2023 Logo Trends – The What, How, and Why

2023 Logo Trends - Minimalist, Ultra-Modern, & Throwback

In logo design, it’s essential to be aware of the latest trends to stay ahead of the curve.  Creating logos that are visually appealing and on-trend. This is especially true for new brands, as they do not have the brand recognition. Nor history to offset an outdated logo design. Below are some of the biggest logo trends of 2022 we see making their way into 2023.

The Minimalist Logo Trends

 What is a Minimalist Logo?

The minimalistic approach to logo design is all about stripping away the unnecessary and focusing on the essentials. Making the logo timeless and easily recognizable.


Companies That Use Minimalist Logos

First of all, minimalist logos have continued to become increasingly popular over recent years between companies both old and new. This trend shows no signs of slowing down. Therefore numerous companies, including Kia, Intel, and Pringles, all simplifying their logos to meet these style demands. Newer brands, including Olipop and Able, which both launched in 2022, are sticking with this trend. Designing streamlined logos that communicate their modern brand image. Just look at the minimalistic living trends 2023 and how it can influence the way we live.

Intel logo on a blue background on a wall of windows in an airport. Latest logo trends followed by Intel

Why Should I Use A Minimalist Logo to Follow 2023 Trends?

Minimalist logos are not only calming to look at, but they’re often associated with luxury and sophistication. In a world where everyone is fighting for attention, simplicity stands out, and customers are gravitating towards logos that are clean and uncluttered. The minimalist trend in logo design is here to stay. Furthermore, it’s a great option for companies looking to make a statement with their branding.


Ultra-Modern Logos Are One of the Latest Logo Trends

In contrast to minimalist logos, ultra-modern logos are all about making a bold statement, also picking up traction as a major 2023 logo design trend, but for different reasons.


What is an Ultra-Modern Logo Design in 2023 

Most of all, these logos are designed with the latest technology in mind. Using a combination of abstract shapes, asymmetrical designs, and 3D graphics. The modern logo 2023 trend is all about pushing the boundaries of tradition and making a statement that sets the brand apart from the competition.


Companies That Use Ultra-Modern Logos

For example, companies such as Tesla, ChatGPT, and Dropbox have all embraced the modern logo trend. Thus creating logos that are visually stunning and immediately recognizable. These companies have taken a bold approach to their logo design by incorporating cutting-edge design techniques and modern technologies. The logos are designed to be eye-catching, unique, and memorable. This Tesla logo, for example, looks like a stylized T, but also encapsulates the technological innovations of the electric car by resembling the cross-section of an eclectic motor.

Tesla Logo on a Tesla Car shows stylized T and sleek, ultra-modern design

When Is An Ultra-Modern Logo Appropriate?

More importantly, this type of logo is ideal for companies that are at the forefront of technology and innovation. Mostly, as it reflects their cutting-edge approach. However, it is important to note that an ultra-modern logo trend in 2023 may not be appropriate for all companies. For example, a traditional or conservative company may not benefit from a logo that is too bold or experimental. After all, it is crucial to carefully consider the brand’s image, target audience, and competition when deciding on an ultra-modern logo design.


Loud Logo Designs are Not Going In To 2023 Quietly

Loud logos are coming up as a direct contrast to minimalist logos. Fighting the “unbranding” trend that has been seen in recent years, many companies are launching with bright, colorful, and elaborate logos. Most of all to draw attention quickly and keep it.


What is a Loud Logo 

Well, a “loud” logo is a design that is visually bold, attention-grabbing, and highly memorable. Furthermore, it typically features bright colors, bold typography, and/or strong imagery that makes a statement and demands attention. A loud logo is often used by companies that want to stand out from their competitors or make a bold statement about their brand identity. 

Brightly colored megaphone that appears to have sound coming from it

New Companies That Are Using Loud Logos

Other examples, brands such as Omsom and Plink! who both launched in 2022, are bringing back bright colors and bold designs. Also, despite the minimalism trend, many companies have started to utilize loud branding, which we will likely see migrate back to logos in 2023. Bloom Nutrition and Olipop are excellent examples, as, while they currently use simple logos, they do not shy away from color in their marketing and branding efforts. Emulating the feel-good vibe that they are going for and consumers are actively hunting. As consumers migrate back towards color and excitement. Understandably, logo designs are sure to follow, so this is a great opportunity to get ahead of a trend!

Should I Use A Loud Logo?

So, loud logos are great for brands that want to stand out and make a strong visual impact on their audience, like sparkling billboards of New York. Companies in fashion, sports, and entertainment, as well as startups and small businesses could benefit from an exciting and eye-catching logo design. On the other hand, companies that want to convey a sense of sophistication or elegance should avoid this trend. Above all because a loud logo could be perceived as unprofessional or tacky in these industries. Keeping in mind your target audience, if they lean more conservative or traditional, a loud logo may not be well-received. However for younger audiences in more casual fields, a loud design could be perfect. Finally, it’s worth noting that “loud” doesn’t necessarily mean “good.” A logo that is too loud or overly complicated can actually be distracting or difficult to remember, especially in logo trends 2023. More color trendiness

Going Forward With Logo Trends:

In conclusion, the landscape of trendy logo design is constantly changing and evolving, with new trends emerging all the time. While it’s important to be aware of the latest logo trends, it’s essential to remember that trends are just that, trends. You should not be afraid of a trendy rebrand or logo update, however you do not need to change your logo completely. Just to accomplish your goals. The most important thing when designing or revamping a logo is to continuously capture the essence of your company. Creating a design that accurately represents who you are, whether that is through minimalism, ultra-modern design, loud colors, or the next trend. The Logo Company can help you accomplish this with their professional logo designers on standby waiting to design a custom logo for your company that is up to date with the 2023 logo trends but also true to your brand!

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