The importance of the Color Blue

Why blue logos have more impact !

Blue logos are just more efficient and give more impact. Here is a blue screen.

All about blue logos. The design of your logo may be the most important factor, but it’s not the only one. The color you use for your logo is arguably just as important. Why? Because it has such a significant impact on how the public perceives your brand. You’d get a different response if you had a deep red logo compared with a black logo, for instance.

When it comes to your logo and branding in general, perception is everything. You want your potential customers to receive the right message. Here’s where color psychology comes into play. The right logo color will be one that subconsciously conveys thoughts and feelings that

evoke an emotional response, which in turn will make a person more likely to become a customer.

In this blog, we’re going to focus on the meaning of blue logos and how to know whether it’s the right color for your brand.

Look For Blue Logos: You’ll See Them Everywhere

Want to know how effective blue logos are? Just look at the big companies. Around 40% of the Fortune 500 use the color in their logos, which is another way of saying that a significant number of the world’s most profitable brands took a look at all the colors available to them and chose blue. That’s a pretty big endorsement for the color. Indeed, take a look around, and you’ll see blue logos everywhere.

Brand that use Blue Logos — and Why

Facebook, Ford, PayPal, Pepsi, Twitter, Visa, Gillette, and IBM are just some of the household names with a blue logo. And those big brands didn’t choose blue by accident. They chose that color because of the effect that it has on people. Did you know that blue inspires a feeling of calmness, trustworthiness, and professionalism? And now think about what a company might want the public to feel when they interact with their brand — that’s right, it’s all those three things. In an age when people are more distrustful and skeptical than ever before, having a relationship with customers that is based on trust and professionalism is paramount.

Why Use Blue In Your Logo

Companies with an eye on long-term success typically use blue in their logos. While the color isn’t right for all companies and circumstances, when it’s done correctly, it can pack a powerful punch. And to illustrate this point, let’s think about the imagery that we typically think of when we picture the color blue. It’s things like the ocean, the sky, and blueberries. It’s an abstract concept that we perhaps will never fully understand, but these images create a sense of calmness. They’re not threatening; they’re inviting. And that’s just what a company wants a potential customer to feel.

There’s also the element of popularity. You won’t be the first brand to have a blue logo. Many popular, trusted companies have blue logos. As such, the idea that “blue logo companies” are trustworthy is already firmly implanted in the public’s mind. By using a blue logo, you’ll be tapping into a color relationship that stretches back decades.

People Like Blue; You Like People

Ultimately, the bottom line is that people tend to like the color blue, thanks to its connection to positive images such as the sea and sky. Indeed, in one study, it was shown that people work better when working in a blue room. For whatever reason, it has an effect on people, and that means it should very much be in contention for your own brand logo.

How to Know If Blue Is For You

Blue logos have a good track record of success, but they’re not for everyone. Indeed, the right color for your brand might be a warmer color, such as red or yellow. So how do you decide which way to go? A good rule of thumb is to think of blue shades as a component of building a long-term relationship and warmer shades as a component of impulse buying. The companies that use blue logos that we gave as an example earlier all have long-term strategies for relationship building. Blue logos tend to work well for companies in the technology, finance, software, banking, and government sectors. There’s an eye on longevity and stability. Themed patriotic logos often have blue fo course. 

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