Designs for Marketing Materials

Marketing materials are one of the easiest ways to get your business into the public eye. Brochures, flyers, email banners, and custom folder designs are all great ways to show what your company does, and to help clients remember your name. Our custom marketing material designs can perfectly match your logo, stationery, and social designs so that you have cohesive, consistent, complementary products that help build overall brand recognition and drive sales. 

Sure, we’re called The Logo Company, but working with us you’ll soon see we are also dedicated to creating marketing materials that make your business stand out. When you choose us for your marketing material designs, you get custom designs at an affordable price. 

Traditional and Cutting-Edge Designs

Marketing design trends are continually changing; certain color combinations, design layouts, and overall marketing presentations tend to eventually become outdated and unappealing. We create fresh, stylish and versatile marketing material that keeps your company on-brand and ahead of the “trendiness” curve for as long as possible. 

Packages Priced Right

The Logo Company offers three affordable design packages for all your marketing material needs: flyer design, folder design, brochure design, and brand marketing guide design. You can choose a specific product you need or take advantage of all our options to create the perfect marketing materials package for your company. 

Our Marketing Design Packages

Marketing Flyer Designs

$ 150
  • Flyer Design
  • [Optional Extras] Folder (+$150)
  • [Optional Extras] Brochure (+$200)
  • [Optional Extras] Branding Guide (+$80)

Company Folder Designs

$ 150
  • Folder Design
  • [Optional Extras] Flyer (+$150)​
  • [Optional Extras] Brochure (+$200)​
  • [Optional Extras] Branding Guide (+$80)​

In-Depth Brochure Designs

$ 200
  • Brochure Design
  • [Optional Extras] Folder (+$150)
  • [Optional Extras] Flyer (+$150)
  • [Optional Extras] Branding Guide (+$80)

Our Designs, Your Marketing

You invest a lot of time and money into marketing what your company has to offer. We take that your company services a step further by creating effective, innovative, and spectacular marketing materials. Our custom flyer, folder, and brochure designs set your business apart and appeal to customers and competitors alike. 


With our brand marketing guide designs, everyone in your corporation will be “on the same page” when it comes to the design, style, and overall voice of your company. The Logo Company helps elevate your marketing material designs to get you the business you’re looking for.

The Design Gallery

Take a look at some of The Logo Company marketing designs we’ve created for clients just like you.