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Below are some examples of logo designs we have created from scratch for our clients in the insurance sector. Please remember, your logo will be completely unique to your business. These real examples are just to give you an idea of the quality you can expect. You can change to view examples from a different industry by using the drop down menu.

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Insurance Logo Design Explained

People select an insurance company based on a number of factors, including the stability of the company, its perceived credibility, and its product offerings. Some demographics also consider factors such as low rates, discounts, and the willingness of the company to pay claims.


It is important to make selling points clear when creating your insurance company logo design as this helps your company build brand identity and communicate messages to customers.


Show Your Unique Selling Proposition Through Images


When considering what image you want in your logo, first identify your unique selling proposition. This could be the specialty of the company or the element of the business that makes it different from its competitors.


Some insurance companies have a specific niche or type of insurance they are most known for, such as auto, life, dental, or renters’ insurance. Those companies can use imagery that represents their niche.


Other companies that specialize in a variety of policies may choose to use their logo to express the quality of the company they most value, such as trustworthiness, longevity, financial solidarity, affordability, or the availability of their agents for customer service. These companies can use images that represent their values.


Either way, the logo needs to make it instantly clear what the company offers and what unique qualities the consumer can expect from them. Some popular images commonly found in these logos include:


1) ooftops

2) umbrellas



5)symbols of stability (such as: Statue of Liberty, eagles, trees, mountains)


Be Different from Other Companies


It’s a good idea to look through other company logos to get an idea of what messages they are sending and how they are doing so. However, you never want to design a logo that looks too much like any other company, especially another insurance company.


Duplicating or replicating some other company’s logo might cause consumers to confuse the two of you. Even worse, copying their logo might make your company appear unoriginal or untrustworthy.


Get a feel for what is already out there by browsing other logos. Grab some of their good design elements, but never choose a logo that looks too much like another company’s. Consider elements that go into these logos, such as typography, images and graphics, colors, and overall styles. Make a list of the design elements that you admire, then consider how you can use pieces of your list to construct a new, unique logo.


Use Colors That Embody Your Best Selling Points


A logo is a form of advertising. It solidifies what your brand is about in the mind of consumers. Color is important in all forms of advertisement, as well as the logo. Learn what different colors mean to the subconscious minds of consumers, so that you can employ the right colors for the message you want to send.


White is the color of purity and cleanliness. This is a great color to use in logos for the health care industry, including dental, health, and other wellness related offerings.


Black is the color of authority, which is ideal for companies like traveler’s and homeowner’s insurance, because it gives customers a sense of working with an authoritative company that is in charge and in control.


Red is the color of excitement and passion. These emotions are ideal for companies selling traveler’s insurance, new home, and especially car insurance which are all things people are excited and passionate about.


Blue is one of the best colors for the industry because it signifies trust, confidence, and security. Any type of company does well with a blue logo.


Orange is the color of creativity, so it’s perfect for innovative companies as well as companies who specialize in art, art dealers, musicians, theater groups, and other artistic, creative industries.


Yellow speaks of warmth and happiness, a perfect sentiment for renters insurance, homeowners, and companies whose primary selling point are friendly agents who get to know their customers and needs.


Green is the color of health, which works perfectly for companies selling health, life, and related policies.


Purple is the royal color, and works well for companies selling high-end insurance products such as collectible car insurance, luxury goods for airplanes or yachts, and other elite policies.


Brown speaks of stability, which is the perfect message for any company to send.


Gray is a very utilitarian color, an excellent choice for companies offering useful policies such as umbrella policies, worker’s compensation policies, and other useful, practical policies.


Use Powerful, Trustworthy Typography


Insurance companies provide protection for consumers in case of emergency. Make sure that is represented in your logo’s typography.


Choose a font family that best represents the values of a solid, reliable company. The fonts that best represent this sentiment include serif and sans serif. Serif represents tradition and respect, while sans serif represents stability and purity.


Work With The Logo Company


The best way to get the perfect logo for your business is to hire a designer or a design company like The Logo Company.


The Logo Company takes some basic information about your business and assigns the project to a team of experienced logo designers. This team works for a few days and develops several logo designs for you to consider. You can select one of these or request changes to the design. The design team continues to work until all of your requests are fulfilled and the logo is exactly what you want.


The Logo Company then delivers the logo to you in a variety of formats. This includes all of the formats you need to place the logo on your company website, on vehicles, in print format, with your advertisers, and much more. The Logo Company will keep your logo in all of these formats on site, so that if anything ever happens to your copy, you can always get another. It is inexpensive, fast, convenient, and always delivers the ideal logo for the business that needs it.