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Below are some examples of logo designs we have created from scratch for our clients in New York. Please remember, your logo will be completely unique to your business. These real examples are just to give you an idea of the quality you can expect. You can change to view examples from a different industry by using the drop down menu.

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New York City is home to over 8 million people. This is why it’s a great place to launch a business. You’ll have access to many potential customers, as long as you know how to reach them. Creating a marketing plan starts by determining a number of factors and then finding ways to grab the attention of your target market.


Starting Your Marketing Plan


Before you can begin placing ads in various places and publicizing your business, you first need to take a long look at your business. What’s your niche? Are you running a New York City-based business that sells patriotic memorabilia? Or do you offer a service? Finding your exact niche leads to determining your target market. For those who aren’t sure what a target market is, well, it’s the group of consumers that you want to shop at your store or purchase your services. A target market is usually broken down into categories, such as age ranges and genders. From there, you can determine how to reach them. Does your target market prefer social media? Or do they like old-fashioned advertising? It’s possible that a mix of approaches is best. However, you can’t figure out any of this without your target market.


Next, you need to come up with a logo. Since you might be running a patriotic business, your logo could contain the colors red, white, and blue, as well as an appropriate image. One of the Statue of Liberty will work nicely if your company is particularly tourist-motivated. You do have some choices when it comes to fonts, as this depends on the overall perspective of your business. Some have a unique way of looking at the world, which in turn affects the company’s culture. What does this have to do with the font choices for your logo? Well, if you have a company with a less serious mission, for example, a store that sells patriotic and souvenirs toys, then you can get away with using a cartoonish font in your logo. Otherwise, you may have to stick with the tried and true serious fonts. One thing to note is that your logo will be used on all of your advertising, as well as on your website and business cards, so be sure to choose one that you really like.


Traditional Advertising


Advertising is clearly an important part of your marketing plan. Traditional advertising consists of several different things, from billboards and signs to newspaper ads and television commercials. If your target market responds well to traditional advertising, then this is a valid way to reach them. You can create memorable ads that showcase your business in all of these different mediums. A well-placed billboard needs to draw in people quickly, especially if it’s located near a highway or busy road. People won’t have the time to stare at it and decipher it’s message when they’re driving. Newspapers are still valid in New York City, which is home to several daily papers that draw in plenty of readers. You just have to find the right section to put the ad in. The rate for this service depends on the size and the placement. Finally, television commercials are another useful method of alerting customers to your business. The times, shows, and overall channels that you place your ads on depends, again, on your target market. You need to determine what your potential customers will be watching in order to get their attention. The length of the commercial, as well as its content, depends largely on your advertising budget.


Digital Marketing


Next, there are several methods of digital marketing that need to be added to your marketing plan. Although the traditional mediums are still good for reaching certain groups of people, digital advertising is really what matters these days. More and more people are signing up for and using social media accounts, and surfing the web to look for businesses to purchase things from. You need to be tech savvy enough to use these forms of advertising smartly. Let’s start with your website. Of course, you need one that explains what you’re business does. If you run a patriotic store in New York City, you might even sell some of your goods online. This opens your business up to people located throughout the country, not just those in one of the boroughs like:


The Bronx.
Staten Island


Of course, your website should include basic information about your business, such as where it’s located and what it does. You also need to have a blog attached to your website, as this will draw in some viewers who will later become customers. A blog with plenty of keyword-based articles will also enhance your Google results, making your business one of the first ones found when people search for certain terms. Since most people don’t scroll down or even go to the second page of results, this is a very good thing. You’ll also need social media accounts for your business. These will bring in even more customers. Some of the most important social media accounts to have are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There’s also Snapchat, but that one isn’t as popular as the others for marketing purposes, as it doesn’t let you place ads. The first three listed here offer that service at fairly inexpensive prices. You can also place online ads on Google or other content networks. All will help spread the word about your business.




Marketing a business that’s based in New York City is fairly easy to do, as long as you know how. It all starts with your target market and your logo, and then it expands to your advertising methods, based on the people that you want to reach. You should consider a mix of advertising, as many companies successfully run campaigns on social media and in newspapers or magazines at the same time. This mix is what it really takes to be successful. Otherwise, your business simply won’t survive.