Recent Logos – Delivered This Week

Let me present some of our recent logos. Amazingly, the website portfolio gets added to about once a year. However, every single working day of the week we are delivering new projects to clients. In busy times we deliver around 30 or more new logo design projects every day. Perhaps as many as 7000 new projects every year. That’s a lot of creativity.


Here is a short montage of just a few of the projects we delivered this week. One thing that should stand out for you is that we never compromise on the quality of the finished product. Everyone of these designs is worthy of a place in the portfolio. Some might even make it there….EVENTUALLY!



When a completed design is delivered to a client, it is provided to them in every conceivable file format you can imagine, for every type of use the logo could possibly be used for. The client gets files for web design, home printing, professional printing, digital media etc. We even supply the actual master file that is fully editable. The copyright to the design is also transferred over to the client. This means they can take it to a trade mark attorney or apply online for an official trade mark status for the design.

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