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Finance & Investment Logo Design Explained

As you can see from this portfolio, finance logo design tends to have a particular look: clean, low-key and above all professional. Considering its apparent success, it should probably come as no surprise that it is this distinct but understated style that the majority of our finance company clients favor.


Your logo is your identity to the world before they ever see what your company has to offer. That’s why it’s so important to have a well-designed logo, so you can convey your most important traits and skills by the very image you put forth to the world. Here are the elements that go into a well-designed logo, and how to get the most out of your design.


Choose a Logo That Instills Confidence


Logos for any business need to be unique, simple, memorable, and descriptive. Of course, you don’t want your logo to be easily confused with another business, and it needs to be simple so that it’s easy to recognize and remember. But a logo shouldn’t be so simple that it’s indistinguishable from another common logo. Bold logos generally foster a sense of confidence, while delicate designs convey a sense of approachability. Think about what you want your logo to say about your business, and then choose a logo that signifies your most important message.


There are several things people look for in a good finance company or financial adviser, such as good people skills, effective strategies, trustworthiness, and knowledge. Can a logo convey all of these things? Yes, it can. The colors, fonts and images used in the logo send unspoken messages to your target audience. For example, rounded shapes convey a sense of friendliness, while angular shapes portray speed. If your primary selling point is how fast you respond to clients, an angular design is best for you. But if you’re more interested in selling your friendliness and trustworthiness, you might opt for a rounded logo design.


Choose a Logo That is Unique


Some research into your industry reveals many different logo designs already in use, and it’s tempting to want to pattern yours after one that has already proven successful. But doing so could cause your customers to confuse you with a competitor. Instead, play with colors and fonts to create a new look that is all your own. One way to do this is through the use of color.


Red and yellow are eye-catching colors that communicate energy and vigor. These colors are bold and catch attention easily in the midst of other signs and advertisements. Green is a harmonious color, and is associated with growth, which is an excellent attribute in this industry. Blue is serene, and conveys intellect and precision, more great elements of a successful company. Blue is one of the most commonly used colors in advertising, but the array of shades and hues allows you to choose a blue with a new design, which makes it unique to your company.


Purple is the color of luxury, and is a good option for professionals looking for the most affluent clientele. Purple makes people conjure images of royalty, and what customer doesn’t want to be treated as royalty? Orange is much like red, but warmer, and is a good color to incorporate within a design because it is fresh and bold. Black portrays a sense of exclusiveness and formality, more good characterizations to use in a finance company logo. White is the color of purity, and is ideal to convey a sense of integrity.

Choose a Logo That Portrays Your Best Traits


Aside from colors, fonts and images are tools to use within company logos to convey messages about who the company is and what they specialize in. Some logos are designed to look like smart-phone apps. These shiny buttons and badges look fun and inviting while maintaining a sense of professionalism. For a modern looking design, consider a translucent logo that makes classic shapes and symbols look fresh and new.


Unusual fonts can often stand alone as a logo. These are called logotypes. Geometric shapes and retro designs are more options to discuss with your logo designer. Choose a design that looks equally good in color or in black and white, so you can use it for a variety of print and digital media. Also, look for a design that looks good at any size, from a small icon on the website to a large logo on the side of your building. Picture how the logo will look on the Internet, in print or digital advertisements, on stationary, and on your social media pages.


How to Work With The Logo Company to Design Your Ideal Logo


Now that you’re aware of what goes into good logo design, you’re probably ready to get started. The process is simple. A team of five designers takes your information and over the course of three days, they design five different logo possibilities for you to choose from. You might see the perfect one, or you might like to make some changes to one of those designs. You can even take some elements out of one of the designs and use it in another. Your design team will continue to work with you until they come up with the perfect logo.


Once it’s ready and you’ve approved it, you will receive a copy of your logo in various formats, for different uses. Some formats are best for your website, while others work better on your social media pages, printed advertisements, business literature, or stationary. To make it more affordable, The Logo Company offers package deals that include the logo design, stationary, and business cards printed with your newly designed logo. This is an inexpensive and quick way to get what you need to get started promoting your business right away. As a precaution, The Logo Company keeps a copy of your logo on hand, so if your computers or data are ever damaged or destroyed, you can get another copy without having to pay for a new logo design.