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Beer Logos Around The World

The World Of Beer:

Frank Zappa famously quoted “You can’t be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline. It helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer.” I´m not suggesting for one minute that this is true but this illustration certainly seems to resonate with Franks famous wit. Some of the smaller countries even name the beer after the country like Cambodia beer. All Cambodia is missing are the Nukes and they have the full set of credentials to become a super power.

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Beer Logos of the World

The Food and Drink industry worldwide is worth trillions of dollars and beer alone makes up quite a portion of that. For hundreds of years beer has been a staple of the working man of the world. Beer is a highly competitive market and shelf space is limited to the most famous and quirky brands. To stand out in such a crowded market your brand needs to offer something else. It needs to convey a message that says drinking this beer will somehow make you better. Just look at how the major global brands like Bud and Carlsberg advertise their products. When the message has been delivered via the marketing channels it then gets reinforced via the logo. You see the logo and you see what the beer is going to do for you.

Imagine you represented a whole nation with your beer. What would you want people to think about when they see your brand? How would you deliver that message? These are some of the things to consider when trying to establish any brand, not just beer and ale. Lastly, what do you think about the beer brand we have selected to represent your country? I know for instance there may be some Aussies out there who might start spitting feathers thinking that the world thinks Australia is best know for Fosters Lager when everyone from Auz knows it´s VB. That´s the real power of global marketing.

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  1. Mateus Avila says

    Big fail! Uruguay, little country at south of Brasil… The
    cradle of magnificient beers like, NORTEÑA, PILSEN, PATRICIA… But… In this map… URUGUAY doesn’t exists! LOL

    • Simon McArdleSimon McArdle says

      Ah, I think we have set ourselves up for failure here :) There are so many countries and so many beers but at the end we need to go with what we have got. I do love the sound of PATRICIA, she sounds like a really sweet beer.

  2. James says

    Belgium, Leffe.

    New Zealand, Steinlager

    Australia, Victoria Bitter (VB)

    Philippines, San Miguel or Red Horse

    England, Carling

    • Simon McArdleSimon McArdle says

      I´m not a wheat beer fan myself but I must admit that I have enjoyed the odd glass of Leffe in Brussels.

    • Belgian Beer Lover says

      With over 1100 beers in Belgium you choose to suggest Leffe!?
      Leffe (blond/brune) are at most just mediocre beers.
      I hope you evolve your taste to some of the better beers:
      Achel, Gulden Draak, De Verboden Vrucht, Rochefort, Westmalle and many others.

      • Simon McArdleSimon McArdle says

        Got to pick something and Leffe can be found in a lot of places around the world which makes it quite an ambassador unlike many of the other 1100.

  3. Xavier Santacruz says

    Hey! Paraguay has some great beer! We’ve got Pilsen, Baviera, Munich… Ouro Fino is Brazilian! Pilsen would be py’s most representative beer though..

    • Simon McArdleSimon McArdle says

      I love Belgium beers. Chimay Blue is a longtime favorite of mine. Belgium has a lot of small breweries and it might well be the country of beers but how do you pick just one out when there are just too many great ones to choose from :)

    • Simon McArdleSimon McArdle says

      You might be right and the thing with this is it is always going to be subjective as to whether we selected the right beer or not. We don´t have the luxury of being on the ground but boy would that of been a great project :) We just did the research and came back with what people were saying about certain beers and breweries. It does look like BFM is a true ambassador for beer in Switzerland though. This one in particular is being enjoyed around the States.

    • Simon McArdleSimon McArdle says

      There are probably just as many missing as there are listed. This is clearly not a complete list of countries in the world rather a map made up of beer logos from around the world. It was not intended to be a reference rather a bit of fun. I do love a tin of Red Stripe though :)

  4. paesen jan says

    The biggest beer country isn’t even on … Belgium. Putting Heineken on Belgium is even an insult being the home country of the worlds biggest brewery InBev (Stella Artois, Leffe, Hoegaerden, …) and richest beer tradition #fail

  5. David says

    Belgium? Just no… Honestly, just no. Even crap like Jupiler or Stella would be better.

    And Canada having Labatt Blue?! If anything, Molson would be most fitting, by far.

    • Simon McArdleSimon McArdle says

      I love this beer emotion :) I did an article about color psychology a while back thinking that would really get them chatting. How wrong was I then :) Beer is clearly more interesting than color. That is my scientific take based on the evidence before me.

  6. Simon McArdleSimon McArdle says

    OK guys, valid points have been taken on board and the team have made a couple of alterations to the map to reflect the emotions stirred up by being represented by no beer or something not so desirable. This is the final cut and I am going to defend the decisions made to the death … What did you just call my pint? :)

  7. Simon McArdleSimon McArdle says

    PS… If anyone wants to print this out and have it on their bedroom wall (students) as a life challenge then go ahead. If you collect a label from all these fantastic brands you should call the Guinness Book Of Records ironically enough :)

  8. Steve says

    How can Budweiser be the “American” beer when it’s not even owned by an American company? AB has been owned by Belgian’s Inbev since 2008. USA has over 2,500 American owned breweries, and Budweiser not one of them. Neither is Coors or Miller. Do your homework.

    • Simon McArdleSimon McArdle says

      Bud is known outside the US as an iconic US beer. Like Fosters is known outside of Australia as an Iconic Aussie beer. It´s not about who owns the brewery, rather what people associate with the country. It´s just a bit of fun so don´t expect everyone to agree on all the choices. Read the other comments to see what I mean :)

  9. Lithuanian says

    Some beer info for the author: Lithuania is the 5th country in beer consumption per capita and one of the top 3 in the world in registered breweries per capita. Yes we are a small country, but I think we deserve it. We would recommend to put ‘Volfas Engelman’ brewery logo, as it is the oldest industrial brewery in the country that is working continuously since it’s establishment in 1853

  10. Andre says

    Haha! Simon, my experience with world maps is that someone will always find something to be angry about. I received a threat once for getting a disputed border wrong!
    Very nice, entertaining map. Well done.

    • Simon McArdle says

      Thanks Andre. I have not had any legal threats but I did get an email from a very famous brewery asking me to change one of the logos. They even offered to ship me a crate of beer :)


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