Importance of Great Logo Design

Great logo design is evidently important but how exactly?

A great logo design is probably the most important thing you ever do for your start-up business. The image shows a book explaining how it's done

There is a lot that you need to consider when it comes to building your online presence. However, one of the first things that people are going to notice is the design of your logo! Think about all of the biggest businesses across the world, from Nike to McDonald’s, their logos are memorable, right?

You will find that it is often not the most complicated logos or the most elaborate logos that make the biggest impression. Rather, it is the simple ones. After all, you need a great logo design that is easy to remember. There is an art to this.

But, why does your logo even matter? Read on to discover the different reasons why logo design is so critical. 

  • Your logo grabs attention

    – There is only one place to begin, and this is with the fact that a great logo design grab attention. Consumers have very short attention spans today. As things stand at the moment, you only have around two seconds. Two seconds to convince a possible customer that your services and products are worth considering. A logo design is able to grab a viewer’s attention in a quick and effective manner. Ensuring the core values of your company are portrayed in an interesting way. The short attention span that customers have is something that you can use to your advantage. Rather than it being a negative. This is where solid and effective great logo design comes in. You can take a look at our portfolio to see some great examples of logo design that work well.

  • Your logo forms the basis of your brand identity.  Effective and successful branding is all about telling a story that is going to impact the emotions of your customers. It really is that simple. And, while it is the case that the design of your logo is only going to be a part of your brand. It also provides the foundation for the full narrative on which your brand is created. From the fonts you use to the different tones and colours. Every decision you make is determined by the type of story you are attempting to tell. Above all your great  logo design will set the stage for this tale. 
  • Your audience expects it

    – One reason why you need to have an effective and well-designed logo is that your audience expects it. Your logo is the first thing that your audience is going to search for when they look for any communications from your brand. It should be at the center and the front of all of your marketing materials, such as advertisements, flyers. If you do not have a logo (and it does not stand out), then you are missing out on a monumental opportunity for your business to stay in the minds of your audience. 

  • Foster brand loyalty with a great logo – Consistency is one thing that all customers crave. As your brand gets bigger, your great logo design will end up being more familiar to a broader range of customers, and this sort of familiarity creates the perception that your brand is accessible and trustworthy. Think about it: if you want to make a tech purchase, such as a laptop, you may turn to Apple automatically. Why? Because this is a brand that we all know and love, and that we all trust when it comes to gadgets and technology. You probably recognize the Apple logo with ease as well. Trust is something that is built on a logo that is well designed, and after this, brand loyalty will quickly follow. Once a customer likes you, they will seek your business out again and again, and your great logo design is going to be the first thing they search for.   
  • Make a strong initial impression

    – You know what they say; you do not get a second chance to make a first impression. This is something that all businesses need to take seriously. Your logo is likely to be the first thing that people notice and associate with your company. Therefore, if you do not communicate your business message effectively, your logo is basically going to be doing you a disservice. Your logo must effectively communicate what your business is about so that people instantly recognize the sort of service you offer and how you could help them. 

  • Separate your business from the competition – With your logo, daring to be different can help your brand to stand out from the crowd. Of course, this does not mean that you should go too far out of the realm of what your business does and what people will recognize. It is a very fine balance, and this is why you need to make sure that you use the services of an experienced and reputable graphic designer. As your business logo tells customers why your company is unique, standing out is important. After all, there could be 50 different coffee shops in your location, but what is it that makes your coffee shop different from all of the others? For example, let’s say you run a coffee shop that is committed to sustainability, your logo can be used to communicate this message and separate your business from the rest. A company logo that has been designed effectively can communicate everything from your mission to the background of your business. In other words, your logo is the forum to show your consumers why you are not like the competition and to convey your core values. 
  • A Great Logo design helps to make your business memorable

    – In addition to the points that we have raised so far, logo design is also critical because it helps to make sure that your brand is memorable. Logos are part of brand identification. They are the symbols that customers use so that they can get to know your brand better and remember them. In an ideal world, you want to make sure that people can connect the sight of your logo with a memory of what your business does. They should do this without having to think twice.

  • But even more than that, your logo should remind people of how your business makes them feel. As a good logo is an aesthetically pleasing and visual element, it will trigger a recall about your brand that just the name of your business could not do by itself. And, there are going to be times whereby people forget what your business is called – it happens, yet if they see your logo, it will immediately trigger memories of your brand. It has a much bigger impact than words and letters could ever do. 

What makes a great logo design?

An effective logo is one that is graphic, practical, appropriate, and distinctive. It should also convey the intended message of your owner. A “meaning” or a concept is typically behind an effective logo, and it communicates your intended message. A logo should also be able to be printed in any size, and in a lot of cases, be effective without colour. A stunning logo typically comes down to two things: incredible execution and an amazing concept. 

There are five key principles that your logo should always have. These are as follows:

  1. Your logo needs to be appropriate 
  2. Your logo must be versatile – suitable for different mediums 
  3. Your logo is timeless – it should be effective now and in several years down the line
  4. Your logo must be memorable
  5. Your logo needs to be simple

In conclusion, these are the five key principles makes a great logo design. However it is important to stay in the know regarding logo trends and design trends. However it is vital to remember that trends change. This is something that the best graphic designers realize. They stay up to date with all of the latest trends that are going on. However, they realize that logos need to be timeless too. The last thing you want to do is end up changing your logo every year because it has become outdated. This is why it is important to work with professional logo companies who understands the test of time. They will know whether something is a passing fad or whether or not it has longevity. After all, consistency is key and you want to make sure your logo remains  consistent element, not a changing one.

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