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Three logo design styles to be sure to know about

Above all, logo design styles come in all shapes and sizes. However did you know that you can generally break them down into three distinctive styles? Yes, just three clear design styles make up 99.9% of all logo designs around the world. Furthermore, the other 0.1% are made up of quirky things. For example, like actual objects that represent the brand. An example might be the Eiffel Tower that represents Paris. After all, who would question that Paris in not just a city but a very powerful brand representing culture, chic and amour.


Therefore, the three logo styles can be summarized as follows; font based (generally simple), iconic (using an icon) and illustrative (more complex). Furthermore, rather than me throwing out a bunch of logos randomly, I thought it might be interesting to explore different industries and groups that have utilized all three design styles and achieved similar levels of success. When I say success, I am talking about the visual appeal and brand potential of the logo design from my own perspective. This is not a scientific experiment but you should clearly see the different design styles. I am going to explore 3 business categories and each business category will show 3 designs with 1 from each logo style. So that´s 9 logos in all to view. Learn about different logo shapes


Religious – Church Logos

So, when you think about religious logos you need to keep in mind that communication, openness and accessibility are usually key motivators. A church logo for instance, would take on the personality of the community in the respect that the design is being asked to depict. For example,  what the church represents and it’s standing in the local area. However, a ministry logo might have a narrower objective in that it only needs to appeal to a certain portion of the community. Here are 3 religious logos that I selected from our church portfolio that clearly represent each design style.


Text Logo Style

Xtreme Youth ministries text style logo in the shape of an X that is breaking a part at the top. Reed powerful style of logo

Iconic Logo Style

Church logo style which looks like an open book and the cross springs out of the middle. Nature's colors for this iconic style logo

Illustrative Logo Style

Illustrative graphic with the eagle on top of the round ball which has a church inside of it. The eagle is taking off

Sport Logos

Furthermore, sports logos are all about energy and power. After all, team sports want to represent their brand with something that radiates positive energy and strength. For instance, it does not matter if the logo is for a gridiron team or a tennis player. After all, when it comes to the message the logo needs to deliver. Above all, it  needs to be positive. Elite sports also need to generate merchandise sales. Therefore, if the brand is strong and the logo looks cool you are going to sell more jerseys.


Text Logo Style

Play Hoops logo design styles. Simple but energetic. Play is all in blue with the "Y" tail underlining the Hoops, which is all in orange.

Iconic Logo Style

Iconic logo design style for Gary Lipelt for the Golof Academy. A swinging outlined character where you can feel the movement in the arm.

Illustrative Logo Style

One on One Soccer is an illustrative logo design style, in the shape of a badge. Almost vintage like in red, black and yellow.

Cleaning Company Logos

One important examples are cleaning companies from industrial cleaners to domestic cleaners. Above all, they do business in a fiercely competitive market. Furthermore, the Cleaning and Hygiene industry is made up of one man entities through to mega multinationals. Very few industries are so saturated with service offerings that the logo design is often the only difference between competing companies. Therefore, if your logo is not up to scratch, it could reflect badly on your chances of success. After all, it’s this type of fierce competition where logo designs make or break businesses. Even if, it’s hard to get a foothold in this market, you need to make sure you take advantage of all the marketing opportunities on offer. A great logo design will get you noticed and that gets your foot in the door!


Text Style Logo

Shiny logo design style for Clean & Sharp. The blue and the red font is memorable and eye-catching.

Icon Style Logo

The Cleaner's Closet. Blue graphic design with a clean look

Illustrative Style Logo

In conclusion, do let me know what you think of my logo choices. I love to get feedback on the designs we create for businesses. If you think there are other styles of logo design, perhaps a more elaborate style that don’t fit into these three, let me know your thoughts. Check out some cool shapes you might not have known about. 

By Simon – The Logo Company

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