Importance of Great Web Design

Do you have a great website design?

In this day and age, businesses know they need an online presence seek to have a Great Web Design. The question is where to start online if it’s not your specialty. The challenge with an online business is to ensure that people are actually visiting your site.  Not only that but that those visitors are wanting your products or services. The ideal visitor is somebody who is looking to make a purchase. 

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Keep your website Relevant

Website Design Companies ensure your website advertises your products, services, and USPs. It’s your online advert so every word counts towards attracting customers. The company director may want to share information about his previous business experience. However this isn’t going to enhance the company’s positioning on search engines such as Google.

Google has a program that looks at the text in your web content. Above all, this helps decide which keywords are relevant to you. It is this that makes your website appear higher in the results when a user searches. A digital agency can provide you with the content you need to help keep text relevant. You can also write your own content and use a website builder to post it. 

You may have heard people talking about getting to the top of Google or improving their click-through rate. The key is to keep content relevant and concise to stay ahead of your competitors. Firstly, you need to ensure you are appearing in the results of search terms that are suitable. Secondly, that are going to generate custom. For example, if you solely offer printing services, there is little point in appearing on a search for banner design.

Get Mobile Responsive

How many of you use your smartphone or tablet to browse the Internet? The answer is most likely, the majority of you. Research suggests that mobile Internet usage has been steadily increasing and is still on the up. There is now more mobile Internet use than there is desktop use. I know the figure is still shifting more towards the mobile search. It has been found that 67% of users would be more likely to purchase from a mobile-friendly site, meaning it is worth a company investing to ensure their website is mobile responsive. 

Mobile responsive websites are sites that display correctly on hand-held devices. The web page size adapts so that it can be easily read on any device. Ease of use results in an increased likelihood of a purchase. Mobile responsive sites also load faster, meaning that there is less chance for the user to get bored and switching to a competitor’s site. Surveys show if a web page hasn’t loaded within 2 seconds, over 40% of users will either refresh or find another site. 

A great web design that looks pretty

Brand identity is important for any company that wants to be successful. It’s all very well being top of the Google search results, but people still like to look at something that is pleasing to the eye too. Often if you have a lot to say, or multiple images, it is easy for your website to become a jungle with no real order. 

Most companies have a logo and colour scheme. By coordinating your website with your company colours and themes, you will build a brand name for yourself and become quickly recognisable. A creative digital agency knows that if your website is the first thing your customer sees, a good first impression lasts a lifetime. 

Design can be persuasive. You can lead your potential customers through your website and encourage their buying decision. Colours, logos, and images all help to achieve this. On average you have 6 seconds to get your message across and attract your audience, otherwise, they will likely leave your site in favour of another. How to win more sales online

A website with Pay Per Click

As well as being found in the organic listings on search engines, which is what has primarily been discussing until now, there is another option to boost your click rate further, which is pay per click advertising (PPC). Pay per click means every time someone clicks through to your website, you pay an agreed amount. 

You should set up a campaign where you choose keywords, titles, and descriptions relevant to your business. If you set a budget cost per day you will ensure that you are not spending more than your means. You then leave your campaign to run and enjoy the increased traffic and business it brings to you via instant visibility. 

Pay per click advertising can be an expensive way to attract visitors to your website, however, it is a great way to attract instant traffic and ensure all your click-throughs are highly relevant. Search engine optimisation can be a more affordable method. However, it can take a while longer to see the success of this method. It also requires ongoing maintenance to ensure you are staying ahead of your competitors. This is why you need a mix of both. Getting your business online

Mobile-first great web design

The world of web design is never stagnant, and you need to keep moving forward if you are to reach the dizzy heights of page one on Google and lots of conversions. One of the most significant changes in recent times is the fact that we are using our mobile devices to access the Internet more than our desktop computers. This has sparked huge changes in the web design industry. Now, it is all about mobile-first website design. With that being said, read on to discover exactly what this is and what it means for your business.


Mobile-first website design explained


Mobile-first website design is exactly how it sounds. This is when a web developer will sketch, prototype, and design for mobile-first. They will then scale up to larger screens. This is the opposite of what we have been doing for many years. For a lot of years, we have been designing for the desktop and then recently we started scaling our designs down of the mobile experience. However, when you consider just how dominant the use of smartphones is today, you see why it is important to go for the mobile-first approach. This will make sure you deliver the right User Experience (UX) to the right screen.


Why does it make more sense to design for the mobile-first? 


Well, it is quite simple. Not only does this have to do with the fact that the mobile phone is the most popular device used for Internet access but it also has a lot to do with the fact that there is such a limited amount of space. Designers need to incorporate the elements that are the most important when it comes to mobile design and they need to get rid of all of the extras. Therefore, designing for the mobile first gives the website developer a very strong basis to work with.


What are the benefits of mobile first web design?


Now that you have a good understanding of what mobile first web design is, let’s take a look at the reasons why you should consider a web design company offering this approach. The first benefit of opting for a mobile-first web design agency is that you will notice improvements when it comes to your Google Ranking. Google has announced that mobile-first indexing is being used for most of its web pages around the world. What this means is that Google is ranking most websites based on their mobile website rather than their desktop website. You will greatly increase your chances of ranking highly if you choose a web design company that focuses on the mobile-first.

 Other benefits you might not think of!

Aside from this, there are a number of other benefits too. Progressive enhancement is one of these. This means you will have a strong base of design and building for the bigger desktop design. Plus, mobile-first is content-first as well! Also, you need to consider the fact that this will have a great impact on mobile conversion rates, which are becoming more and more significant for a business today.

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