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Below are some examples of company logo design we have created from scratch for our clients in the IT sector. Your logo will be completely unique to your business. These examples are just to give you an idea of the quality you can expect. You can change to view examples from a different industry by using the drop down menu.

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Computer Logo Design Explained

Businesses that work with computers and information technology have to compete in one of the world’s fastest evolving industries. These companies tend to choose computer & IT logos that emphasize intelligence, creativity, and optimism. They offer the promise of a better world, so they have to present themselves in a way that convinces people to try their products and services.

Working in a competitive industry means you need a logo that will help your company stand out. Entrepreneurs form tech start-ups every day, putting a lot of pressure on business owners and managers to keep up with the latest ideas and make their companies seem hip.

That is not always an easy task to accomplish. Mixing the right features, however, can produce a computer logo that suits your business’s personality and target audience.

Images Used in Successful Company Logos

IT Logos that use either relevant or novel images and symbols can quickly communicate something integral about your business’s personality.

The Apple computer logo design is a great example. Apple puts logo on the moon While the company has changed its logo throughout its history, it always uses the image of an apple. The image has become so popular that Apple doesn’t even need to mention its name. Anyone who sees the logo automatically thinks about Apple the company, not just the fruit.

According to some, the Apple computer logo takes its symbol from the Biblical story explaining how humans betrayed God’s orders and got kicked out of Eden. It is important to note that, in the story, Adam and Eve disobey God by eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. In many versions of the story, an apple represents that fruit. Notice that the apple in Apple’s company logo design has a bite taken out of its side. This symbol indicates that the company dedicates itself to pursuing knowledge.

That’s the kind of symbolism that can make a computer logo design successful on many levels.

TiVo takes a different approach by including a humanized television in its logo. The character has legs, a smile, and antennae that make it look like a human-television hybrid. It is a playful look that doesn’t take itself too seriously. TiVo makes products that make entertainment exciting and convenient. In using an animated symbol, this company wants to communicate the fun aspects of using its products.

Popular Colors Used in IT

Many tech companies decide to use IT logos that include a lot of red in the text or image. According to color psychology, red’s positive features include excitement, strength, and energy. Because companies working within the limits of technology rely on these features, it makes sense that so many of them would want red in their logos.

Some popular companies that use red in their logos include Adobe, Netflix, SanDisk, Oracle, and Nintendo. Each of these companies offers something unique that consumers cannot get anywhere else. Many of them have released products that people use daily. Adobe, for instance, creates software that makes it possible for people to share PDF files, alter images, and mix music. Putting red in its logo shows that Adobe is committed to pursuing new technologies and has a deep interest in intellectual exploration.

Blue is another color commonly used by computer and IT companies. This makes sense because people see blue as intellectual, trustworthy, and serene. It is a cool color that tells customers they can rely on the company to do its job properly.

Some technology companies that use blue in their logos include PayPal, Sun Microsystems, HP, and Facebook. By using blue, the companies communicate that they can meet goals because they take a calm, intellectual approach to solving problems. That’s exactly what many people want from technology companies.

Popular Typeface Options Used in Technology

Technology companies need a contemporary look. Consumers want to know that they are buying services and products from businesses that keep up with the latest technological developments.

That helps explain why almost every computer and IT logos company uses sans serif typefaces. Technology trends People see these typefaces as stable, modern, and efficient. Serif typefaces typically make logos look too clunky and heavy for the tech industry, and script typefaces seem too traditional. Because tech companies want to look like they’re on the cutting edge, they need sans serif typefaces that communicate contemporary styling.

Practically all information technology companies use sans serif typefaces, but some of them stand out as premium examples of how businesses can use them to look ultra-contemporary. Some of the best examples include Intuit and Asus.

There are some companies that use serif typefaces, but they are usually older companies that want to communicate their stability. Some company logo design that use serif typeface include IBM, Sony, and Symantec.

These companies may intentionally resist the temptation to make themselves look more contemporary. While a contemporary logo design can work well, some follow fashionable trends that come and go. By using a heavier, footed typeface, companies like IBM and Sony tell customers that they are here to stay. They are not interested in creating trendy tech. They want to make innovative technology that focuses on constant improvement instead of short-lived trends.

Why Use The logo Company?

You may have your own idea of how you want to display your company’s personality and core motivations. The Logo Company gives a questionnaire to each client so the designers know exactly what you want your logo to communicate.

After completing the survey. The Logo Company assembles a team of at least five designers to work on your project. The logo process These logo designers have specific skills that make them suitable for the computer and IT industry, so they know what ideas work well and what pitfalls to avoid. Because multiple designers work on your logo design, you get to choose from at least five options. In many cases, each designer creates more than one logo sketch.

Our professionals have so many creative ideas that they can present several computer logo design options for your IT company. This helps ensure that you will get a computer logo design that works best for you and your business and is completed on time and to budget. On a different note. Maybe try Going off the grid I hear it’s peaceful there. Some bloggers give tips how to be Offline and happy