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Cartoon Logo Design Explained

A cartoon logo design is the right fit for businesses that want to come across as friendly, amusing, fun or expressive. But there is more to cartoon logos than just fun colors and friendly fonts. Below is a list of different ways a cartoon logo can become a vital part of your brand and company.

Using a Logo Relevant to Your Business

A logo can make your company more inviting and interesting, but if poorly applied, it can make your business seem silly and disconnected. Take The General Car Insurance logo, for example. The cartoon character general and his penguin sidekick make no sense and make the company seem silly to some viewers. But a good logo can illustrate the value of your business in a creative and fun way. A good cartoon style design could be used for a TV network, for a sport’s team, or for a fast food restaurant.

The Cartoon Network Studios Logo: Versatile

Cartoon Network Studios has only been around since the 1990s, but they have gone through at least five significant logo changes. However, no matter how many changes the Cartoon Network logo goes through, it is still recognizable by its checkerboard basis. Whether they are abbreviating their name to “CN” or using the entire “Cartoon Network Studios” with a cartoon clip wedged between lines, you are familiar with the brand.

That kind of versatility is unique and incredibly useful. Also, because the Cartoon Network brands are in black and white, and in color, this helps it transfer wonderfully from the screen to a business card or letterhead.

Batman Logo: Using the Emotive Elements of Color

Color psychology is incredibly important when it comes to designing a logo, and the cartoonist was aware of that when creating the Batman logo. The black bat surrounded by an oval of yellow is probably the best known logo of the franchise, although you won’t find it among the original comics. It is incredibly simple, and when you run it through color psychology, you find that it resonates with what the series is about even more.

For example, yellow is a versatile color that can hint towards ideas of warmth and friendliness when shown in lighter shades and less overwhelming amounts. However, yellow’s intensity in the Batman logo is pretty overwhelming, lending itself to its darker connotations like fear and depression. Black brings up a mix of ideas, the best being sophistication, security, and substance, all words that come to mind when you think of the guardian of Gotham City. Black absorbs all the colors around it, giving it a feeling of protection as well. But black also has a hint of menace to it. So against the backdrop of yellow, the fear and depression that is in Gotham City, you have a black bat, a hero who will protect his city and be a menace to its enemies.

The Orioles’ Bird: Mixing the Tough and Friendly

The Orioles bird has been a figure on baseball caps and other merchandise since the 1950s. It is a logo that is energetic, fun, and family friendly. If some people thought the logo lacked a little of the toughness found in sports mascots, they got what they wanted in 1968 with the Cuckoo bird (also known as the psycho bird). Instead of the smiling face of the Orioles bird, this design features a bird with a muscled chest and a growling expression, ominously wielding a bat. It perhaps went too far though, and the team soon returned to its more family friendly image.

Clark the Cub: Reaching Out to a New Audience

When the Chicago Cubs announced that they were going to reveal the first new mascot in a hundred years, Cubs fans let out a collective groan. America has been quick to make fun of Clark the Cub and his cartoon face, but the Cubs are sticking by their mascot and matching logo for one reason: families.

After a survey, the team found that they were not reaching out to kids and families very well. Clark the Cub was their solution. And although old fans might not like his cartoonish look, Clark is a hit with kids and families in the community.

Subway: Using Only Words

A cartoon font doesn’t have to use any images. Instead, a logo like Subway’s uses a cartoon style font to get the message across better than any scribble of a sandwich or caricature could. Using a comic font, the logo creates an approachable look while the arrows coming from the “S” and “W” create a sense of speed and a sense of availability. The color choices also aid Subway’s brand with the balanced yellow bringing energy and optimism and the green bringing health and refreshment, all things that Subway intends to sell.

Wendy’s: Putting on a Fresh and Friendly Face

When Wendy’s redid their logo in 2013, they upgraded from the old-fashioned sign to a cleaner look. Not only did they bump up the age of the redhead girl who stars in their logo, but they also upgraded the word “Wendy” to a comic font that is more relaxed. The rest of the logo also simplified, losing the red sign background for a clean white one with the friendly looking “Wendy’s” splashed across under the classic picture of a girl with red braids. Good logos take the core values of your brand and make it understandable, unique, and memorable, all in a quick glance. If you’ve got a modern company that’s looking to connect with your clientele in a fun and relaxed way, a cartoon logo could be the right choice. Take a look at the quality of what the cartoonists at The Logo Company have to offer, share some information about your company, and get five professional designs to choose from in just three business days.