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Below are some examples of animated logo designs that we have created from scratch for our clients. Please remember, your clever logo design will be just for you and your business. The examples below are just to give you an idea of the super quality you can expect if you order animated logos with a twist . You can change to view examples from a different industry by using the drop down menu.

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Animated Logos Explained

We create logos in many different logo styles at The Logo Company. In addition to logos in different sizes, shapes, and colors, we also offer logo design featuring animated elements. An animated logo can give your brand that extra something that really catches the eye of your target audience. Perfect for online use on your website, in an app, in videos, or in other locations, an animated logo will certainly be memorable. Logos that feature animation have a few style options and can work for brands across a range of industries.

As experts in animated logo design, we have worked with both big and small brands to bring them the designs they’re looking for. We work closely with our clients to understand what they’re looking for, their brand, and how to get their message across in their logo. Using animation, we can put a huge amount of personality and meaning into a logo to ensure it really captures its audience.

Explore our portfolio of animated logos to see some examples of what we’re capable of doing. These logos demonstrate how your brand could be elevated with the addition of a dynamic logo that really stands out. Get in touch to find out more about how an animated logo could work for you.


The Purpose of a Brand Logo

A brand logo can say so much about the brand itself. We can ask a lot from a logo, expecting it to sum up the brand and convey its primary message. Although this might seem like a tough ask, it’s amazing what you can do with just one image. In the case of animated logos, you can pack even more meaning into a single logo.

Your logo forms part of the identity of your brand. It grabs the attention of your target customers and it’s essential to making a good first impression too. A strong logo is a great way to boost brand recognition and visibility, helping you to create consistency across your brand with a memorable image. Of course, your logo helps you stand out from the crowd too. You can separate yourself from your competition with a unique logo that really says something about your brand and what it stands for.

Without a logo, it’s difficult to define your brand. In addition to your name, the logo is one of the key pieces of your brand identity that you can’t really do without.


Why Choose an Animated Logo?

An animated logo is clearly different from a logo that is a standard, still image. When you choose an animated logo, you get an image that incorporates movement. This means that it’s not appropriate for all of the ways you might use a logo. You can’t print an animated logo on your packaging, for example (not yet, anyway). However, it is an excellent choice for several different digital display cases.

An animated logo can be used on your website or perhaps on your downloadable app. It’s also excellent for use as part of longer animated videos animated videos or in live-action video content. They can be used in intros or outros in videos, presenting your brand clearly and either capturing the watcher’s attention or ensuring your logo is the last thing they see. Another online use for your animated logo might be in email signatures, where they can make an admirable sign-off. And, of course, you can use animated logos for digital advertising banners and on social media.

Animated logos aren’t necessarily just for online use. They can also be useful in “real life” situations too. For example, they can be eye-catching as part of a presentation during any kind of meeting or conference. Trade shows and conferences are also excellent places to employ an animated logo. You can display it to attract people to your booth at a trade show or exhibition, or perhaps use it as a background while giving a talk at a conference. They could even be used in window displays, whether shown on screens or projected into the space.


The Power Of Animated Logos

We know that video is more engaging than still images. Therefore, it makes sense to consider the power of animation too. Moving images make people pay attention as they can catch the eye more easily. Whether someone is scrolling down a web page or walking through a trade show hall, a moving logo could get them to stop and look.

Animated logo design just makes sense if you are looking for something to take your brand identity to the next level. It goes beyond what a static logo can do for you with a modern and visually striking way to advertise your brand. The Logo Company offers expert animated logo design tailored to your brand.


Types of Animated Logos

There are different types of animated logos that you might consider for your brand. Each type of animation works in a different way and has its own effect.


Looping logos

Looping animated logos are designed as short animations that loop around so they appear to be continuous. This is the ideal type of animation for a logo that may appear on a page or in any other environment where it will be there for a long time. On the other hand, if your logo appears just once (such as in the intro to a video), you may not need a continuous animation.

To create a  looping animation logo, the ending and beginning of the animation must be the same. This means that they are connected to each other and it looks as if the animation keeps going when it’s really playing the same short animation over and over again.

Changing logos

Another style of animated logo that you might consider is a changing animated logo. This type of logo features the image changing from one thing to another. It will often involve different versions of the brand’s logo. For example, it could change from the name of the brand in words to a pictorial version of the logo, or perhaps switch from the original logo version to a fun play on it. The logo keeps moving and changing, giving your brand personality and perhaps giving a message about what the brand stands for.

Sometimes this style of animated logo design might be used to add a little fun and whimsy to your brand. It can include something that humanizes your brand and even makes the viewer laugh. It’s a great way to take your existing logo and add a little something extra to it that will help your audience connect with it more.

Partial animations

Animating a logo doesn’t have to mean animating the whole thing. A logo that features just a partial animation can be easier and quicker to make but still have a great impact. It’s a more subtle way to animate a logo, choosing select parts to add animation to. Partial animations often work well if the animated element is in the background. The foreground can be a static image, while a part in the background has some movement. The moving background can serve to highlight the logo in the foreground and make it more memorable.


Animated logo intros

Using animation to “introduce” your logo is a common method that can enhance your logo. The logo itself might not move much, but you can have an animation that precedes the logo and brings its elements together. When designing this type of animated logo, it’s typical to start with what you want the final image to look like. After the animation has played, this is the static image it will be left on (unless it loops around again). Once you decide what this image will look like, you can work backward to determine what the animation will look like to get it to that place.

A related type of animation is those that spell out the logo wordmark. The animation shows the wordmark being written out or taking shape, revealing the final logo at the end.

The Importance of a Professional Logo Design Service

If you opt for an animated logo, working with a professional logo design service is invaluable. There are several great reasons to do this if you want quality animated logo design.


Understanding of your brand

It’s vital that your logo designer understands your brand and what you want. When you work with The Logo Company, you can be sure that we’ll take the time to get familiar with your brand and what you’re expecting from your animated logo.


Responsive design

You want your logo to work across different platforms. A professionally designed logo will ensure you have a logo that’s the right format and will adjust to look great and work well in the different places you might choose to use it.


The right animation style

Various animation types will work for different situations. Work with a professional designer to make the right choice for your logo.


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