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Below are some examples of tradesman logo design we have created from scratch for our clients in the tradesman sector. However,  remember, your logo will be completely unique to your business. These real examples are just to give you an idea of the quality you can expect. You can change to view examples from a different industry by using the drop down menu.

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Tradesman Logo Design Explained

Most importantly, the United States is embracing the do-it-yourself revolution, with around 70 percent of American adults tackling their own home improvements and renovation projects. However, this means that fewer jobs are available for local tradesmen who must now face unprecedented competition. One of the best ways to land those rare jobs is to establish your own business identity with a tradesman logo design.

What Should a Good Tradesmen Logo Achieve?

First of all, the public is likely to see your logo before they book your services, so it’s important that it presents the right image. Understandably, a good tradesman logo design should present you as strong, reliable, and capable of completing all work to a high standard.

Furthermore, an effective logo for plumbers will also generate awareness of your business. For instance, people only use tradesmen occasionally, but they need to come across your tradesman logo on a more frequent basis through mediums such as brochures and print advertisements. Therefor, your tradesman logo design should stick in the minds of potential customers, so that they recall your business and the services it offers when they’re in need.

Graphics Used in Logos for Plumbers

It’s important to keep your company identity in mind when choosing the graphics that will become part of your tradesman logo. Furthermore, some tradesmen choose the image of a muscular man, with or without his shirt, to show strength and capability. Understandably a very classic look. 

However, another tactic is to integrate the tools of your trade or industry imagery to represent your specialty.

1) Firstly, a carpentry business might choose a saw or hammers.

2) Secondly, a landscape gardener might select images of neatly manicured trees or shrubs for their tradesman logo design.

3) Thirdly, an electrician might choose to represent himself with graphics of light bulbs, circuits, and power cords.

4) Another example, a plumber might use pipes a wrench or dripping water in their logo for plumbers.

5) More so, a general builder or remodel expert might use a house or spirit level to represent his trade.

6) Furthermore, a roofing business could use a roof line.

7) Last example, flooring businesses could use abstract shapes to represent different floor coverings.


Be different from all the others tradesmen’s logos

Most importantly, this approach to graphics helps tradesmen separate themselves from general contractors. Advertising their specialized experience. For instance, this strategy works well for a worker committed to his specialty. However, it may limit a tradesman who plans to expand his business in the future. So, consider your professional intentions carefully before taking this approach.

While a trained designer can for instance, make any tradesman logo design image appear fresh, it often pays to think outside the box. For example, a roofer whose logo contains the image of a roof, risks seeming unoriginal or outdated. He’ll also find it harder to stand out and build a strong brand when his tradesman logo design is similar to many of his rivals. More creative logos for roofers might contain images of birds, chimneys, or stars. Check out one of our happy customers Best electric choice

Whichever images you pick, it’s smart to choose uncomplicated, clean image designs. Furthermore, these tend to reproduce better in a range of sizes, so they’ll look just as good enlarged on the side of your van or shrunken down on your business card or door hanger.

Above all, some of the most effective logos contain just a single image which anchors the entire tradesman logo design, so make sure you don’t overdo it.

Choose Bold Colors For Your Tradesman Logo Design

Most of all, trade industries generally aren’t associated with particular colors, so logo designers have freedom when choosing the right shades to represent their company.

For instance, trendy bold colors, including black, brown, red, orange, and yellow, are commonly featured in tradesmen logos for three key reasons. Above all, these strong shades are more memorable than pastel hues. Therefore, people are more likely to recall logos which feature them. Bold colors are also favored by men, who typically choose the tradesmen their households will use. Finally, these colors are often used for safety gear, so the public easily associates them with a variety of manual skills.

Furthermore, blues and greens are less traditional choices, but they’re ideal for dealing with jobs connected to the natural world. Another example, green reminds us of grass and trees, so it’s perfect for landscapers and gardeners. However, blue conjures up images of water, so it’s perfect for plumbers. After all, these gentler colors are also appropriate for tradesmen who pride themselves on sustainable practices or eco-friendly credentials.

While colors are important, your logo should also be recognizable without them. There will be many circumstances when your logo will appear in black and white, such as when it’s printed on your invoices and estimates or when it appears in a newspaper advertisement. Above all, test your logo in this monochromatic format to see whether it’s versatile enough to suit your needs.

Select a Strong Typeface For A Logo For Plumbers

Most importantly, it’s a good tactic to match your strong logo colors with bold typefaces. Lets use simple types like Gill Sans, Cambria, and Eras set in bold. They have not only a commanding, more masculine presence than thinner, but is also a more decorative typefaces. Potential customers easily accept these types as representative of the male-dominated trade industries. Furthermore, these solid types also evoke the key values of reliability and sturdiness that a good tradesman logo design represents. However, bold, unadorned typefaces also have the advantage of being highly legible at a range of sizes.

Understandably, these bold types have such an impact that many prefer to build their tradesmen’s logos around them, instead of graphic elements. In the hands of a trained designer, a tradesmen’s logo with recognizable type is just as effective as one containing images.

Add a Slogan or Tagline To You Tradesman Logo

Just like most tradesmen know to add their business name to their logo. Relatively few think to add a slogan or tagline. However, this element has the power to really set your business apart. It’s especially important for workers who conduct business using only their own name. Rather than a company name which explains the services they perform. For these businesses, a tagline is potentially the only way customers know if a particular tradesman will suit their needs.

Therefore, think carefully about a short phrase which summarizes one of your trade business’ greatest selling points. “Always on call,” “Competitive rates,”. “Specializing in tile roofing,” and “No job too small” are all effective slogans. Potentially, pointing out your strengths to potential customers. However, it’s important to keep things brief, as customers won’t remember anything too wordy. Therefore, a short slogan will also be legible, no matter what size it’s reproduced.

Don’t make the mistake of believing a tradesman logo design is just for big business, and don’t underestimate the power of creative logo design. Contact The Logo Company to discover how a tradesman logo design made by their design experts can give your tradesmen business a competitive edge. Read more on edgy graphics