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Law and Order Logo Design Explained

Good law and order logo design isn’t the law, but it should be for law and order brands. A strong logo can help establish a company and build the reputation of a reliable organization, which is particularly important for brands in this space. So whether you are creating a logo for a police training program or a bail bonds company, you need to know how to convey your brand as trustworthy and powerful through all phases of the design.


Elements to Build Your Logo


An effective logo must account for a complete branding strategy. Three important design components come together to create a complete and recognizable logo.


1) The Logomark – an image that represents the company as a whole

2) The Logotype – the law enforcement name laid out in a distinctive typeface

3) The Logo Descriptor – which may be a tagline, mission, or action statement; the descriptor is generally found only on website headers and marketing materials


Strategic logo branding mainly includes a logomark and logotype. These design aspects may work together as one complete image or they may be used separately as an icon or distinctive typography. Consider each element independently of the other and ask yourself if each would be recognizable to your potential consumer. This will help you decide if you wish to use all three elements or just one to two.


The New York Police Department’s logo uses both a logomark and logotype. Their emblem is a badge with text around the edges of the badge stating, “Police Department, City of New York.” The text is paired with an image representing law and justice as equal scales even out two opposing sides. The image reinforces the goal of New York City’s law enforcement to uphold the law and justice.


Depending on where it appears, the look or use of your logo may vary. For example, law enforcement vehicles may only include a logomark, such as a seal. A website header image may feature the logomark, logotype, and descriptor.


Use Colors That Build Confidence


According to Business Insider, “The color a company uses to brand itself conveys how trustworthy they are to consumers, the quality of their products, and much more.” In many cases, you only get one chance to pick your colors, so choose wisely. Once consumers start associating your company with a logo and colors, these design elements become a part of your brand.


Trust and security are the cornerstone of law enforcement, and coincidentally, building brand confidence. Safety and service are often the determining trust factors for law enforcement and bail bonds type companies. A logo’s job is to convince consumers to trust in these factors so that they invest in a company’s service. Logo color is the first step.


The study of color psychology reveals that consumers associate color with particular emotions. Many law enforcement companies echo the same color scheme. Consider these three common colors associated with logo design:


1) Red – energizes; instills a feeling of urgency

2) Blue – imparts a sense of trust and security

3) Yellow – uplifts; alerts


These three color combinations are often used in law enforcement logos. The N.Y.P.D. incorporates yellow, blue, and white in their logo to represent trust and alertness.


The Chicago Police logo utilizes both red and blue. In the past, it incorporated yellow as well. The current version on the C.P.D. website features a large blue star and bold blue banner with smaller red type and stars. Police work is high stakes, but it also requires citizen trust. It is possible that more than half the logo is blue so that it imparts a sense of trust and security first, and duty and urgency second.


The Homeland Security logo has also combined red, blue, and yellow over the years. The Department of Homeland Security is similarly tasked with protecting and serving. An overwhelming portion of their logo is also blue to reinforce security. However, the flecks of yellow previously used in their logo send a message that they are always on alert. The color yellow was supported by red, which emphasizes the urgency to follow through when issues arise.


Use the Logo to Show Off Your Niche


Your organization’s niche can define and shape your logo. Whether you are in the police, bail bonds, or even the military, your logo can express it through icons. Incorporate design elements that relate to the niche of your brand. Legal companies frequently use images of scales, gavels, and badges. Badges also work great as outlines of the logo.


Bail bond and bounty hunter companies may want to consider adding images that reflect freedom (wings, birds) or imprisonment (handcuffs, bars) because it closely represents what they do.


If you choose to go against standard graphics, choose icons that closely relate to your values, history, or company culture. For example, if you run a business with your brother, consider using two men as the logo. Or if your company is located in a state, consider using the state’s outline in the logo. Whatever you decide to do, make sure your company’s philosophy and niche is translated through the logo’s icons.


Work With The Logo Company to Design Your Ideal Logo


Designing your logo with us here at The Logo Company is easy. We work with you to determine your branding needs. You’ll start by filling out our questionnaire. We’ll match you up with a team of five design professionals who have experience designing for your niche.


Once your logo project is assigned, you may receive up to five or more sketches of your design. The collaborative process allows you the opportunity to suggest changes. Once you’ve approved the design, you’ll receive your logo in several formats that are ready for you to use.


The Logo Company will take you from idea to concept in as little as three business days. Your new law enforcement logo isn’t as far away as you think. With these guidelines in mind, you’ll have a unique and powerful logo for years to come. Have confidence in the logo company to show your commitment to justice.