Retro and Vintage Logo Design

Old fashioned logos, retro and vintage logotype seem to be making a comeback. Old is the new new so to speak. But what is it about this style of design that keeps us designers coming back year after year after year.


Designers are known to want to push the boundaries of modern. The latest design trends catch on fast and designers take to change better than most other industries. Commercial design is driven by fads and fashions and the work produced can date very fast. So why would we be driven backwards to vintage design?


I think the answer lies in the ego of the designer. The modern designer is searching for the status of artisan rather than someone who pushes a few knobs on the computer screen. Today’s designers seem to have lost some prestige because of the ease in which non-designers can throw clipart together on a computer and call it a work of art. This appears to have devalued the skills of the real designer in the eyes of the public.


Could it be that real designers are harking back to the days where they were revered by their peers for their undoubted craft and skill. Is it that the old vintage era of design is where real designers gravitate, in the hope of being associated with the retro design scene and thus feel more like a design professional of old.


Whatever the answer, retro logo design is here to stay. The Logo Company has designed many logos in the vintage style and are experts at turning your idea into reality. Have a look at some of the vintage logo designs that we have created for clients just like you.


Vintage logo design and marketing video:

This video has been doing the rounds among logo designers for a year or so. It is a humorous take on the relationship between client and designer. It has a retro marketing style in the genre of pushy soap product marketing. If you like funny videos, this one is well worth a couple of minutes of your time. If you have anything at all to do with marketing, you will enjoy the fun.



Remember, if you need a retro or vintage style logo design, check out our retro logo designs first.

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