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Below are some examples of pet logos we have created from scratch for our clients in the animal sector. Your animal logo design will of course be completely unique to your store. These real examples are just to give you an idea of the quality you can expect. You can change to view examples from a different industry by using the drop down menu.

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Pet & Animal Logo Design Explained

It is not unusual to have an animal logo as the face of your business. It will often be the first thing people see and the main thing they will remember about your business. When crafting the animal logo, many businesses invest plenty of time until they achieve the perfect look. Pet related companies use their logos to show what they offer with a single glance. The best design will show what the company is all about in an instant. However, when developing a brand for a pet store, pet food supplier, groomer, pet shop, or other pet-oriented business, there are several aspects to consider.

Easy to Identify An Animal Logo Design

When it comes to a great animal logo design, simplicity is key. A customer should be able to easily recognize your it anywhere, be it online or in print. Ask yourself if a customer could easily describe your logo to a friend or family member. If so, could they in turn picture your logo and recognize it?

Let’s consider Apple computer. It’s a well-known logo that conjures a mental image of an apple silhouette with a bite taken out. Though most logos are not that straightforward, Apple’s concept is a good one to follow. Apple’s rule of thumb is a good one to follow. Create a logo that is easy to describe but is also memorable.

Pet Logos Should Be Memorable

People usually notice pet logos for just a moment, which is not long enough to make much of an impression. If there are too many elements and it is too busy, the customer won’t recall it accurately later. The best animal focused business logo brings an instant image to mind that conveys an immediate message. Select a design that people can distinguish and recall later when looking to buy your product seen in an ad or billboard. Read one success story Sit Fido

Remember the Scale for your Animal Logo Design

Pet logos don’t just go on the business website. They need to look good on printed ads, business stationery, billboards, small signs, business cards, etc. Even on coffee cups.When developing a product logo, create one that looks equally good blown up large or shrunken small. Make sure your animal logo design looks as good in digital format on the website as it does in print on stationary or in a circular advertisement.

Works in Monochrome and Color

Colors are important in the world of marketing and in pet logos. Colors can speak as much about the business as the images do. White is the color of cleanliness, an ideal message for groomers, foods, pet shops, and sitting businesses.

Black and gray are elegant and authoritative, the perfect sentiment for animal care businesses and pet rescue organizations.

Purple is the color of royalty, an ideal way to portray luxury pet products and services.

Red is the color of action, which is excellent for walkers and food companies that want to convey how their products energize the animals.

Blue is the color of confidence and trust, which works for most any pet-oriented business, especially sitters, groomers, and care businesses.

Orange is creative, and that’s the best message for new and unusual companies that have something innovative to offer.

Yellow is exciting and happy, and conveys to the owner that your products and services will bring happiness to their pets with fun playtime or nourishing foods.

Green is closely associated with nature, and speaks the ideal message to environmentally friendly products, such as all natural foods.

Pink is a youthful color, a great option for stores selling young animals, and care businesses catering to puppies and kittens.

Brown is the color of age and wisdom, and works exceptionally well for care businesses specializing in caring for aging animals.

Though the spectrum of colors helps portray the business’ personality and bestselling points, you must remember that your animal logo design also needs to look good in black and white. Some ads aren’t available in color. Pick one that looks good on black and white stationery, bills and notices you send to customers, and other media where color is too expensive or not available.

Pet Logos and Your Business

Aside from color, other design pet logos elements speak volumes about your business. You must identify what sets your business apart from others offering the same products or services in the community. Choose typography, images, and shapes that speak for the business’ best or most prominent attributes.

Is your pet food the healthiest available? The font and shapes within the animal logo design might resemble that of the health or medical industries. Is your grooming service the most affordable in town? Look for typography and shapes that convey thriftiness.

The Logo Company and You

The designers at The Logo Company understand that your specialty is offering great products and services for pet logos, and not necessarily to design a logo. These professionals will take all the aspects of your business into consideration, including what selling points set you apart from your competitors. The team will then develop a few ideas for your consideration. In about three days, they will present you with an array of options. You may accept one of the pet logos they have developed for you, or request that they make changes until you get the animal logo design of your dreams.