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Here are some examples of game logo design we have created from scratch for our clients in the gaming sector. Please remember, your game logo design will be completely unique to your business. These real examples are just to give you an idea of the quality you can expect. You can change to view examples from a different industry by using the drop down menu.

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What is a good Gamer Logo Design?

All good gaming logo designers understand that images are everything. The computer gaming industry is fiercely competitive and they understand how gamer logo design is constantly under scrutiny from clients, customers, and competition. They design good gaming logos for console and pc games that stand out against the rest. So what makes a good gamer logo design in the republic of gaming logos? Importance of a great logo


Symbolism in Gaming Logos 

It’s a common misconception that gaming  logos aren’t a big deal, and that it’s just the name of a company in fancy, colorful lettering. The truth is, a gamer logo design can make or break a business or product. It is a symbol of what a business stands for. It’s a game’s face which the players see and are drawn to. Logo designs for games and game development teams have to convey a message.


Think about the gamer logo design for Xbox. Xbox gamers recognize the neon green X and associate it with their favorite games. Now picture the Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag gaming logo. The colors they chose are black and red, pirate colors. In the background there is a faint image of a skull, another clue to their pirate theme. When you create your gaming logos, consider what you want a customer to think about when they see your game. Is it about racing? Fantasy Adventures? Education and learning? What symbols are going to clue them in about what your game is all about?


The Psychology of Color for any Logo

When it comes to game logo design and Color it plays a major role in stirring emotion. Whether people are aware of it or not. There are some colors that evoke positive emotions in one person, while the same colors may provoke negative reactions in another because of cultural differences. Color combinations in gaming logos  are also important. Companies need to choose color combinations that are aesthetically pleasing to the onlookers. Every color has positive and negative connotations, depending on who sees it. The trick is to create something that your target audience views as pleasing. Basically, you have to like your gamer logo design the best.  Color psychology for logos


Red is physical, it often reminds people of blood, passion, warmth, and energy. It makes people want to move and be active. Blue is intellectual, it draws people to think and reflect. It is logical, cool, and trustworthy and easy to use in a gamer logo design. Yellow is emotional and refreshing. Green is rejuvenating and balanced. Purple is spiritual, royal, and holy. Orange is secure, warm, and comforting. Pink often means love, attraction, and affection. You can go with a neutral gray or a sophisticated and classic black in many gaming logos. White is pure, or clean, and brown is serious and reliable.


What is The Psychology of Fonts?

Just like a gamer logo design ’s colors, a logo design’s fonts, lettering, and spelling evoke different emotions. The Asus Republic of Gamers logo design is in white lettering in a clear, concise font. Because the gamer logo design was created to attract professional and serious gamers, there are no loops or flowery lettering. When you see video games in the news, you almost always recognize it because of its font.


For gaming logos, determine your target audience. Is it for kids? Choose something easily readable, but distinctive enough for a child would recognize. Are you designing games for adults with violence and action? You might want to find a lettering style that looks harsh and aggressive, like Left 4 Dead’s Future Rot font. The font will tell the gamer what kind of adventure they will embark on.


Gaming logos and Branding Terminology

Just like any industry, gamer logo design  has branding terms that are vital to know when you get together with your designer. Acronyms are made up of the first letter of every word in a phrase. For example, the video game Age of Empires II’s acronym would be AOE2. Brand architecture is the structure of a brand’s organization.


An asset is any part of a brand that has strategic value, like slogans, symbols, and sounds. A brand gap is the difference between a company’s strategy and the actual reality of sales and popularity of a product. Image refers to the emotions and associations a gamer logo design instils in the consumer. There are many terms you need to know when creating gaming logos, and the Logo Company is here to answer all of your questions.


Tips for Gamer Logo Design

Research your industry’s gaming logos. If you’re a gaming company that puts out Educational games for children, see what other companies have used for their gamer logo design. Pick out what makes their logo design successful, but also create distinctions. You are not your competition, don’t let customers get confused and buy from the other guys by mistake. Think about which gender will relate more to your game or company. Kotaku’s gamer logo design is very gender-neutral, so it doesn’t put off gamer girls. On the other hand, PC gamer logo Vector is geared toward a male audience.


Immerse yourself in your gamer logo design. Sounds silly however, when you find the perfect one, keep it consistent. Don’t keep making changes to your gaming logos. Sketch it out to get an idea of what you want and what you don’t. Even if you aren’t an artist, a glimpse of what a gamer logo design looks like on paper can inspire you to create it, or help you realize it wasn’t meant to be. You need a gamer logo design that you feel represents your focus group. PC games are very different from video games. A Samsung series 7 gamer may not enjoy the style of a PlayStation game. Tracking code starting a computer programming company


The Logo Company

Once you have your ideas and sketches, contact the Logo Company. A team of five expert logo designers will work for three days to create a minimum of five concepts for you to check. Each of the five designers will present at least one gamer logo design for you to review. Once you choose your favorite concept, you can request any changes you wish to make before the final draft. We will deliver your logo in all possible formats, CDs, Jump Drives, email, whatever you need. We will even keep a copy in our records if you ever need to revisit your gamer logo design. Tips on opening your own video game shop


Don’t take a chance and risk business failure because of bad imagery and misrepresentation. Let the Logo Company help pave the road for your company’s success with symbolism, colors, fonts, and more. We will work with you to ensure you get exactly what you deserve: perfection. Contact us today so we can design your better tomorrow. Ready to order? Order a logo