DIY Logo Design – Top Tips For Designing Your Own Logo

If you are determined to have a go at designing your own logo, you might benefit from some advice by the experts. I would never recommend a genuine business designing their own logo but for a project, a team, a club or a non profit organisation it might make sense and could be fun. If there is someone who sees themselves as a bit of a creative, this is probably the right person to put in charge. If they have any real world design experience, that´s even better.


This inforgraphic has been put together to help you make some sensible decisions about important aspects of designing a logo without professional assistance. You are free to share this infographic by pasting the embed code below in to your blog or forum etc.


DIY Logo Design – Top Tips (Infographic)



DIY Logo Design – Top Tips (Infographic)

The top DIY logo design tips are really obvious to a trained logo designer but are nearly always overlooked by a novice. You can give yourself a fighting chance of coming up with a logo design that does not break all the rules and perhaps does a good job of representing your brand. The biggest tip of all is to show your finished logo to as many people as you can. Try to avoid showing it to people who have an emotional interest in the project. The more favorable reactions you get to your DIY logo design, the better chance you have of the logo being a success.


If you want to design your own logo for a genuine business, I would advise you to think twice about this. If you think about it for a little while, you will understand that a logo design is the visual representation of your brand. If the design looks poor, your brand could be perceived to be poor as well. If it looks cheap, people may associate your products or service as cheap too. Cheap only really works with one other word and that is nasty (cheap & nasty). As you can see, it does not leave the right impression. It is possible that your design will look good to the untrained eye but it is unlikely to work across all media and it is likely to have other issues related to quality. Designers spend many years learning this skill in school and the real world. It is unlikely that you will avoid the critical mistakes made by novice designers purely by luck. Surely your business is worth more than taking this kind of chance.


DIY logo design is fun, but it is not for proper businesses. These top tips will help a novice make fewer design mistakes but will not guarantee a perfect logo design every-time. Leave that to the experts. Your business will benefit from the right start!

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