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Below are some examples of simple logo designs we have created from scratch for our clients. Please remember, your simple logo will be completely unique to your business. These real examples are just to give you an idea of the quality you can expect. You can change to view examples from a different industry by using the drop down menu.

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Simple Logo Design Explained

Above all, complicated logos have their place, but sometimes a simple logo design is just better. For instance, certain brands benefit from outlandish, avant-garde, or complex logos, and even though yours is simple, you can still create an eye-catching, recognizable look. Therefore, consider the ins and outs of design, the details of your brand or product, and the exact look you want.

Above all, less is often more when it comes to design. In creating a simple logo, you won’t necessarily be creating something that’s basic or overdone. Rather, you’ll likely be using principles of minimalism and negative space to generate a branded logo that’s eye-catching and unique. Only by asking yourself the right questions, though, will you be able to figure out if a sleek, simple, and streamlined design is your best option.

Defining Your Design Principles

More importantely, as you take your first steps in the design process, you need to know how you want to present your logo ideas. Therefore, it is always best to come up with a sketch or a list of ideas that you think best describe your brand. Create a checklist so you can come up with a brief outline, and take a look at other companies, brands, and products, especially if they count as competitors. Above all, examine different points of reference to get some ideas, so you can create a rough concept to take to your designer.

This process will put you in touch with your design principles. In general, the most enduring, unmistakable logos follow five basic but highly effective principles:

  • It should definitely be simple, so it fits your design needs
  • It has to be memorable somehow, so that consumers immediately recognize it
  • It should have a sense of timelessness, so it will never go out of style, even if it evolves
  • It needs to have versatility so that it appeals to different people and works in various areas
  • It should also be appropriate, both for your brand and in general

Keep all these things in mind, and your logo will impart your message to the masses.

Taking the Stripped-Down Approach

More importantely, if you are in the market for a tastefully simple logo, then you are actually in luck. After all, the stripped-down approach is a huge trend in the design world at the moment. It is especially important if you are trying to reach Generation Y. Above all, millennials love something simple and streamlined. It holds their attention better and it stays in their memories, which makes it easier for you to create a logo that will actually become fashionable.

Many brands such as Google, Yahoo, and eBay have cool, simple logos composed solely of their company names. They are simply distinctive because of the color or typography. Others focus primarily on symbols, using little or no typography at all. You instantly recognize the logos for Apple, Kate Spade, and Chanel, for instance.

All of these logos are iconic. Even if you do not own an iPhone or have never worn a pair of earrings with interlocking Cs, you know what brands they represent. You might not use eBay or Etsy, but you know what their logos look like. The stripped-down, polished look has always been popular, but this paradigm is once again becoming in-vogue in the world of design. Thus, there probably has never been a better time to go with a simple text logo or a tasteful graphic.

Color Me Uncomplicated

Above all, colors always play a big part in design. So, when you want simple logo inspiration, you have to make your palette pack a punch. For instance, you probably do not want to choose a lot of complicated color schemes. However, you do not necessarily have to go with full-on primary palettes, like Google and eBay. Even if they have certainly had plenty of luck with primary colors, that does not mean those colors are right for you. Still, as long as you pay attention to the psychology of certain colors, your logo will look flawless. Just remember these suggestions:

  • Show courage, warmth, passion, energy, stimulation, or strength with red
  • Appeal to intellectualism, peace, trust, communication, calmness, logic, and all things cool using blue
  • Tap into positivity, self-esteem and confidence, emotional perseverance, and optimism with yellow
  • Evoke a sense of balance, harmony, health, and environmental friendliness using green
  • Use purple for spirituality, luxury, richness, and truth
  • Choose pink for femininity, nurturing, love, and warmth
  • Keep things neutral with grey
  • Create a logo with glamor, substance, sophistication, or efficiency with black

Discovering an Eye-Catching Graphic

When it comes to logos with graphics, you have to remember that a picture is worth a thousand words. What works for Apple, Windows, or Android may work well for your brand’s needs too.


To this end, simple logo ideas driven by graphics can go in many different directions. You might choose a single color as a focal point, but a more realistic or colorful image or object can go over just as well.


If you want something extremely basic, then a stark black-and-white logo can get your point across beautifully. Grey is similarly popular. When you do choose a colorful focus, pay attention to the emotions evoked by certain shades. You will notice that many logos with a central color use yellow, orange, or turquoise.

Font Finesse

First of all, typography is generally among the trickier aspects of desig. However, in regard to creating a basic logo, the decision is a bit easier to make. A clean, modern font is your best bet, although the actual font you choose is up to you. Cursive-type fonts have their place in typography, but only if they are clear and easy to read. After all, you do not want anything too fancy or stylized with lots of loops and swirls. That goes against the keep it simple aesthetic. You can use a basic logo creator to help sketch out your top ideas.

However, old-fashioned typeface is not necessarily a good idea either. Try to stay away from Book Antiqua or Bookman Old Style. Typically, you will have more luck with a modern, serif, or sans-serif font. Google uses serif, while Hulu uses a modern font. For instance, you could also consider Helvetica or Century Gothic. After all, mixing typefaces is fine as well, but do not do it in a way that is too complicated or busy.

Last few words, to keep your process, as well as your logo, simple, you may want to consult a design firm. As you may need help choosing between a graphic-driven logo and a typography-based idea. This is where The Logo Company enters the picture. Above all, with our help, you will have a skilled team at your disposal to brainstorm and implement these ideas, making your vision a reality. Even if you have the barest possible concept, your team brings the talent and objectivity necessary to create a show-stopping logo for your brand.