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Government & Political Logo Design Explained

While many people do not see much similarity between the government and a corporation, both need effective logos that convey their service and purpose while remaining recognizable. Additionally, a government logo design should help support a positive public image that engenders a sense of trust and fairness. Since a strong government logo is important, what follows is a list of important factors when creating a government logo design.


Use Effective Symbolism


When asked which symbol appears most often on government logos, most people would probably answer with the bald eagle. Indeed, countless government agencies, including the Seal of the President of the United States, most branches of the armed forces, and even the United States Postal Service use the national bird in their logo. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) not only uses the American flag in the background of their logo, they also include a soaring eagle over the flag. Since the TSA is responsible for security of passenger transportation, combining these two powerful symbols emphasizes the strength of this agency.


Even so, not all government agencies use the same national symbols in their government agency logos. The Peace Corps does have the American flag gracing the bottom of their logo. However, they were able to incorporate their own symbolism into the logo by showing the stars of the flag transforming into white doves, a well-known symbol for peace. In this way, they show that America can bring peace to those in need of help.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is in charge of protecting the natural environment in the country. Their logo includes a blooming flower in the middle. This is something that many would associate with healthy land. In the center of the flower, there is a stripe of blue to represent the sky, a stripe of green to represent the land, and waves of blue to represent the water. Put together, all three stand for the natural resources the EPA works to protect.


Select the Right Colors


Many government agencies stick with the official colors of the country when creating their logos. The logo for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) only uses red, white, and blue. However, the agency incorporates these patriotic colors in a way that still represents the space exploration for which NASA is responsible. The blue sphere represents a planet, while the white dots in the sphere represent stars. Finally, the red chevron represents a wing to symbolize flight.


Not all government agencies choose to go with the national colors for their logo though. Some decide that a color related to the services they offer or protect is more appropriate. Green and brown are two colors most often associated with nature and the environment. The United States Forest Service has the same logo with the symbolic evergreen tree in the middle, but they use two different color schemes for the logo. One scheme has a brown background with white lettering, and the other scheme has a green background with yellow lettering. Each logo that the Forest Service uses has earthy colors to draw comparisons to the forests they help protect.


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has a logo with varying shades of blue. The logo consists of a white figure in the middle that takes the shape of a seagull and intersects a dark shade of blue and a lighter shade of blue. Since this agency is in charge of tracking weather and changes in the oceans, the two shades of blue represent the sky and the water. Additionally, the seagull is a bird known to inhabit both land and water, so it brings the logo together. Finally, blue is a color that is psychologically thought to portray trust and intelligence. These are two traits an agency that closely monitors the weather for the country would want to portray.


Incorporate Appropriate Fonts


Just as people have different feelings when it comes to certain colors, they also perceive different messages depending on the style of font used. A script font will likely never be used in a government logo since most people associate this with elegance and creativity. Likewise, a display font is often seen as amusing and wouldn’t be right for a government agency. Government logos need to express stability and tradition. This is why serif and sans-serif fonts are often used.


In their logo, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers uses bold, black, sans-serif font under a turreted castle. The font creates a solid look, which is appropriate for an agency that is responsible for building and maintaining the infrastructure of the country. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is an agency under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). FEMA uses the same logo as the DHS; however, they also use a serif font to spell out the acronym of the agency along the side. Since most people associate serif fonts with reliability, this makes it a natural font choice for the agency created to help local governments in aid during natural disasters.


By using the most effective colors, symbolism, and font government agencies can have logos that convey strength and trust to the people they serve. While many government logos have similar themes, each one also has appropriate symbols that set them apart, and make the responsibilities of each agency clear. Finally, a good government logo not only uses the name of the agency, it also incorporates an emblem or symbol that is so recognizable, it isn’t necessary to include the name of the agency so it is easily identifiable.


At The Logo Company, a design supervisor will together a team of five designers who have the necessary experience in your industry to create the perfect logo for you. In just three working days, the team will put together at least five designs from which you are able to choose. If your logo requires any changes, the team strives to complete them in less than two business days. Once you decide which logo will best suit your needs, The Logo Company will send it to you in every file format you need.