There are a myriad of sports and at the last count according to the World Sports Encyclopedia there are over 3000 entries listed. That’s a lot of games played around the world and the true number is likely to be a lot more with variations on rules making up new sports. The Logo Company has designed hundreds of logos for different sports over the last decade and I am going to try to cover as many as I can here with an example where possible. One thing you will notice about sports logos is that the colors are really vibrant and most of the designs can be worn on the uniform. This helps build up a loyal fan following who love to support their teams by buying the team merchandise. This also helps to support the sports clubs and teams financially.

These sports are not in any particular order, just as they come out of my mind. Most of these can be seen in our portfolio section named Sports Logos.

American Football

Walter Camp is widely regarded as the Father of American Football. It’s origins go back to Rugby and Association Football and the similarities to both games is still visible. The NFL and College Football is where it’s at today and the sport has a massive following mainly in the US.

There are variations on the main game like 7 on 7 and flag football.

Examples of American Football Logos Designed By The Logo Co

7on7 Football Logo

Yellow Jackets Football Logo

Happy Football Season


In 1891 Phys Ed Professor Dr James Naismith of the YMCA (now Springfield College) in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA invented the game on a wet afternoon. Today, basketball is one of the most globally watched games and is played all around the world. The original games was played with a brown football (a round one).

The NBA is where it is at today and The USA have won more Olympic medals at the sport than anyone else.

Basketball Logos Designed By The Logo Company

Elite Sports Basketball

Basketball Logo


Baseball is one of those games with debatable origins. Some say it was based on the English game of rounders and other say it was attributed to a Civil war here Abner Doubleday. Abner never heard such a thing though as it was 15 years after his death that the game started to be linked to him.

Baseball is mainly a US played game but does have a big following in other countries too. Japan is big player of baseball and the following of the main stars in truly fanatical.

Baseball Logos Created By The Logo Company

AirHogs Amateur Baseball Club

New Jersey Extreme Logo

Perth Amboy Logo


2 main forms of Hockey are played around the world. Both versions are Olympic sports. Ice hockey and Hockey both forms of the ancient game played in Egypt 4000 years ago. Ice Hockey is the most popular supporter version of the game and the NHL is where it is at. The NHL started in 1917-1918 season and consisted of just 5 teams.

Hockey Logos Designed By The Logo Company

Sniper Hockey Logo

Hockey Logo

Langley Lords


1895 was the year William Morgan of the YMCA (here we are again with another big YMCA sports invention) blended a few games to make volleyball. Volleyball is played globally by some 800 million people of which 46 million are Americans. Volleyball is a massive sport and also consists of beach volleyball that was actually played on Horse Guards Parade in London during the 2012 Olympics. Not a real beach in sight.

Volleyball Logos Designed By The Logo Company

Arizona Volleyball



Invented in Scotland or was it Holland? The debate rages on but one thing for sure is that when it took off in the mid 19th century, it really took off in a big way. Top golfers are among the best paid sports stars and can make tens of millions of dollars a year but the majority of golfers are purely playing for leisure.

Examples of Golf Logos Designed By The Logo Company

Gary Lipelt Logo


Beer Can Golf

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If you have a team or club and you are looking for a logo design then you need to be speaking to us here at The Logo Company. We have been designing logos for the sporting world for over a decade.