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Below are some examples of logo designs we have created from scratch for our clients with online businesses. Please remember, your logo will be completely unique to your business. These real examples are just to give you an idea of the quality you can expect. You can change to view examples from a different industry by using the drop down menu.

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Internet & Dot Com Logo Design Explained

Internet logo design is one of the most challenging design jobs, simply because there are so many competing logo designs out there. You want one that is trendy, yet not overused. You want one that stands out, but isn’t so garish that nobody takes you seriously. If it seems like all the great ideas are taken, fear not. There are some excellent design concepts to help you find the perfect logo for your business.

The Key Elements of the Best Logos

Great logos, no matter what business you’re in, have a few key elements. The logo must be unique, it must be descriptive of the business, and it needs to be easy for customers to recognize and identify with. Before deciding on a logo design for your dot com company, do some research on your competitors’ logos. Choose a design that is different enough to stand out from the rest, yet still indicative of the type of industry you’re in. Steer clear of designs in your industry that are overused, as well as colors, shapes, and fonts that look too similar to your competition.

Design Options for Company Logos

Before you embark on a logo design, it pays to know some trends in Internet logos that have already proven successful and have so many different variations that they will never be exhausted in terms of design options. Your design team at The Logo Company can help you determine which of these trends are best for your purposes.

Badges and Buttons

Badges and buttons are logos that look like smartphone apps. They are super shiny and often appear to be glowing. These designs are particularly inviting because people already associate clicking on them to get things they want. Most of the angles in these logos are rounded for a friendly, inviting appearance.

Speech Bubbles

The Internet is all about communication, which makes a speech bubble logo ideal for these types of businesses, especially ISP logos. Another variation of this concept is the megaphone.

Translucent and Overlapping

These designs appear to be three-dimensional, because you can see through them. Sometimes, a transparent design element overlaps another element for an intriguing effect of seeing through the object, giving it a high-tech look that works beautifully for Internet logos.


Unusual Fonts


Scripts, slabs, and other odd fonts work well with web logos, too. But it’s best to leave most of this work to the design professionals at The Logo Company, because when done by an amateur they appear a bit cheesy.


Flora and Fauna


The green social and political movement isn’t the only reason to consider a green logo. Yes, it conveys the concept of an environmentally friendly company, but foliage also indicates growth, which is the perfect sentiment for a thriving business logo.


Geometric Shapes


People associate odd geometric shapes with innovation, creativity, and technology: the hallmarks of a good dot net company. Think beyond the rectangle or square to trapezoids, oddly shaped triangles, hexagons, polygons, and tetrahedrons.


Retro Looks


Many Internet companies, such as game and app developers, have success with retro designs that pay homage to video games of the 80’s. However, this is another design concept best left in the hands of professionals, because a poor tribute to Donkey Kong can be an ugly thing.


Compound Words in Contrasting Colors


Many businesses are named with compound words that are joined to create a new concept, such as WorkingPoint, TwitPic, and FanFeeder. Using the unique name of the business and highlighting the separate words with contrasting or coordinating colors is an excellent way to create a logotype, which is a logo font that serves as the company logo.


The Psychology of Color in Logos


There is a lot of color psychology used in effective advertising, and a logo is part of your long-term marketing and advertising strategy. Learn to choose colors that bring out the emotions you want from the audience you’re trying to reach.


Red is energetic and powerful, and one of the most eye-catching colors that logo designers have in their arsenal. However, its power is easy to overuse and can lose its effectiveness. Orange is the neutral version of red, yet warmer and more approachable. Yellow is also eye-catching, but fatigues the eyes when overused. Use yellow sparingly to invoke happiness and feelings of rejuvenation. Interestingly, yellow is more effective in advertising to women than to men.


Green is the color of nature, and signifies harmony. Green is an excellent choice if you decide to go with a flora and fauna theme as discussed above. Blue is an advertiser’s favorite, conveying a sense of serenity, intelligence, and precision, and appealing to the largest number of people. Purple is the color of luxury, perfect for high-end products and services. Pink is best reserved for marketing to an all-female audience. Black conveys exclusiveness and formality, while white gives vibes of purity and cleanliness. Choose the colors that evoke the emotional responses you’re looking for.


Working With The Logo Company for a Perfect Logo


To start with, a team of five professional designers are assigned to your project to conceptualize your design. The designers work for three days, and then present you with five designs from which to choose. You can pick the one you like, or tell the designers what changes you’d like to make to the design of your choice. The designers will continue to work with you until you come up with the perfect logo for your Internet focused company. Best of all, the entire process costs one low price, no matter how many changes you request.


The logo is sent to you in a variety of formats, so that you can use them on any website, web page, advertisement, printed materials, and on all your social media pages. To get even more for your design dollar, consider one of our packages, which include stationary and business cards already embellished with your newly designed company logo. This is the fastest, cheapest way to get the products you need to kick-start your online business.