Salt of the Earth: Branding and Marketing for Green Companies

What are green companies? These days, consumers are more concerned than ever before with finding ways to be environmentally responsible. That concern extends to every area of their lives and it can have a significant impact on their buying decisions.

For green companies, it’s important to do a good job of branding themselves so that the public understands what they stand for. Environmentalism takes many different forms, but your branding and marketing must reflect the values you represent if you want to connect with your target audience.

Green companies are for example companies that uses green energy like wind turbines


Green Branding in a Digital World

As a green company, your message may – at least on the surface – appear to be at odds with digital marketing. Your all natural products or services are rooted in the earth, not in a connection of wires and circuits.

However, no company can afford to ignore digital marketing in this day and age. You have to find a way to connect your green goals with your audience, which is online and primed to connect with companies digitally.


Key Branding Concerns for Green Companies

Let’s talk first about some of the key branding concerns for environmental friendly companies. Your goals may be to reaffirm your connection to the earth while also demonstrating your ability to innovate.

Many green companies want to convey traits like reliability, compassion, responsibility, and trust. They choose their branding elements, including their logos, with those things in mind.


Green Logo Design Elements

With any green outdoors inspired logo, there are three main elements to consider. The colors, shapes, and fonts all play a part in conveying your brand’s message to your target audience.

By far the most common color chosen for green company logos is, not surprisingly, green. We associate green with environmental causes and growing things. However, other common colors include blue, brown, and sometimes yellow.

Circles are commonly selected for green companies because they symbolize completion and renewal. They also represent safety.

For many green companies, simplicity is the key when it comes to choosing a font. You don’t want your font to take away from your central message, so a modern Sans Serif font may be the best choice.


Logo Analysis For Branding Green Companies

This logo we designed for a green company is a good representation of many of the most common logo design elements that green companies require.

Ekovate. The "O" is the shape of a sun. Environmental companies innovate for a brighter future.

Let’s break it down. The colors chosen here are green, blue, and yellow. Taken together, they offer the brain a shortcut representation of the earth. The green represents earth, the blue represents water, and the yellow represents sunlight.

The circular shape at the center of the logo also speaks to this being a green company. As mentioned before, circles indicate a sense of completion. They can also symbolize protection, warmth, and renewal, all of which are appropriate for this company.

Finally, the font is clean and modern. That’s ideal for a company that embraces green values but combines them with technology.


Green Avatars to market a green company

The most important thing you can do to market your company is to understand your target audience on a deep level. Ultimately, you want your customers to feel that your marketing is speaking directly to them and their concerns. Whether it’s on your website, on social media, or in an ad.

One way to make sure that you understand your target audience is to develop an avatar to guide you.


Basics of Avatar Development

A green avatar is a visual representation of your ideal customer or client. It should take into consideration any characteristics that might typify your clients and help you target them online.

The first list of characteristics to consider are demographic qualities. Things like your target audience’s age, gender, marital status, income level will help you focus your marketing efforts. Mostly on the people who are most likely to need your products.

However, demographic information isn’t enough in today’s marketing climate. You also need to take psychological aspects into consideration. These things – hobbies, interests, and so on – are called psychographics.

Developing a psychographic profile might mean determining that many people in your target audience are against animal testing or enjoy gardening. You can use those preferences to hone your marketing so it reaches the best possible audience for your company.


Market your environmental company with Green Avatars. 

Green Avatars are a great tool for companies to market their green initiatives by using virtual characters that represent their brand while promoting environmentalism. These avatars can be used in online campaigns, social media, and website design. Mainly to engage with customers and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

Above all, a green company that uses Green Avatars to promote their brand can leverage these virtual characters to communicate their environmental practices and encourage customers to adopt eco-friendly habits. Furthermore, these avatars can help companies build a stronger emotional connection with their target audience by adding personality, humor, and fun to their messages.

In summary, Green Avatars are an innovative marketing tool that can help green companies stand out among competitors by showcasing their environmental values and sustainability efforts. After all, they are a cost-effective way to promote environmentalism while enhancing brand image and customer loyalty.


Why You May Need More Than One Avatar When Branding Green Companies

While some companies may only need one avatar, it is important to consider the possibility that you might need more than one. Here’s an example.

Many green companies market both to other businesses and to consumers. The marketing material that appeals to a corporate buyer is unlikely to appeal to a homeowner, even if they’re in the market for similar products.

Consider who your buyers are – and if there are two groups whose characteristics are incompatible with one another, make an avatar for each of them. That way, you can use each avatar to reach the audience it represents.


Marketing Green Companies On Social Media 

One of the benefits of developing an avatar is that you can use the information you gathered to craft a social media strategy. There are few companies that can afford to ignore social media as a way of connecting with their customers.

The earth with the recycling sign going around in circles. Green companies are doing their bit for the environment.

The key to using social media marketing wisely is to pick the best sites for your particular needs. And then tailor your content so that it meets your target audience’s expectations.


How to Pick the Best Social Media Sites for Environmental Marketing

There is an art form to choosing the right social media sites for marketing your green company. Some sites have broad demographic appeal while others are more limited in scope. You have to know your target audience if you want to choose wisely. To get a good return on your social media investment.


Recommended SoME for Green companies

Green companies can benefit greatly from using social media to promote their environmentally conscious products and services. There are a few social media platforms that are particularly well-suited for this purpose.

First, Instagram can be a great choice for green companies because the platform is highly visual and allows companies to showcase their eco-friendly products and services with eye-catching photos and videos. Additionally, using relevant hashtags such as #sustainable or #ecofriendly can help these businesses reach a wider audience.

Secondly, LinkedIn can also be valuable for green companies, as it provides opportunities for businesses to connect with like-minded professionals, share industry news and insights, and engage in discussions around sustainability.

Lastly, Twitter can also be effective for green companies because it allows for quick, in-the-moment updates about news, events, and eco-friendly initiatives. The use of relevant hashtags such as #greenbusiness or #sustainability can help these businesses amplify their message and engage with a broader audience.

Ultimately, you need to pick two or three social media sites that you feel will allow you to connect with your audience. It’s better to ignore the rest than to have an inactive or sub-par account. 


 Environmental Marketing Ideas to Try

Now let’s talk about some marketing ideas you can use to connect with your target audience online.

  • 1. Find ways to visually demonstrate how your company helps protect the environment and the planet. That might mean pairing up with non-profit organizations, posting pictures of your green manufacturing process, or simply sharing information about what you do.
  • 2. Give customers a look behind the scenes. Transparency is particularly important for green companies. Customers who are environmentally conscious want to feel that the companies they support are above board in the way they do business.
  • 3. Encourage your followers to share images of themselves using your products in innovative ways. You can even sponsor a contest to encourage sharing. The prize might be a free product or some other perk to encourage participation.
  • 4. Make yourself part of the community. A lot of green companies choose to put their power behind important causes in the communities they do business in. For example, you might decide to sponsor a beach clean-up effort, plant trees in a local park, or raise money for the Audubon Society to protect marsh birds. Whatever you do, let it be a reflection of your core values.
  • 5. Contrast your green approach with less environmentally-friendly options to give customers a clear demonstration of the benefits of buying your products or using your services.
  • 6. Educate your followers about the innovations and changes your company is using to support the planet. A lot of times, people want to support environmentally conscious companies. However, they lack the information they need to make informed buying decisions. You can provide that with your marketing. Videos and graphic images are a particularly good way to convey that information.


These are just a few ideas. The key thing to remember is that you want to provide valuable and relevant content. Helping your audience understand the benefits of buying from you.

Marketing and branding for green companies requires making consumers aware of how and why you are protecting the environment. Once they understand what you do, they’ll be eager to buy from you.

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