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Logos for charities are emotional ones.

Below are a few of the charity logo design that we have create. The logos are made from scratch for charities. Most importantly, when you order a charity logo design it will be unique to your charity. However, these real examples are just to give you an idea of the quality you can expect. You can change to view examples from a different industry by using the drop down menu.

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Charity Logo Design & NGO Logos Explained

A charity logo design is the most recognizable symbol for a brand, something that clients and fans can remember and associate with your company every time they see it. The visual representation in a charity logo design also adds personality to your cause, helping to appeal to your target audience. Even if you already have a logo for your charity or NGO, you may consider updating and revising the logo design to help the business look more modern and appealing. A quality charity logo design should have several characteristics, such as authenticity, meaning, flexibility, and longevity. Above all, it should show love. 

Authentic charity logo design

When you create logos for charities, it is important to choose a design that is honest and straightforward about what your charity or non-profit offers to the world. A charity often represents providing help and assistance to others, so a design that feels genuine and warm is most authentic. For example, the PetSmart logo features the brightly colored logo that fans associate with the popular pet store.

The PetSmart charity logo design is not much different from the main brand logo. It has the easily recognizable bouncing ball across the top and the word “Charities” on the bottom. People can look at this logo and immediately associate it with their pets and other animals looking for homes.

What is the meaning of you charity? 

As you consider what feeling you would like your logo to evoke, there are several options to choose from. Some charities choose a basic design with the brand name surrounded by a simple shape. However, this style is less memorable than one that has more of a specific design associated with the brand.

When it comes to charities, it is important to choose something for your cause that will make people feel something emotional about what you are doing. Furthermore, simple but specific goes a long way in telling people what your cause is all about.

Flexibility – you need to be flexible

Above all, you may design a beautiful charity logo design in a variety of colors, however you will also need to consider how it will look in all formats.  So to create a flexible logo that still looks visually appealing in black and white, will scale easily for large or small items, is unique enough that you can trademark and protect it, and will appeal to customers whether in print format or on an online venue. These elements of flexibility will make it easier to create branded items that you can hand out to clients, helping them to remember your charity logo and what it stands for.


Another important aspect of creating logos for charities is to ensure it will endure and stay current for years to come. The best way to avoid becoming outdated is to steer clear of trendy design elements that may date your charity when the style goes out of fashion. Rebranding your company is an option if you feel your charity logo design is no longer modern enough, but many clients might still associate the old logo with your company. It may also cause confusion about which logo is correct, and whether the charity still represents the same traditional values.

Selecting the Perfect Color Scheme for you Charity Logo Design

When people view colors, they evoke certain emotions and memories. This means that choosing the right colors for your logo can help potential clients feel more in touch with what the charity supports. The logo for the Ronald McDonald House Charities combines bright colors that children associate with the popular restaurant, as well as Ronald McDonald’s hand holding the hand of a child. The red heart coming out of the chimney is also a touching element of the logo. The colors and familiar design is iconic to most, as well as comforting to sick children and their families.

Invoking Emotions with Color

Red symbolizes courage, strength, energy, and excitement, and it invokes strong feelings in others. Blue typically conveys intelligence, trust, and a calming effect, although to some viewers, it may feel cold. Yellow stirs emotions like optimism, kindness, creativity, and confidence, while orange feels warm and secure. You might use green if you want to promote balance and harmony, versus pink which promotes femininity and love.

Simpler options include neutral and basic grey, sophisticated and elegant black, earthy and serious brown, or clean and pure white.

Understand the Branding of Logos for Charities

The best logos designs come from designers who know the brand inside and out, backwards and forwards. When it comes to logos for charities, a designer should learn every aspect about how the charity helps others. Increasing awareness about unclean water around the world has helped to push people to support companies that provide clean water to other countries. The Charity Water logo is a simple design with a water canister. The text reads, “charity: water” and represents the opportunity to give to others when you donate or volunteer with this non-profit organization. You might want to try having an event Host a fundraiser

Researching Options

It helps to start with researching the audience that you hope to reach with your logo. Once you have a concept, you can also compare your charity logo design with others online. However, experts like The Logo Company, caution that you should limit the amount of time that you plan to research other logos. You might end up spending hours and hours looking at logos for charities and criticizing your own, only to find that your original design is perfect for what you need. You can also look up similar companies’ logos for inspiration.

What Your Font Mean for Charity Logo Design?

If you want to convey a more serious tone for your charity logo design, a serif font feels respectable. On the other hand a sans serif typeface has a modern feel. If you choose a script font that is difficult to read, it becomes less appealing to clients. However, if your cause provides support to children, consider using a font that resembles childlike handwriting, as this looks more appealing to kids, as well as being easily recognizable as a children’s charity. Read the Psychology of fonts

An example of a well-known unique font in is in the Disney logo, which children and adults associate with good memories. Missionaries of Charity Fathers uses a clean font, which represents their mission to provide frill-free support to others.

Your Next Move – make it a good one !

The Logo Company has a background of extensive research and creativity that appeals to a broad audience. Our team of designers will create unique logo design options for you to choose from, so you will get the perfect charity logo design for your brand. After you have created a charity logo design you might want to market it Branding of charities

We feel very strongly with one particular charity Jordan Smelski Foundation Read their story and if you want donate to this charity. They are very deserving. Jordan will be for ever in our hearts.