5 Logo Design Mistakes To Avoid For Your Business

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Mistakes in logos that are easy to make.

So, what are the 5 logo design mistakes?. New companies and those who want to carry out a rebranding are often confronted with the question of how to approach their logo branding. Having a strong logo is essential to get into people’s minds and stay there. Even if it seems easy to design a logo at first, there are some challenges along the way. We have summarized 5 common logo mistakes to avoid for you and your business.

1. Lack of research

In many cases, companies do not allocate sufficient time for the process of developing their logotype. Ask yourself what core values you want to convey with your logo design and how you can get the attention of your potential customer group. Furthermore, you should think about what is most appealing in the industry you are operating in. Is it better to have a precise logo or a rather playful one? What logo techniques are commonly used by advertisers and might there be an opportunity to stand out without losing your brand personality? In addition to that you should plan enough human and financial resources for this task so that you do not have to start all over again in the end if inconsistencies arise.

2. Copy & Paste logotypes

By conducting your logo design research you might get inspired for your logo from competitors. Nevertheless, keep in mind that to not copy or duplicate their logotype. This would not only cost you your authenticity and uniqueness, but could also cause legal issues. Therefore, always check carefully if your logo design does not already exist before publishing. Further, you should avoid using clipart or stock photos for your design.

3. Too complicated - a common logo mistake

When getting to the actual process of designing, always bear in mind to keep it simple. We know, it is tempting to get lost in the creative process of designing a logo with all the options that are out there. Using too many different shapes and colors might cause confusion and your logo design could be difficult to be displayed. Therefore, think about how you can incorporate your core message, which you want to transfer with your logo, as easily and precisely as possible into your design.

4. Confusing Typography & Color schemes

Typography and color schemes are among the essentials of your logo design, however, it comes along with some challenges. When it comes to the font it is important to not just make a random choice. Pick one that transfers your brand message and matches your style. Should the font be more ornate or classic? Bold or italic? Uppercase or lowercase? It all depends on your business. But one thing applies to all: do not use too many different fonts in your logo. As a general rule, there should not be more than two, to avoid visual confusion.


Next to that, you should be consistent with your choice of color for your logo. Consider which color schemes  do represent your brand best and if they can be displayed on various backgrounds offline and online. In regard to this, take into account that you must not utilize too many different colors and shades in your logo design. Ideally would be two to three otherwise this would be considered a common logo mistake. Do remember to remove white background From A Logo, a mistake easily made. 

5. Mistake in logo design: raster images

Once you have designed your logo, you want to put it everywhere. Therefore, it is important to think about the scalability of it. Instead of having your logo as a raster image you should design it with a vector graphics program, such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. A vector file allows you to display your logo design in any size without losing its quality.

A few words to conclude:

As you can see there are many common logo design mistakes that companies can make and it is important to be aware of them. Designing your logo might seem difficult at the beginning but now that you know what to keep in mind, get right to it! If you are still having questions check out our blog post about why great logo design is important.

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