s color palette isn’t limited to blue. Consider using one of these colors to stand out from the competition, or as a complementary color to blue:


Yellow is fun and exciting, and is associated with the sun, which is strongly related to summertime fun.


White is clean and simple, another great selling point for pool and spa businesses.


Black is authoritative and elegant, the perfect message for high-end retailers.


Red is exciting and passionate, ideal for communicating how spas are great for couples.


Purple is the color of royalty, making it another great color for luxury end products.


Orange is creative and playful; the perfect color for businesses that offer customized units.


Green is fresh and is the color of nature, perfect for promoting outdoors, as well as companies that offer environmentally friendly materials and pool treatment solutions.


Brown is reliable and secure, a wonderful selection for the company that has been a solid member of the community for many years.


Gray is authoritative, and can be used by companies to foster confidence in the consumer that their representatives know what they are talking about when it comes to their products and services.


Though you can use a combination of these colors to deliver a message, avoid too many colors because the logo will appear cluttered. Remember, it needs to look as good in black and white as it does in the full color version.


Researching Logos


Creating a logo that looks too much like any of your competitors can confuse your customers. To ensure your logo design isn’t too similar to an existing one, you need to research other business logos in your industry. This will also give you an idea of the elements that work and those that do not.


Take some time to search for other pool and spa businesses online and find some ideas that you like. Also, pay attention to those that don’t work for you. Make notes about the elements you most want to include.


Working with The Logo Company


Designers at The Logo Company are familiar with how shapes, colors, typography, and other design elements pull together to communicate the right message for a business. When you select The Logo Company, they will find out what sets your business apart from other companies and create a logo that speaks to the customers you want to draw in. In about three days, a design team will develop a few logo ideas for you to consider.