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Below are some examples of medical logo design we have created from scratch for our clients in the medical sector. Your perfect logo will be completely unique to your business. These real examples are just to give you an idea of the quality you can expect. You can change to view examples from a different industry by using the drop down menu.

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Medical Logo Design Explained

So, if you’ve ever been in the car with a five-year-old when the sign to a restaurant comes into view.  The you understand the powerful effectiveness of a well-designed, well executed logo. The right logo tells both customers and potential customers a lot about the practice instantly.  Without much conscious thought on their part.


Just as the five-year-old knows that sign means delicious food is near, you want your medical logo design to symbolize what your practice is about. Here are the elements that go into the best designs.


The Best Logos For Healthcare Providers Describe the Practice

Each medical practice is unique in its services, as well as in personality. A good medical logo design reflects these distinctions. Aside from making it clear that you’re a neurosurgeon, cardiologist, or urgent care specialist, the logo should convey key aspects of your practice. For instance through the use of colors and shapes. Angular shapes often indicate speed and technology, whereas curvy shapes convey trustworthiness and friendliness.


Red is the most eye-catching color, but when overused in health care it can remind people of blood. In small doses, it conveys power and energy. Yellow is also eye-catching. However too much fatigues the eyes. It is more effective on women, and in small amounts yellow conveys rejuvenation. Yellow is best reserved for practices that service women and children. Such as pediatric care and reproductive health.


Green is the color of nature, and sends a message of harmony. Blue is serene, and is also associated with intellect and precision, ideal for medical specialists. Purple emphasizes luxury, perfect for cosmetic surgeons and other high-end or high-tech practices. Orange is like a neutral version of red, warmer and most attractive to children. Pink is almost exclusively effective on logos for women’s services. Black sends a message of exclusiveness and formality. White speaks of purity and cleanliness.


The Best Logos Are Unique

It is imperative that your medical logo design not be confused with a competitor’s. Research similar practices or hospitals in your area, and avoid shapes, colors, and fonts that look like a similar provider. Bold images signify confidence, while more delicate designs indicate friendliness or sensitivity.


How do you differ from your competitors? How do you want the public to view your practice in relation to other health care providers? Choose a design that reflects this, and make it dramatically different from similar logos in the area. Logos also need to look equally good in small print and on huge banners or the side of a building. Picture how it will look in all the different places you want to display it.


The Best Medical Logo Design Is Simple

Whether your logo is bold or delicate, colorful or monochrome, it has to be simple. An elaborate design isn’t easy for patients to identify with and relate to. Think about the most effective designs of our time. Perhaps like the multicolored apple with a single bite missing, the colorful yet simple font that means we’re using Google. Furthermore,  the plain brown and yellow UPS shield that means our packages arrive safely and on time.


The most brilliant designs don’t shy away from color or shapes, but use them sparingly and simplistically. Work with your designer to make the medical logo design as simple as possible while still remaining easily identifiable. Use caution with cursive fonts because if people can’t read it, it might translate into mistrust of the practice.


The Best Logos Are Easily Identifiable

Though simplicity is important, logos for healthcare providers can’t be so simplistic that it isn’t easily recognizable and identifiable. If it becomes too simple, it won’t stand out and be noticed, which is the whole purpose of a medical logo.


Also, it needs to be complex enough to convey key elements of your practice, such as the types of services you offer and your personality as a health care provider. Pictures can be surprisingly simple and still recognizable. For example, the two-pronged cross of the American Lung Association or the heart and flame symbol for the American Heart Association. Both instantly identify a concept without being overly ornate.


The Best Logos For Healthcare Providers Are Memorable

Patients remember the colors, shapes, and fonts of your logo more easily than they remember the name of your practice. A well-designed logo is as easily recognized in black and white as in color. Choose a symbol that is easy to remember, so when your patients are searching for you they have that ah-ha moment the second they see it. Health and Happiness marketing and branding


Once you and your design team at The Logo Company develop the perfect healthcare logo for your practice. Above all, be sure that it’s used on all of your signs, correspondence, literature, and advertisements. This is important because you want customers to make the connection in their mind between your identifiable logo and your practice.Medical industry brand guide  Then, when they see your logo in an ad, or in something you mail them, they instantly recognize the health care professional they trust.


The process begins with a team of five designers, who take your information and come up with ideas for you to review. From these choices, you select the one you like (or elements from more than one that you’d like to incorporate) and the design team makes any changes you’d like until you are absolutely satisfied with the results.


Your logo will be delivered in all of the formats you need to send to designers, sign makers, printers, web developers, and advertising agents. This way, you can have a uniform brand image everywhere you need it, for every purpose.