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Below are some examples of logo designs we have created from scratch for our clients in the green/eco sector. Please remember, your logo will be completely unique to your business. These real examples are just to give you an idea of the quality you can expect. You can change to view examples from a different industry by using the drop down menu.

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Color Choice in an Environmentally Focused Logo

Color is perhaps the most important aspect in logo design, because every color delivers a different message. A common mistake among entrepreneurs is choosing too many colors in their logo, which can detract from a memorable and easily identifiable visual identity. It’s usually best to stick to just a few colors, especially with an environmental logo design.


You might think that the obvious choice for an eco-friendly logo is green, which is true, to a point. Green is a color that is usually associated with environmentally conscious businesses, but it also can represent greed and jealously, depending on other symbols in the logo design.


Also, choosing color schemes identical to your competitors can make your logo look like a second-best imitation instead of a unique brand. A simple logo can make a very powerful statement, but you should also consider other colors in your logo design.


For example, blue is the most-liked color in the spectrum according to a study by a marketing association. Depending on the shade you choose, blue can evoke calmness, serenity, cleanliness, trustworthiness, and reliability. Each of those emotions could be desirable in a logo as using blues might differentiate your visual brand identity from others in the market.


Brown tones also have very earth-friendly connotations. Brown can signify earth, nature, simplicity, and seriousness. White is another natural choice for an eco logo, indicating purity and peacefulness. Yellow, used judiciously, is another natural fit for logos for sustainable brands, evoking cheerfulness, energy, and renewal.


Symbols and Shapes in an Eco Logo


A growing trend in logo design is the use of simple, strong geometric shapes. Think of the Discovery Network’s Green Planet logo, a simple green circle with no-frills black text.


Circles are a natural choice in logos for sustainable brands because circles have no beginning and no end, which reinforces the naturalness of recycling. They can also signify the sun or the planet, or a round fruit or vegetable. Circles show a sense of completeness and wholesomeness.


Squares and rectangles show sturdiness, reliability, and a sense of order. They are seen as earthbound and familiar. Squares and rectangles are often used in logos for sustainable brands, and while they may seem boring, tilting them or projecting them on the diagonal can show a more lively side.


Triangles show power, motion and spirituality, although they can also show balance. Think of the iconic recycling logo with the green arrows that form a triangle.


Spirals and swirls also look great in logos since they suggest growth, life, and transformation. They can represent the seasons or the cycles of life, all appropriate imagery in green logos. The Green Options logo is a great example of combining symbols for an effective brand identity: A circle with a green spiral in a loose g-shape topped by a triangular arrow.


Text and Font Choice in Logos


The font you use for your logo text is almost as important as the actual words. Consider one of the most easily recognizable logos, the World Wildlife Federation. This is a case study in excellent use of shapes (the circular, stylized shape of the panda itself), symbols (the panda as a symbol of endangered species), color (the black and white palette showing simplicity, purity, no frills), text (cut back to just WWF), and font (clean, pared back, basic). The message of the logo would be diminished if the designer had used a script or showy display font.


In general, logos of this sort use clean fonts. You can choose a serif font that shows a sense of respectability and tradition, a sans-serif font that is clean and objective, or a modern font that is strong and progressive to project your company’s values visually. Of course, even display fonts can work well in a logo design. Lush, a cosmetics company, uses a very distinctive display font in its yellow and green logo. The white text in the green and yellow oval makes a distinctive statement on their products’ black packaging.


Working with The Logo Company


Choosing a company to design your logo is a major decision. Studies show that 83 percent of all advertising and marketing efforts are visual, which means that your logo, or visual brand identity, is one of the most important parts of your business. Your logo will be on business cards, stationery, websites, uniforms, invoices, print ads, trucks, and product labels, so it needs to send the right message to your customers.


The Logo Company works with you to understand your company and your brand. When you start the logo design process, you tell us what your logo needs to say about your brand. We take your request and a team of professional designers brainstorms ideas that incorporate all the elements of good logo development to create designs that tell customers and potential customers what your business stands for.


You are involved in every step of the process. After you receive your first set of logo options, we wait for your feedback and suggestions, and we incorporate those into the design until you have a logo that makes you 100 percent happy. We will design or redesign as many times as it takes to get the perfect logo for your business, backed by our no-hassle money-back guarantee.