Take a Penny, Leave a Penny: How to Host a Fundraiser

Two people looking at each other holding a box each with the words Medicine and Food. Host a fundraiser to do good.

If you frequently find yourself donating to charities, but it just never seems to feel like enough, then you should consider hosting a fundraiser! Hosting a fundraiser for charity is also a good idea if a recent event in your local area requires donations or your community to gather.

Giving to charity like for example this excellent charity for Jordan Smelski, makes people feel good. Donating time, money, or material items helps donators feel like they are helping others and making the world a better place. By hosting a fundraiser, you can raise large amounts for a selected charity and make a big impact. However, organizing an event for donating to charity requires a lot of work and planning.

Before you host a fundraiser, you will need to select a charity you will be donating the proceeds to. A lot of thought should be put into this decision. Then, you will need to organize a team of helpers and a marketing plan. Finally, you will have to strategically brand your fundraiser for charity.

What’s Involved in Developing and Hosting a Fundraiser

The very first thing involved in running a successful fundraiser is to have a worthy cause to donate proceeds to. The charity chosen is the whole point of the fundraiser in the first place, correct? There are hundreds of charities you can consider donating proceeds to. Before you pick any charity, you need to decide on what you’ll be donating. Donations could be purely monetary, but many charities also accept food, clothing, or even helpful services to the community.

Be Passionate in Your Decision

When selecting a charity to organize a fundraiser for, the best advice is to choose one that speaks to you on a personal level. Do you have a family member battling a chronic illness? Perhaps a recent tragedy has affected your neighborhood, and the community needs an opportunity to support its members. Your fundraiser can help a local charity. It can also help a larger, national charity. Choosing a charity that is relatable to the public will garner attention and passion for the project.

There is a lot of hard work involved in organizing a fundraiser for charity. You will not be able to do it alone. Coordinate a team of like-minded passionate people that can run a successful fundraiser. You will need team members to spread the word, collect donations, and set up the fundraising location.

Help us reach our goal on a clock looking board. Branding a fundraiser required careful thinking to get it right.


Marketing Strategies for To Host A Fundraiser

Marketing your fundraiser for charity is incredibly important. How well you market the fundraiser will greatly affect how much you will raise for charity. There are multiple ways to market it. Simply spreading the word through word-of-mouth is very effective for fundraisers. You can hand out fliers or post them in popular public locations. Spread the word through online means is also important. Consider creating a Facebook page for your fundraising event, which can inform interested attendees of a location, time, and any other important details.

Accessibility and Convenience is important when planning and branding a fundraiser 

Making your fundraiser as convenient as possible for your attendees is very important. After all, you are asking considerate people to donate their time and, likely, their money. Make sure your fundraiser takes place at a location that is easy to access and is well-liked. Also, choose a time for your fundraising event that allows the most people to attend. Weekend days during afternoon hours would be the most convenient.

Finally, try to offer something back to your attendees for donating to the charity. This can be done in a variety of ways. You can make your fundraising event fun to be at with games, music, or entertainment. You can offer giveaways to anyone who donates a certain amount. Raffles would also be a good idea. If possible, set a donation goal. If your fundraiser reaches the goal for charity, perhaps there is a special prize or other rewards you can offer to the donators.


A box with DONATE written on it. Branding for fundraiser


Branding A Fundraiser

When branding your fundraiser for charity, the first thing the public will notice is the name of your event. You should choose a name that tells everyone right away what charity you are organizing this event for and what type of atmosphere they can expect. When creating flyers or banners for the event, include the name on it. This is an excellent time to use eye-catching colors and imagery. You want to leave attendees with the impression they will have a fun time and feel good for donating their time. Read all about raising money for a worthy cause.


Fun and Exciting Charity Logos

You may consider making a charity logo for your fundraiser. This is especially important if this will be a reoccurring event. You may host a fundraiser on an annual or semi-annual basis. A logo will make your event instantly recognizable. The public may seek out this logo in the future! Choose a fundraiser logo with imagery that is enticing.

Lastly, the best way to brand a fundraiser for charity is to make everyone feel good about what they are donating. If others feel good, they will want to continue attending your event! Particularly for charity, it’s important to be personable and friendly with everyone. Take the time to properly thank everyone who has offered their help. Be incredibly gracious towards others, and others will be highly supportive of your efforts.

Bake Sale is written in big letters made out of cake. Host a fundraiser with a bake sale.


Conclusion in how to host a fundraiser

If you follow the proper guidelines for marketing and branding your fundraiser for charity, your event will be very successful. The most important aspect, however, is the initial step of choosing a charity. When you choose a charity that is important to you, your passion will be naturally evident to everyone around you. When you care about a cause, others will too. You will also be more interested in investing the hard work needed to run a successful fundraising event.

By organizing a strategic team and an exciting fundraising event, you will raise the most money possible for your chosen charity. Utilize all the outlets available to you to market the event. Both word-of-mouth and social media are effective tools. When paired with a fun name and attractive logo design, your charity will garner a lot of attention.

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