Apple to Put Its Logo on the Moon

Apple to put its logo on the moon. Image of the moon and an apple projector


Interestingly, many have joked about it over the years, but it seems that Apple have finally decided to put their money where their mouth is. Actually to put its logo on the moon. For an as of yet undisclosed sum, Apple CEO Tim Cook. The man who took on the position when Steve Jobs resigned on the 24th of August 2011 due to health reasons – has stated that the corporation intends to project their iconic corporate logo on the moon’s surface. He said:


“Here at Apple we’ve always been focused on the future, and what better way to show this than by expanding into space?”

The Apple logo on the moon’s surface, highlighted here in green

Logo In Space 

When questioned as to whether the stunt was merely a marketing ploy in order to ensure that Apple would be the first Earth brand that any passing extraterrestrial would be aware of, Cook gave a knowing smile and refused to comment further.


The specifications of the iProjector, still firmly in its prototype phase, are yet to be publicly released. I do wonder if it will ever come to  light but I have been surprised before when it comes to technology. 


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