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Below are some examples of logo designs we have created from scratch for our clients in the technology sector. Please remember, your logo will be completely unique to your business. These real examples are just to give you an idea of the quality you can expect. You can change to view examples from a different industry by using the drop down menu.

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High Tech Logo Design Explained

For companies in the tech sector, it is essential to grab the target audience’s attention with an excellent portfolio and even more amazing logo. By leveraging both of these things, companies are able to better attract clients and build a strong brand identity.


Thus, it is imperative to get your designs right the first time around. What follows is a list of considerations for designing a high-tech logo that draws instant recognition.


Creating a Unique Corporate Brand


Fundamentally, it takes the same process to create a logo for any tech company, be it a start-up or a multi-national corporation. These designs need to be highly visual, distinct, unforgettable, and spellbinding.


First, a company has to understand its target market before creating their company logo and brand identity. The precise logo says a lot about the company’s image and establishes a corporate identity that makes the company conspicuous in a competitive marketplace. It may be useful to aggregate a persona for the target market; the logo should then be tailored to appeal to that persona’s aesthetic sensibilities.


Keeping it Simple


The goal for creating a high-tech logo is fairly simple: don’t create anything too extravagant that it detracts from the its ability to communicate its message. In choosing simplified and streamlined visual elements, your logo will extend a crystal-clear message that the targeted audience can quickly comprehend.


By contrast, a complex design is often confusing and distracting, both of which will defeat the purpose of establishing a strong brand identity. What really matters the most is that the prospect will clearly understand the brand being portrayed.


Design Elements


In order to create a logo that will allow your company to uniquely stand out in the global market, it’s helpful to be familiar with certain design elements. Here is a list of some of design features that will help draw attention to your company’s brand:


Tech Fonts:


When creating a high-tech logo, it is best to make the fonts big, bold, and with a visually interesting alignment. This can boost a corporate brand identity’s visibility.


Color Considerations for High-Tech Logos:


In high-tech graphic design, color plays a big factor. Color evokes emotions and creates a mood that can drive home the point being made by a company about its brand. Color can either depict strength, weakness, concern, or fear. When choosing color, it is best to pick one that portrays the company’s message and will get the desired reaction from the target audience. People construe color differently so this feature needs attention and focus. The question is, what type of sentiment do you want your brand to express?


In the long run, choosing wisely will save you time and money. Many high-tech logo ideas begin with the color choice itself; to this end, many graphic designers will tell you that some combination of red, green, silver, and blue is the ideal choice to allow a tech brand to stand out. Although Google’s homepage icon often changes colors, for instance, the company’s basic icon (which uses blue, yellow, red and green) is instantly recognized from the colors alone.


Icons and Images:


To help differentiate your logo from the competition, graphic designers should utilize icons that represent the nature of the business. For the tech industry, you would probably want to use some kind of imagery that concisely expresses your company’s product in some way. Dropbox’s logo would be a good example of this – the skeuomorphic box design speaks directly to the functionality of the company’s product.




Scalability is the primary element when designing a logo for a high-tech company. You will want to be sure that visual elements aren’t lost when the design is used at different sizes, whether it be on a business card or a billboard.




Almost every high-tech company has a slogan or tagline that helps their brand get noticed and really encourages the brand to stand on its own. Some companies like to have their catchphrase in their logos so that targeted prospects can identify with the company’s message. However, they suggest to not to include more than five words in the tagline or the brand’s message is lost. Apple’s tagline, “think different,” is a perfect example of this principle in action.


Leveraging Logos in Marketing


Design can offer the true perception of a company brand. A company’s name and its reputation both possess the potential to electrify when using the appropriate design for the intended audience. From the idea to completed design, it’s essential to consider how the logo will be leveraged during marketing and promotional phases.


For example, in September 2013, Yahoo unveiled their new logo, which is both quirky and refined. This company’s logo is a result of its contemporary and fresh look. As a result, the new design created a buzz and allowed Yahoo’s marketing and promotional efforts to gain traction.


Companies should not exclude print promotions as part of their design package. These may include business cards, brochures, communication portfolios, flyers, web pages, high-tech gadgets, postcards, email marketing, and newsletters. The corporate identity and brand must still be represented in all aspects of marketing, and it must remain consistent.


High-Tech Logos From The Logo Company


The Logo Company will ensure you receive a high-tech logo design that matches your unique personality and needs. Our team of expert designers will collaborate with you to develop a logo that pops off the page.


Here is our process: We begin by assembling a team of five designers, and each member creates concept sketches. Upon reviewing the sketches, the concepts are then refined into fully realized ideas that you can use for any range of marketing materials. A logo for a high-tech company will require enough flexibility that it makes sense in a wide range of contexts.


The design process begins with an in-depth questionnaire that your company completes. This allows our designers to zero in on concepts that should appeal to your target consumers and potential business partners. Our team’s goal is to ensure that you’re pleased with the final result, and we invite our customers to become as involved as possible the design process.


Once a finalized logo has been agreed upon, The Logo Company will deliver the finalized product in any format, including TIFF, EPS, JPEG, PSD, and AI formats. We also keep your logo on file, so it can be accessed any time you want over the next year.


Our goal is to give you the absolute best logo to move your high-tech company reach its full potential.