Nintendo vs Sega: Video Game Logo Evolution

Infographic over the battles of the game logo designs

Why make an infographic about Nintendo vs Sega

First of all I have to say that we love game logo design and we also love gaming. So we thought we would rustle up an infographic showing. I want to show how the logos of the two best-known gaming companies have changed over the years. I think you will like it a lot. Well at least I do.

Nintendo vs Sega go a long way back. I know the two have had many differences but also many similarities in looks. Most importantly, they both are made up with just now color. Nintendo being red and Sega being blue.


Game logo design made in 1889 vs 1940

An interesting fact is that the game logo design Sega was actually red in1951 when the game logo was introduced. I know this is hard to believe that logos were made as in the 1940 but it’s true. One other unbelievable fact is that Nintendo’s first logo design was in 1889. It was founded in Kyoto, Japan and they are known for their novelty thinking. 


Share the facts!

So you can see that ‘Nintendo vs Sega Video Game Logo Evolution’ shows how their logos have changed since their companies first started. In 1889 for Nintendo and in 1940 for Sega. Further more, we also take a look at when they launchd their various gaming products. I mean from Nintendo’s Game Boy to Sega’s Master System. I think it is worth sharing  this with your gaming friends. Above all,  to see how much they remember about these two gaming giants. Nowadays, many other gaming companies have made a great success of themselves but nothing really is as memorable as Nintendo and Sega.

Infographic of the evolution of the game logo designs Nintendo vs Sega
Incredibly interesting infographic with game logos Sega and Nintendo. Can you believe how old they are?

We have of course made many game logo design for the gaming industry and some are over 20 years old because we have been in business for two decades. It might not sound like a lot comparing to Nintendo and Sega but we have lots of good memories of happy gaming customers along the way.Testimonials I can recommend that your read our reviews on Trustpilot

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